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Netflix: Add Extra Member

Jane Smith
Jane Smith
September 08, 2023
5 min
Netflix: Add Extra Member

If you have arrived here, you want to know how to obtain, manage and share your Netflix subscription with people from other households. In other words, Extra members who don’t live with you.

If you do want to share your Extra member account, why not also save on the cost of it in a legal, simple and way?

With Together Price, you can do all those things and save money in the process. Here’s all you need to know!


1. What is an Extra member slot?
2. Is it possible to add Extra members to your Netflix subscription?
3. How to add an Extra member to your Netflix account
4. How much does Netflix cost with Extra member slots?
5. How to save on Netflix with Together Price
6. As an Admin
7. As a Joiner
8. Summing Up

Add Extra members to your Standard or Premium accounts and watch your favourite content with extra members on Netflix.

1. What is an Extra member slot?

Up until the first quarter of 2023, Netflix tollerated account sharing without doing anything about it. Since then, though, there has been a big change in policy and sharing an account freely is not permitted anymore.

Now there are specific rules to follow if you want to share your Netflix account with people not in the same household as you, so long as they are in the same country.

The Extra member slot is a parallel account, with its own login, a unique Netflix profile and password, that allows someone from another address to benefit from the Netflix account you are paying. It is effectively a separate account from your own account but paid by you.

2. Is it possible to add Extra members to your Netflix subscription?

The account owner can share either within the same household or outside their household with Extra members so everyone can watch Netflix happily.

If you already have a Netflix subscription and want to share it outside of your household, then you have to change your subscription to one with Extras which are:

Standard + 1 Extra

Premium + 1 Extra

Premium + 2 Extras

3. How to add an Extra member to your Netflix account

The account owner who shares with Extra members and can add the extra members maximum twice in the same billing period.

From your browser:


Alternatively, on your Account page, navigate to “Extra Members” and select “Buy an extra member slot.”

Review and confirm the updated payment amount and billing date. Rest assured, you won’t be charged until you confirm the changes.

Keep in mind that as Netflix is prepaid, your billing date adjusts based on your previous balance.

Click “Start Extra Member.”

Proceed by providing the extra member’s name, email address, and your own name. This information is used for sending invitation emails.

Opt to either transfer an existing profile or let the extra member create a new one.

If you wish to enable profile transfers during the invitation process, follow these steps.

The extra member will receive a unique invitation link from Netflix via email (you’ll be notified when they activate extra member account).

For added convenience, you can access “Extra Members” and “Manage extra members” to copy and send the invitation link directly.

From your TV

To continue sharing with someone outside your household, consider adding an extra member by following these steps:

  1. Click on “Learn More.”

  2. Choose between “Start Extra Member” or “Continue to Netflix” to view your updated monthly payment and billing date.

  3. Opting for “Start Extra Member” will result in a charge for the new monthly amount on the adjusted billing date.

  4. Proceed by selecting “Next” on the prompt titled “One more step: Who is your extra member?”

  5. Input the phone number of the extra member you wish to invite and hit “Send.”

  6. A text message containing an invitation link, valid for 24 hours, will be sent to them.

  7. If you prefer, you can click “Continue to Netflix” to return to the Netflix homepage.

  8. The extra member can activate their account and name their profile by tapping the invitation link, granting them access to Netflix.

  9. You’ll receive a notification once they’ve successfully activated their extra member account.

Note: To transfer an existing profile to your extra member, refer to the web browser instructions provided above.

Extra member account differences

Here are the primary distinctions between extra member accounts and standard member accounts:

  1. Extra members have the flexibility to stream Netflix on any device, but only one device at a time.

  2. They can also download content, albeit limited to a single phone or tablet.

  3. Extra members are restricted to just one profile, and the option to create additional profiles is not available.

  4. This profile can either be a new one or an eligible profile transferred from the inviting account owner.

  5. While this profile can have varying maturity ratings, it cannot be designated as a Kids profile. To learn more about Netflix parental controls, please refer to our resources.

  6. Activation of extra member accounts is contingent upon the same country associated with the account owner’s location. For instance, if the account owner registered in the UK, the extra member must create and activate their account within the UK as well.

4. How much does Netflix cost with Extra member slots?

Netflix èlan and prices with and without the Extra member slots.

Netflix Standard + 1 Extra:

At the cost of £15.98 a month (£10.99 + £4.99) you can add 1 Extra member that lives outside your household to share your Netflix subscription with all the benefits of a Standard subscription;

Netflix Premium + 1 Extra:

At the cost of £20.98 a month (£15.99 + £4.99) you can add 1 Extra member that lives outside your household to share your subscription with all the benefits of a Premium subscription;

Netflix Premium + 2 Extras:

At the cost of £25.97 a month (£15.99 + £4.99 + £4.99) you can add 2 Extra members that live outside your household to share your subscription with all the benefits of a Premium subscription.

5. How to save on Netflix with Together Price

Share your Netflix Standard or Premium plans with Extras on Together Price

Together Price is the first online platform for sharing multi-account digital subscriptions. With a community over 1.5 million active users it helps people get together to share their subscriptions and save even up to 80% on them.

Now that Netflix has authorised account sharing outside your household, it may be difficult to find people with whom to share the Extra member slots or as usual getting people to pay you back. Together Price makes all this easy and stress-free for you to enjoy your subscription services at a fraction of the cost.

All you have to do is decide whether you want to become an Admin or a Joiner!

6. As an Admin

Become an Admin on Together Price and share your Netflix + Extras subscription.

You can use Together Price as an Admin if you have a subscription in your name. If you want to share the subscription with people living in your house, the traditional plans are for you.

On the other hand, if you want to share your subscription with a person that doesn’t live with you, then you have to subscribe to a plan with Extras.

Here’s how: :

  • Register on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Insert your data;

  • Create a group, for example Netflix Standard + 1 Extra or Netflix Premium + 2 Extras by clicking on “Create Group”;

  • Accept requests to join and receive payments.

7. As a Joiner

Become a Joiner on Together Pice and join in an Admin's Netflix + Extras group.

You can also use Together Price as a Joiner if you don’t have a subscription but still would like to have Netflix. In this case, you can join an Admin’s group.

Here’s how:

  • Register on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Look for a Netflix Standard or Premium group, with 1 or 2 Extra slots.

  • Send you request to join and pay your part.

With Together Price you can continue to watch Netflix sharing and saving while we take care of all the rest!

8. Summing Up

As you have seen, it is pretty simple to add an Extra member to your Netflix account. You just have to decide which plan is best for you and follow the steps described previously.

Now you also know how to save on the cost of your account with Extra slots, which is no small thing! Together Price will guide you through the whole sharing process as smoothly as possible so you can begin to enjoy everything netflix has to offer legally, safely and stress-free!

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!