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The Now TV NHS Discount

May 18, 2022
4 min
The Now TV NHS Discount

With the Now TV NHS discount, you will be able to save money through the Now Promo Code which could give you access to your favourite movies, sports and entertainment. 

Another solution to spare some money is relying on the sharing cost program of Together Price.

NHS Discounts

NHS discount

The NHS Discounts is a great initiative that helps the workers in the National Health Service.

It gives its workers the chance to benefit from dozens of discounts on many different shops like Boohoo, Argos, Clarks, JD but also, supermarket chains and more…

Is there a Now TV discount for NHS employees?

There are always some Now TV NHS Discount codes. However, it is possible that these change from time to time.

Now TV NHS discount may include a month’s cinema pass for £23.99 instead of £33.99, with which you will enjoy over 1,000 movies on demand.

Also, you could find a Sky Sports day pass for just £5.99 and watch all 5 Sky Sports channels from anywhere with a mobile month pass.

Who gets an NHS discount?

Any role in any healthcare organisation qualifies you to access our amazing deals and discounts, as long as you are a registered health worker.

This means that you are eligible for the NHS discounts if you work for the NHS staff, GP staff, Private healthcare staff, Hospice staff, Pharmacy staff, Dental practice staff, Part-time bank staff and also if you are part of the Retired healthcare Staff, Healthcare related students, Foundations Trust Members, Healthcare Volunteers and Healthcare related Charity staff. 

This initiative benefits any health service worker, whether they are doctors, nurses, administrators, midwives or everything in between. 

Now TV discount Codes

Get a Now promo code or voucher codes

Some of the best deals for valid NHS promo codes may include a Sky Sports Month membership starting at £9.75.

In addition, you could have a 50% discount on your Entertainment membership and a 35% discount on your Cinema membership.

Please note that these are only a few amongst other discount codes.

How do I get an NHS discount code?

There is not a fixed process for obtaining voucher codes. It all depends on which NHS discount you want to get.

For example, if you were to look at the EE NHS discount, you would have to visit EE Perk’s page; The next step would be that of having to register with your NHS worker e-mail and photo ID. And eventually, you would be able to obtain a 20% off discount code. As a final step, you would need to select a monthly phone SIM or wireless plan and enter your discount code when you check out.

Can I change from a Now TV account to an NHS Now TV account?

If you would like to benefit from Now TV discount codes - and, if you are eligible as healthcare workers, of course -, but you already have a standard Now TV account, you do not have to worry! 

In fact, if you are able to find Now TV discount codes, like the previous Sports membership one, Now TV allows you to cancel your subscription anytime you want. Therefore, if you are already a member, you could cancel and change your normal Now TV account to an NHS Now TV account.

However, it is currently not that easy to find a Now TV NHS discount. Thus, you might never find the promotional code you wish for.

How to save on Now TV if you aren’t NHS staff

Whether you are a healthcare professional or you just want to take advantage of the amazing streaming service of Now TV, I will reveal to you a solution that could make you save money without having to rely on any type of crazy deals or coupon codes.

Allow me to introduce you to the most trouble-free option you have: sharing the cost of your subscription plan.

The latter is a way in which you and, for example, the members of your household, could split the cost of your membership between each other.

Have you ever thought of sharing your Now TV subscription cost?

You should absolutely start thinking of sharing your Now TV subscription cost as there is not a single negative side to this situation. Especially when being helped by a program like Together Price.

Together Price

Together Price UK homepage

Together Price is the best solution for sharing the cost of your subscriptions. It is a new program that features a Trusted Network with incredibly high levels of control and reliability. In order to ensure the safest environment for you, the Network will also be able to measure the credibility of any of its users.

In addition, you will not have to worry about your credentials and access to shared services as Together Price guarantees that they will be completely safe and secured thanks to the protection of the so-called Tpassword System.

There are some other features that Together Price implemented in its service so that you could have the most pleasant experience possible. These include a chat line for its users and a Digital Wallet where your payments will be under your control.

There are two different ways in which you can subscribe to Together Price: as an Admin or a Joiner

  • An Admin has complete control over his group and will get paid monthly. 

  • A Joiner on the other hand has to sign up to an existing group and pay the Admin every month.

It is worth mentioning that both an Admin and a Joiner will need to fill in their details in order to register.

Summing Up

To conclude, if you are able to find a Now discount code, whether it is an NHS discount or a normal promotional code, then you will definitely want to take advantage of it on your Now TV account.

Nevertheless, if you still want to utilize the video streaming service Now TV for less of the original price, then the easiest and most effective solution you will find is that of sharing the cost of your subscription.

If you do decide to give it a try, Together Price will be a game changer for you!