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Now TV Gift Card

July 04, 2022
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Now TV Gift Card

A Now TV membership offers you access to a huge selection of amazing entertainment. There are multiple passes for whatever type of content you want to watch, be it Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, Now TV has you covered.

Would you want to give the gift of Now TV with a Now TV gift card? Whilst the Now TV gift card used to exist, sadly it no longer does.

But do you still have an unused gift card? We are here to show you how to can still redeem it, as well as to let your know about all things Now TV.

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What is Now TV?

Now TV passes, pay TV, Now Broadband and a great broadband deal.

Now TV is the online streaming service created by Sky and originally launched in the United Kingdom in 2012. Now TV is host to both live TV and on-demand entertainment with a huge library of different titles.

When signing up for a Now TV account you can choose from a variety of passes that let you access a variety of content. Namely, there is the Now TV Entertainment pass, Now TV Cinema pass, Now TV Sports pass and Hayu, a reality TV channel. You can also add Now TV Boost to these passes so you can simultaneously stream on up to three screens are once, in HD with surround sound.

These passes are available only as a month pass but automatically renew if you do not cancel your membership. It is possible to buy day passes for the Sky Sports channels so that you can watch events live and can even share the biggest matches with friends.

What is included on a Now TV pass?

Now TV Passes

All Now TV passes let you access amazing entertainment and stream it anywhere. Now TV is available on all your major streaming devices including your Apple TV, Smart TV, laptop, gaming device, mobile devices, the Now TV site and much more.

You can add up to six devices to your Now TV account and download content to watch later offline. Going camping without Wifi but still, want to watch movies? No problem! You really can watch Now TV from wherever at whatever moment you want.

Now TV does not make you sign a contract, so you are free to cancel your account at any point in time. Should you just want one Entertainment month pass then you are free to cancel straight after you are finished. No strings attached and no hidden fees.

You can choose from a number of Now TV passes including:

Now TV Entertainment Pass

Now TV Entertainment Pass

The Now TV Entertainment pass gives you access to watch hours of your favourite TV shows. You can also stream a huge number of TV channels including Sky documentaries, Comedy Central and MTV.

That means you can watch hit shows from Sky Atlantic such as Game of Thrones, Euphoria, The L Word Generation Q or shows from any other Sky channel including Sky comedy show Will and Grace.

The Now TV Entertainment month pass has a dedicated Kids TV section which gives you access to thousands of the best kids TV from hit channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang and much more.

Your kids can watch shows such as Paw Patrol, Moomin Valley, or The Adventures of Paddington in a fully safe and age appropriate environment.

Now TV Sky Cinema pass

Now TV Sky Cinema pass

The Now TV Cinema pass lets you access over 1000 on demand movies including Sky Cinema originals. Add Now TV Boost to your cinema pass and you can experience home cinema right from the comfort of your living room. Forget going out! Sky Cinema brings your favourite movies to you in an easy way.

Now TV Sky sports

Now TV Sky sports

A Now TV Sports pass lets customers stream all 11 Sky Sports channels and access 1000s of documentaries or on-demand highlights of all your favourite sports. Now TV Sports also lets you purchase day passes with no rolling fees so that you can watch that one game without having to pay for a whole month’s pass.



Hayu is the one-stop-shop for reality TV. With over 8000 episodes of reality TV you can binge on Below Deck, Keeping up with the Kardashians or The Bi Life and much much more. Purchase a month pass for Hayu and you will have all the entertainment you could possibly need.

What is a Now TV Box or Smart Stick?

Now TV Smart Box

The Now TV box and the Smart Stick both help you make your normal TV into a Smart TV. As the Now TV Box is increasingly difficult to find in the United Kingdom, and the TV sticks are taking over let’s talk about that!

With smart TV sticks, you can turn your TV into a Smart TV and access your Now TV passes and your online entertainment through your TV. With a smart stick, you can voice command onto the many apps that are pre-downloaded onto your stick.

You can even take your smart stick travelling with you and watch movies from your hotel room!

How much does Now TV cost?

Now TV plans and prices UK

Now TV has a variety of options for membership. Firstly you must choose which membership you want and then choose whether to add Boost or not. There are no hidden fees and you can stop paying at any point.

The Now TV Entertainment pass and the Cinema pass cost £9.99 per month. To add Boost to these subscriptions costs £5 a month. A seven-day free trial is available.

Hayu costs £4.99 per month and you cannot add Boost to a Hayu pass.

Now TV Sports costs £11.99 for a day or £33.99 a month. An additional Boost membership costs £5 per month.

Can you get a gift card for Now TV?

Old gift cards. Now Tv doesn-t do them anymore!

A Now TV gift card would be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Who wouldn’t love the gift of entertainment?

Unfortunately, Now TV no longer has an option to buy a gift card or gift vouchers. However, if you were lucky enough to be gifted a gift card before they were stopped you can still activate your vouchers.

How to use a Now TV gift card

Now TV offers you an easy way to redeem any gift card or vouchers that have not yet been redeemed:

  1. Sign in to your Now TV account and click on my account.

  2. Go to the Now Memberships section.

  3. Enter your voucher code at the top of the page and click apply.

  4. You now have access to your membership

You can only redeem one Now TV gift card at once and voucher codes must be redeemed within a year of the date it was activated.

How to save money on a Now TV account

A Now TV account with Boost activated lets you have up to three simultaneous streams, which means that you can share a Now TV pass between up to three people. That means you have to pay one-third of the price - which is a great deal.

But you don’t have anyone to share your account with and last time you tried sharing an account you ended up paying for everything whilst your friends mooched off or you. It ended up being more stressful than it was worth.

Well if you use Together Price you will never have to worry about that again.

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is a free-to-use online platform that helps connect you with people to share your Now TV account.

Together Price does all the work for you so that you just have to kick back and enjoy your subscription, and let us do the rest.

Is Together Price safe?

To ensure that you are fully safe using Together Price we offer:

  • A fully SSL-certified secure environment

  • A reliability rating system for all customers

  • Stripe Payment with strong anti-fraud protection

  • A Tpassword system to keep your personal information secure

  • A 25-day cooling-off period where you can get your money back

So you can use Together Price completely free of any worries.

How do you use Together Price?

Together Price is easy to use. Simply sign up for free using your name and email address. Add your payment details and then decide which subscription you want to share.

As an Admin?

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you create a sharing group and let other people join your subscription. Together Price will ensure that you will receive their part of the bill on time every time.

As a Joiner?

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you can search for a sharing group and request to join someone else’s subscription. Once you have joined, Together Price will ensure that your payment goes through whilst you are watching the latest entertainment on your new Now TV subscription.

Summing up

Sadly there is no longer a Now TV gift card. But you can still sign up to Now TV and choose one of their exciting monthly passes to get access to whichever TV entertainment you prefer.

With sports, movies and TV galore you will never have to spend another minute bored. Download content to your device and you won’t even have to spend time wishing for Wifi!

Looking to make great savings on your Now TV pass? With Together Price you can pay less for Now TV. Save up to 66% on a Now TV pass by sharing your account on Together Price and you can get access to amazing entertainment and pay a lot less!

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