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App for Sharing Travel Expenses

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
August 03, 2023
6 min
App for Sharing Travel Expenses

Group trips can be a lot of fun. But one of the most difficult things to arrange when going on vacation with a group is the travel expenses.

Not only do you need to pay for things like transport and accommodation, but there are also all the little costs that add up, like food and drinks.

It is infinitely easier for one person to pay for a bill rather than demanding that it be split, but it can be very hard to keep track of who has paid for what, especially when multiple people are involved.

But that is why bill-splitting apps are the best way to manage finances when doing group travel.

Using a bill-splitting app you can split costs between multiple people, keep track of travel finances and informal debts to each other, split the dinner bill including the tax and tip, and easily upload receipts. That way you can make shared expenses easy and transparent to deal with.

Together Price offers industry-leading features and lets you easily simplify debts. So sign up for free on Android and iOS to use this genius expense-splitting app.

Why Use a Bill Splitting App on Group Trips?

Splitting costs using an app can be very useful in the context of group travel. Manage all your finances easily and directly from your phone.

Bill-splitting apps can help in multiple ways when trying to split travel expenses.

To Organize Group Bills

Keep money matters out of your friendships and organise your bills digitally so that you don't need to stress about money on your trip.

Bill splitting apps such as the Together Price app help you with organizing and dividing expenses. You can add multiple payers to the group so that each person in the entire group is added. Then you simply need to add expenses and add informal debts to the group trip bill.

You can add everything from the cost of the vacation house to the dinner and drink bills. Using the expense categorization feature you can categorize your expenses and then choose who to share them with. You can split expenses equally or choose to start splitting expenses based on who spent want.

You are able to store high-resolution receipts so that you are able to split expenses with the entire group in a transparent and hassle-free way. No more arguing over splitting bills, all your group expenses can be organized and tracked in one place.

Each user can be part of multiple groups and once all the outstanding balance has been paid off and the trip is over you can delete the group. Any deleted group can be restored if necessary.

To Total Balances

If you want to see how much the total trip cost is for everyone involved, a bill-splitting app will keep your expense history and create a group total. That way you can get the total cost for everyone on the trip, which might be helpful to let you budget for future trips with the same group.

To Split the Restaurant Bill

Splitting the restaurant bill becomes easy with an app to split expenses already set up on your phone.

There is nothing worse than sitting in a restaurant with a big group of people staring at the restaurant bill trying to figure out who owes what money. Whilst some people might want to split the bill equally, you might not feel like paying for someone else’s expensive lobster when you only had a tiny salad.

Using a bill-splitting app you can make split the dinner bill quickly and easily in the restaurant using the receipt scanning features available on some apps. This will work out the expenses for each individual so you do not have to do the math. When you split bills this way you avoid the awkward post-dinner money discussion.

Alternatively, if you are on an extended trip, a single person can pay the same bill, and then choose to create bills and add the bill to the group expenses. That way it will be taken into account when the trip total is added up. Either way, this helps to keep private friendships away from annoying conversations about money.

To Keep Track of Private Expenses

When traveling with a group it can be hard to keep track of every single expense you make, especially when someone else might pay for some of your expenses. Using bill-splitting apps lets you calculate exactly how much the trip cost you as an individual. This makes it one of the best budgeting tools to use. You can see how much travel expenses really cost and add this to your personal budget.

Tracking finances and budgeting allows you to stay more financially secure, prepare for the future, and build an emergency fund. In the long run, if you know where your money is going you are much more likely to be able to meet financial goals.

How To Use Bill Splitting Apps for Travel Expenses

It is easy to split the bills on your group holiday using an app. That way you can just enjoy the trip and here is how.

Both Apple and Android users can download a range of different expense-splitting apps, including the Together Price app. But how exactly do you use these apps?

Create Groups

The first thing to do is to create a group on the app with all the members on the trip, be it, friends or family members. Once invited, these users will be able to opt-in for push notifications and create custom user avatars.

Add Expenses

As you are on the trip, every time you pay for a group expense, you can add expenses to the app. You need to select how much each user has to pay or whether you will be splitting bills equally between every user. Sometimes you can even set up a currency conversion and convert expenses into different currencies when needed.

Calculate Group Totals

At the end of the trip, you can calculate the group totals and discover how much each person owes.

Pay Everything Off

Pay off all your debts to your friends and family from a holiday and calculate exactly how much you have spent on that trip.

Many different apps offer integrated payments. That means you can simply select a payment method, attach your bank account or debit card to your account, and pay off your bills. If you choose to pay with a cash payment, you can also keep recording cash payments. That way everybody in the group knows when all the bills have been paid off.

In Case You Need Help

In case you need some help apps like the Together Price app, on Android and iOS, offer world-class customer support. All you need to do is contact customer support as they offer multi-platform support.

Together Price

Together Price, make sharing the new buying. Share expenses without no hassle at all.

Together Price was the first worldwide app for sharing subscription costs.

But now, with Together Price, you can do so much more. You can now share any kind of expense, from household bills to holidays, dinners, weddings, gifts, and more.

So whether you are a couple sharing relationship costs or roommates splitting rent, or you want to share expenses related to your rent, and apartment bills or manage recurring transactions, you can do so using the free app for Together Price on Android and iOS.

You will need no other apps to deal with group finances if you download Together Price. It is the one-stop shop to split bills.

As an Owner

As an Owner you can add an expense and request other users to pay you back

As an Owner, you will create an expense to share. After registering to Together Price for free, simply create an expense and add the participants you want to share the cost with. Easy!

As a Participant

As a Participant you will be asked to pay other users back for their expenses.

As a Participant, you will be invited to add yourself to an expense created by the Owner.  By registering with Together Price, you can pay your share of the costs and keep track of your payments in a simple and secure way. You can pay using a debit card, PayPal, or with a cash payment.

You can keep track of all your transactions, send messages to the participants in your group, and much more.

Start sharing all your expenses on Together Price today!

Summing Up

Sharing travel expenses can be a time-consuming and stressful part of going on a trip with friends or family. Luckily, nowadays there are ways to make this process easier. Simply by using an expense-sharing app.

With an expense-sharing app, you can track your finances, share expenses, and see exactly how much you and the rest of your group have spent on vacation. Take any money stress out of your vacation and simply enjoy a trip with people you love.

The Together Price app on Android and iOS is a free version of an expense-splitting app and has everything you need to make trips with friends and family easy to arrange. Simply download the app for free and start splitting bills without a hassle.