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How To Fix Steam Library Sharing Not Working Issue?

February 08, 2022
2 min

What is Steam

Steam is a digital video-game distribution service where you can buy, trade, discuss, create and obviously play games. It has a library of content of more than 30 000 games pertaining to all genres and personal tastes.

Steam has an excellent community feature where you can find new friends, join groups, form clans, and do lots of in-game chatting.

Steam is an exceptionally complete and continuously updated platform for all gamers. Let alone the fantastic offers and discounts it often suggests.

Steam Family Sharing Feature

Steam Family Sharing

The Steam Family Sharing feature allows chosen steam users to share their library of steam games on authorised computers while they are not playing. With Steam Family Sharing, you can authorise up to 10 computers. Family members and friends can play the same games and earn their own Steam achievements and save their own game progress individually on the Steam Cloud. This works by giving access to games on a shared computer.

Fix Steam Family Sharing Issues

Sometimes the Steam client may encounter the family sharing not working issue. If you do, here are some tips that may be helpful to fix steam family sharing problems:

Re-authorise Shared Steam Library

If you are getting the ”Steam Library Sharing Not Working” issue, the first thing you should do is to re-authorise your shared library. To do this, open your Steam app and click on the ”Steam” tab in the top left corner. Click on the ”Settings”. Now, click again onDownloads”. Under ”Steam Library Folders“, find the folder that contains the game you are trying to share and click on it. Click on the ”authorise library” button. Close Steam and reopen it. Try sharing the game again.

Run SFC Scan

Another way to try fixing this problem is by running an SFC scan or, in other words, ”System File Check”. To do this. 1) Press Windows key + R to open a run dialogue box.

2) Type cmd and press enter.

3) In the command prompt window, type SFC/scan now and press Enter.

4) This will check your system files for any corrupted or missing files and re-install any that are corrupted or missing.

5) When the scan is finished, restart your PC and try sharing again.

Disable Antivirus and Verify Game Files Integrity

Temporarily disabling your anti-virus software might help fix this problem by allowing you to authorise the steam library without getting a “Steam Library Sharing” error message. Other than that, verifying game cache files on Steam will also do the trick.

Reset Winsock

Sometimes, corrupt Winsock configurations can cause Steam not to communicate with the Steam servers. To fix this, you will have to reset Winsock. However, first, you should do a simple IP release/renew on your computer to see if that works for you because sometimes it might work without having to reset the Winsock configuration. Here are steps on how to do that: 1) Press Windows key + R to open a run dialogue box.

2) Type cmd and press enter.

3) In the command prompt window, type ipconfig /release followed by pressing Enter.

4) Then type ipconfig /renew followed by pressing Enter.

5) Type netsh int ip reset and press Enter.

6) Type ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter.

7) Restart your PC.

8) Try sharing a Steam game again to see if it works now.


Can two users share a library and play at the same time?

No, only one player at a time can play a shared library, even for playing different games.

Is there a limit to the number of accounts one can share one’s library with?

Yes, there is a limit. Each Steam account can authorise up to 5 accounts for every family library sharing in a 90 day period.



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