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Disney Plus, How Many Devices Can Stream It Simultaneously?

June 12, 2022
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Disney Plus, How Many Devices Can Stream It Simultaneously?

Disney Plus is the streaming service which allows you to relive your childhood nostalgia and access exciting new content. With movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars and even National Geographic, Disney Plus is one of the most sought-after streaming services out there.

To reduce the costs of a Disney Plus subscription, many people choose to try account sharing to share the costs. But that leads to the question, on Disney Plus, how many devices can stream your content simultaneously?

Well, we are here to answer that question and more so that you can start watching Disney Plus without breaking the bank. And that is made much easier by Together Price.

Together Price is an online platform which brings together users to share the costs of a subscription, taking all the hassle out of account sharing. With Together Price, you can save up to 80% by sharing your Disney Plus subscription.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a streaming subscription service owned by The Walt Disney Company, with Michael Paull as President of Disney Streaming. It launched in 2019 after Disney’s streaming deal with Netflix ended but did not launch in the UK until March 2020.

Disney Plus allows you to watch movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. They also release original content made exclusively for Disney Plus subscribers.

What does Disney Plus have to offer?

Disney Plus offers access to a huge library of digital content, including new blockbusters and retro Disney classics. A Disney Plus account gives you on-demand, ad-free, unlimited streaming.

Disney Plus allows unlimited downloads on ten devices from seven different profiles. That means you can download content for offline viewing whenever you want. You really can watch Disney Plus wherever you want no need for wifi and no limit.

Viewers can watch Disney Plus in 4k UHD using Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so you can get that exclusive home cinema experience without even needing to leave the house.

Up to six people, so you and five friends can enjoy the Groupwatch feature, meaning you can throw a Disney watch party. Watch the same stream on separate devices with family and friends, even if they are in a different location to you.

For parents, Disney Plus has a parental control system allowing you to manage the content that your child is able to see. You can make dedicated children profiles so that the whole family can start watching Disney Plus in a safe and accessible way.

How to subscribe to Disney Plus

Signing up to Disney Plus is very easy; you will have your Disney Plus account in no time at all! Simply open the Disney Plus website and follow the link in the top right corner of the web browser that says “sign up now”.

When you sign up, you will need to fill in your account details and choose your payment plan. To do this, you need your email address and payment details.

Once this is completed and you have confirmed the verification email, you can download the Disney Plus app onto your devices.

At this point, you can make up to seven profiles on one single account and use Disney on up to 10 different devices. In fact, you can have simultaneous streams on four different devices.

After this, you can check the settings menu to make sure that your Disney Plus account is set up exactly the way you want it to be. Here you can manage your household profiles, monitor abnormal logins, and activate parental controls for children.

Now you are all set up and using supported devices can watch Disney for as long as you want!

What devices are supported by Disney Plus?

Disney Plus devices

Disney Plus is supported on all your favourite streaming devices. This means you can stream on Apple TV, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, web browsers, tablets and mobile devices. So you really can access Disney Plus on pretty much any device.

To watch Disney Plus on your Smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles and mobile devices, you need to download the Disney Plus app. The app allows you to start watching anything from the Disney library or download any video you choose.

How much does Disney Plus cost?

Disney offers the option to subscribe monthly or annually. Both options offer you the same membership benefits.

The monthly subscription costs £7.99, but if you choose to pay annually, you can save 16%, making it £79.90 a year. This essentially means you are getting 12 months of access for the cost of 10.

How many devices can stream Disney Plus at once?

 How many devices can stream Disney Plus simultaneously?

Although you can access your Disney account on multiple devices, there is a device limit. You can only register up to 10 supported devices per single account. So if you are sharing your Disney Plus account with the family household, make sure to discuss which device you will primarily want to watch on.

Simultaneous streaming has a four-device limit, which means that with the same account, you stream on four devices simultaneously. This means that if everyone in the household wants to watch something different, you can have up to four options in different rooms of the house!

Even with this device limit, due to the plethora of available supported devices, and the ease of navigating the Disney Plus app, it has never been so accessible to stream Disney.

How to save on Disney Plus

By now, you probably really just want to get on and download Disney Plus, but maybe the cost is worrying you. Well, don’t you worry; we know exactly how you can save on Disney Plus. And that is by sharing your Disney Plus account.

Account sharing is not a new phenomenon, but with Together Price, we make it safe and secure, and what’s more, it is a completely hassle-free way to save money on your Disney Plus subscription!

What is Together Price?

Together Price UK homepage

Together Price is a free platform that helps connect you with people to share your subscription. Have you ever wanted to share a subscription account but couldn’t find someone to share it with. With Together Price, that is a problem of the past.

So what does Together Price offer?

  • Together Price has a reliability rating for each user, so you know that you can trust the other members of your sharing group

  • All transactions take place in a safe environment with an SSL security certificate, so you don’t risk any details being leaked.

  • We use Stripe as the payment system so that all of your payment details remain hidden from other users. Stripe also has a strict anti-fraud data protection system.

  • A 25-day cooling-off period so that if on the off chance you do face issues from another user, you can always get your money back.

The only things you need to decide when signing up to Together Price are which subscription you want to take out, whether you will be a group Admin for that subscription, or if you will become a Joiner.

Become an Admin

An Admin is the person who has the subscription already. As an Admin, you open up your subscription for others to join it.

To do this, you simply need to list your subscription and the group rules and then wait for other members to request to join your group. Once you have accepted the request and provided the login details, the money will automatically be transferred to your account. Quick, easy and painless!

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you will join somebody else’s group. To do this, you can use the Together Price search function to find groups offering the subscription you want. Once you have chosen a group, send a request and enter your payment details. When your request has been accepted, your payment will be automatically deposited into the admin’s account, and you are good to go!

Summing Up

So whilst ten devices can stream Disney Plus per account, there is a limit of only four simultaneous streams. That means you can share your Disney Plus account with up to three other people, which really allows you to cut the costs of a Disney Plus subscription.

So what are you waiting for? With Together Price, you can save up to 80% on your Disney Plus account. This means you can save money in a completely hassle-free manner and still watch great content and all your Disney favourites!