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Now TV Stick

May 18, 2022
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Now TV Stick

Now TV is considered one of the best streaming services in the UK. With the addition of a Now TV Smart Stick to your account, you will be able to enjoy the entertainment of this streaming service wherever you go.

Plus, the sharing cost solution of Together Price will make everything a little bit more enjoyable.

What is Now TV?

Now TV

Now TV is a video streaming service owned by Sky. It does not require any sort of satellite or installation, therefore it is a great alternative to other regular TV services. Now TV offers an incredibly wide range of TV channels and on-demand titles. As there is no necessity for a contract, the only thing that you will need in order to get a hold of Now TV is a Smart TV or another device with a Now TV app. 

A Now TV subscription will give you access to most Sky content, including Sky Sports channels, Sky Atlantic, Sky Cinema and other Sky channels. 

The difference between Now TV and other streaming platforms is the fact that Now TV offers TV passes which allow its users to purchase the plan that best suits them without having to commit to anything else.

The four different subscriptions are dedicated to Sport, Entertainment, Cinema and Hayu - which solely focuses on reality TV -. The majority of these plans are available with a monthly fee. The only exception being the Sports Plan, which you can also get for a single day with the Sky Sports Day Pass.

How much does Now TV cost?

Now TV plans and prices

Now TV offers its users the option to purchase one or more of its passes, allowing you to design the plan that best fits your desires and preference. This is the privilege of a Now TV membership!

You also get a [7-day free trial with Now Tv]with all the plans.

The Now Sports month membership costs £33.99. However, as I previously said, you can also get a one day pass for £11.99. One Now Sports membership will give you access to the entire catalogue of Sky Sports channels to watch live and on-demand: Main Event, Premier League, Football, Cricket, Golf, F1, Action, Arena, and Sky Sports News.

The Now Entertainment membership costs £14.99 per month. This includes live and on-demand access to Sky’s main channels, kids’ programming, and other stations such as Sky Max, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy and Nick Toons. Another feature of the Entertainment membership is the fact that you can also get hundreds of box sets on demand, including Sky Originals programming and HBO shows.

The Now Sky Cinema pass costs £14.99. This will give you access to live showings of Sky Cinema channels in addition to exclusive Sky original films that you can watch on-demand.

Lastly, the Now Hayu membership costs £4.99 per month and will allow you to watch your favourite reality TV shows. 

Now TV implemented in its service the option of purchasing a Now TV Boost for only an additional £5 per month. The Boost membership, integrated with your already existing Now TV account, will get you a better picture and sound quality. Now Boost customers can enjoy features such as Full HD, smoother sporting action and extra streaming allowance. But, if you have a surround sound speaker system, then one of the best Boost features is the fact that you can enjoy a fully immersive audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1.

What to watch on Now TV

With Now TV’s amazing catalogue, you will get the chance to watch whatever you prefer, from Sky Sports to Sky TV channels and Sky Cinema. You will also get the option to cancel your membership anytime you like. This could be a great way to discover new things without having to pay extra for it. 

Some of the best Now TV shows include Chernobyl, Game of Thrones and Mare of Easttown.

Now TV’s movies catalogue is especially vast, including some titles such as The Shawshank Redemption, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel; The entirety of the Indiana Jones movies and even newer movies like Tenet.

Paddington, The Croods, Star Trek or Moominvalley are also some of the titles which would be perfect to watch with your kids.

Moreover, the amazing Sky Nature and Sky Atlantic content give life to a marvellous documentary catalogue.

What is a Now TV Smart Stick?

A Now TV Smart Stick is a great solution to always having your favourite shows, movies, documentaries or sports events at hand. A Now TV Smart Stick is a streaming stick which can be plugged directly into your TV via the HDMI port. This convenient and portable device will be easy to transport wherever you go, meaning you can access your Now TV account on any TV screen.

Some features of the Now TV Smart Stick include High Definition video and the option of voice search. You can read a Now TV Smart Stick review almost anywhere if you want to go into more depth about it.

How does a Now TV Stick work?

The Now TV Smart Stick is extremely easy to use. You will only need a TV with an HDMI port (which does not necessarily have to be a Smart TV), a Wi-Fi connection and a Now TV account. Once you purchase a Now TV Smart Stick, you will be able to watch your Now TV membership on any screen; Access plenty of extra apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and YouTube; Use voice search to find movies, shows, actors, directors and more…

In addition, since it is portable, you can connect it to hotel Wi-Fi to watch your favourite TV on your travels and see what’s on now and next on all the live TV channels by only pressing a button.

Can you still buy a Now TV stick in the UK?

Unfortunately, since last year the Now TV Smart Stick is not available in the Uk. However, Now is concentrated on improving the app and adding new titles. Furthermore, it is still possible to access your Now TV account through the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is a Now TV Smart Box?

Now TV Smart Box

A Now TV Smart Box is essentially the same thing as a Now TV Smart Stick, although there are some slight differences to point out. The first being the fact that the Smart Box is much bigger than the Now TV Smart Stick. Furthermore, the Smart Box costs around £45, whereas you can find the Now TV Smart Stick for £25. Finally, the biggest difference is the resolution of the Smart Box compared with the Smart Stick. In fact, the Smart Box has 4K streaming capabilities, contrasting the Smart Stick which has a default resolution of 720p.

Is there a monthly fee for NowTV stick?

The registration process is free for all members. However, there is a fee that must be paid for each new Sports Day Membership purchase.

How to save on your Now TV subscription

There is an incredibly easy solution that will help you spare some money. This is the sharing cost solution of Together Price. It is a new program with which you will be able to share the cost of your Now TV subscription with the members of your household, for example.

Together Price

Together Price UK homepage

Together Price is most probably one of the best solutions for saving some money on your accounts - whether it is Now TV or any other streaming platform -. In fact, by sharing the cost of your subscriptions, you will be able to pay half or even less of the original membership price. It is an innovative program that works with a Trusted Network with amazingly high levels of control and dependability that can also measure the credibility of any of its users.

Moreover, you will never have to worry about your credentials and access to shared services anymore, as they will be completely safe and secured by the protection of the Tpassword System. There are also some other features in the Together Price program which include a chat line for its users and a Digital Wallet where your payments will be under your control.

The ways in which you can subscribe to Together Price are as an Admin or a Joiner

  • An Admin has complete control over his group and will get paid monthly. 

  • A Joiner on the other hand has to sign up to an existing group and pay the Admin every month.

Summing Up

It is fair to say that Now TV gives everyone an opportunity to purchase a deal that really interests them. This is exactly what makes Now TV different from other streaming services. If you have the chance to get yourself a Now TV Smart Stick, then you might want to consider buying it as it is the easiest way to always have your favourite content with you. If you do not, Now TV is still good value for money as it is incredibly abundant in titles.

Plus you have the extra bonus of knowing how to save on all your subscription costs on Together Price.