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How to share a Now TV account

April 20, 2021
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How to share a Now TV account

Now TV is a great way to watch Sky television without being locked into an expensive contract. Sky has arguably the most popular television package on the market, promoting premium channels like Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and Sky Atlantic. But what exactly is Now TV and how does it work? Surely you have also asked yourself this question: Can I share my NOW TV account? Keep reading this article where you will find all the informations about them.

Now TV – What’s It All About?

Now TV is a streaming service that shows Sky content. It’s become popular as an alternative, cost-effective streaming method which overcomes the complications of committing to a contract.

Imagine streaming Sky TV online without needing a satellite dish?

If you’d like to relish the opportunity to watch Sky channels at your leisure, Now TV is incredibly appealing.

What’s great about Now TV is you can select specific viewing packages.

Now TV Passes

With Now TV, you can sign up for monthly subscriptions and select the channels that suit your interests.

Now TV sells ‘passes’ that offer access to live television and box sets. You can build your TV package around the following categories:

  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Entertainment
  • Sky Kids
  • hayu

What’s great is that you won’t have to pay for unwanted television channels, something that’s too often the case when you sign up with a conventional provider. You’ll only pay for what you enjoy, rather than paying for channels you’ll never watch.

How much does NOW TV cost a month?

How Does Payment Work?

You can purchase one of many Now TV Passes on a monthly rolling payment plan. You’ll then receive access to live channels and an on-demand viewing service.

There are five main TV passes for Now TV:

  • Sky Sports Pass£33.99 per month
  • Entertainment Pass£8.99 per month
  • Sky Cinema Pass£11.99 per month
  • Kid’s Pass£3.99 per month
  • hayu – £11.99 per month

Now TV presents some fantastic money-saving opportunities, where you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of a Sky TV subscription and won’t be tied to a long-term contract.

But is it possible to save even more money by sharing a Now TV account?

How Do You Subscribe to Now TV?

If you’re concerned about creating a Now TV account, don’t worry it’s easy!

  1. Visit the Now TV website
  2. Create an account
  3. Click the TV passes tab
  4. Select the passes you want to subscribe to
  5. Once you have an active subscription, download the app for your device/s.

Account creation Now TV

Can I share my NOW TV account?

Now TV allows you to share your NOW TV account with one of your households. You can add up to six devices on a single account and watch Now TV on two devices at the same time.

This creates an opportunity for you to share the cost of a membership, something that encourages you to sign up for the service collectively.

Double the savings is always worth it! Since you can share your password with one of your households, you’d be wise to embrace the account-sharing concept for maximum benefit. Read on to understand what it is.

How Can Together Price Help You?

Together Price platform

Together Price is a sharing network where you can manage group subscription plans (TV, Music streaming and gaming platforms) to split bills with roommates and friends.

When you sign up with Together Price, you’ll encounter thousands of users in the same boat as yourself, from which point you can easily join up and split the cost of an account.

Together Price works by uniting users in sharing groups, where there are two options to using it:

  • Create a sharing group for others to join
  • Join an existing sharing group

With Now TV, you can simply select a service, sign up, and pick an option of your choice.

Once you’re in a group, Together Price does everything within their power to manage, coordinate, track payments and ultimately help you secure the right number of members for your sharing group.

Sharing a premium service like Now TV has never been easier!

How to share NOW TV if you have purchased the Entertainment, Cinema + Boost pass

You’ll become an admin of your own group when you create one. Here’s how to sign up as an admin:

  1. Create a sharing group
  2. Add members to your sharing group
  3. Receive payment from fellow members

How to join a NOW TV group

You won’t have the freedom of approving the people you share your account with, but you’ll still enjoy the same benefits. Here’s how to sign up as a joiner:

  1. Find a relevant sharing group
  2. Send a request to admin to join
  3. Send your part of the payment to the account holder

Sharing a subscription has never been easier, so subscribe to an expert service like Together Price and you’ll benefit from some great savings.

Save by sharing Now TV with Together Price easily and safely!