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Split It!

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
August 03, 2023
5 min
Split It!

Are you looking to make a high-value purchase? Maybe a car, a piece of jewelry, or a new sofa? You might find paying such a high price all at once very intimidating. And that is where Split It comes in.

Split It lets you split purchases and pay them off in smaller, more manageable installments. That way you can afford to buy that new pair of glasses or electric bike.

Want to split the costs between multiple users or consumers instead? Then Together Price is for you. With Together Price you can share the costs of high-value purchases, or divide the costs of household expenses, group trips, and restaurant bills, with ease. Together Price is now on Android and iOS.

What is Split It?

A number of top credit cards writer types recommend this finance feature or the Amex app.

Split It is the financing solution that lets you split purchases into more manageable installments. Better still, unlike other services, Split It does not charge interest or have fees associated with its use.

How Does Split It Work?

Open your computer, make a purchase, request an plan, track your monthly data ie, payment reports and performance easily with your Split It account. Contact the website for further info.

Unlike other similar services, Split It does not require you to go through an application process or a credit check request. That makes making a payment that much easier and quicker.

When making a payment Split It will check that customers have enough available credit for the entire purchase. The entire cost will be pre-authorized on the credit card and the balance will be reserved until the final money payment has been paid.

The first installment will be paid when the transaction has been completed and the item is shipped (if used online). After that, you just need to keep paying off monthly - with no fees and no interest.

When setting up your payment plan you simply need to sign up, follow the instructions and request the installment plan you want.

How Can You Keep Track of Your Existing Split It Plans?

Once you have made a purchase with an eligible merchant, you will be emailed a link to the shopper portal. This will allow you to create an account using Gmail, Facebook, or using a magic link. On the shopper portal, you will be able to determine how much money you have paid on your plan, how much money you have left to pay, and other details.

The shopper portal also has a feature that lets you change the card you are using for each purchase. That means that you can change your card at any point. That said you still have to use a valid credit card, as a debit card, and PayPal will not be accepted.

Can You Use Split It With an Existing Credit Card?

Link any exisiting credit card. Debit cards and PayPal are not accepted. Easily request to change the card on the account tab.

Split It helps you start splitting payments into manageable installments on your current, existing credit card. As long as you have an active Visa or Mastercard it will be accepted. Depending on the specific merchant customers can use American Express, Discover, and Union Pay. Not all partner merchants accept these cards.

Choosing to split purchases using Split It will not affect your credit score. That said it is important to note that interest and fees from your credit card might still apply. If you default on a purchase payment you might affect your credit score.

However, when splitting purchases using Split It with your credit card, you will still be able to access all the benefits and rewards associated with using your credit card. So not only are you able to split purchases and make them more affordable, you can keep saving points and cash rewards from your credit card at the same time!

Can You Use Split It With a PayPal Account or Debit Card?

Split It does not let users pay with a debit card or using a PayPal account. Other forms of prepaid cards are also not accepted.

What Counts as Eligible Purchases?

Split It can only be used when you make a purchase from a partner company. However, you can use it when making a transaction at the store location or making an internet transaction.

Which Companies Accept Split It?

Make online purchases in a range of different shops.

The Split It user can choose to use Split It with any of the merchants in the Split It databases. These fall into different categories such as health, automobiles, luxury, home, etc. For example, you can Split It when you make a purchase at a company such as:

  • Speedo

  • Rad Power Bikes

  • Ableton

  • GemsNY

  • Berghaus

  • Roxy

  • and much more!

As a user, all you need to do is check if your purchase is eligible and get started.

How Can You Split Payments Easily With Others?

Looking to split purchases between groups instead of in installments? Then you can easily do that using Together Price now on Android and iOS.

Maybe you are all clubbing in to purchase a gift, or are sharing expenses in your relationships, splitting the bills at a restaurant, or the costs of your location vacation! Whatever it is, Together Price is the easiest, safest way to split costs with friends, family, and others.

Together Price

ogether Price, make sharing the new buying. Contact our excellent customer service for any help.

Together Price was the first worldwide app for sharing subscription costs. But now, with Together Price, you can do so much more with our new expense-splitting features.

You can now share any kind of expense, from household bills to holidays, dinners, weddings, gifts, and more. By keeping all your expenses in one place you will never forget to share costs again!

As an Owner

As an Owner

As an Owner, you will make an expense to share All you need to do is sign up for a Together Price account for free. Then you can create an expense and add all the necessary details. Next, you need to add the participants you want to share with, and a payment request will be sent. They can pay this off using PayPal, cash or by linking their bank account. Easy!

As a Participant

As Participant

As a Participant, you will be invited to add yourself to an expense created by the Owner.  By registering for a Together Price account, you can pay your share of the costs and keep track of your payments in a simple and secure way. 

You can keep track of all your transactions, edit costs, send messages to the contacts in your group, and much more.

Start sharing all your expenses on Together Price today!

Summing Up

Looking to make a purchase without breaking the bank? Then Split It will help you access and develop a more manageable payment plan.

Alternatively, if you are looking to share payments with known contacts, you can easily do so using the new expense-sharing feature with Together Price. Using this feature you can share costs between users with absolutely zero hassle.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free Together Price account today now on Android and iOS!