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Spotify Artist Account

November 13, 2023
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Spotify Artist Account

Looking to make your first release, release new songs or find a bigger audience through Spotify?

You will find this article helpful as we take you through everything you need to know about creating a Spotify artist profile!

Together Price can take the pain out of sharing your favourite streaming service so that you can stream music whilst saving money!

What is Spotify?

Spotify for artists: create your artist name and put it out on your Spotify profile.

Spotify is one of the biggest online music streaming services, with around 82 million songs; Spotify offers a huge selection of songs.

Spotify allows users to curate and share playlists, discover new music and new musicians, or, for artists, it is a great place to get discovered!

Celebrities, critics and everyday users can make playlists and share them.

Spotify users can download songs and listen offline completely ad-free. Spotify is available on your favourite devices, including Android, iPhone, PC or Mac.

What is Spotify for artists?

Put you artist name on the Spotify for Artists page

Spotify for artists has many great features. Upload your songs and Spotify for artists will help you find fans and grow your number of listeners, get fan insights and interact with your audience.

Spotify for artists is also the best way to pitch your songs to be included in some of the most listened to playlists in the world.

Some of the great features on Spotify for artists include:

  • Audio and video ads to amplify your marketing;

  • Marquee helps you turn listeners into fans by creating full-screen ads promoted to people listening to your songs;

  • Profile tools lets you change your artist profile, artist bio, and photos so that you can keep your artist page fresh and interesting. Share yourself with your fans by publishing updates, share an artist pick or feature playlists on your profile

  • Spotify Canvas lets you create short looping visuals that can be added to each track;

  • Create audio shows or concerts that connect your music with talking segments so that fans can get to know you;

  • Track your stats so that you can make calls about concerts, merch, and your next new release date!

  • Assign team roles to help make team decisions easily and transparently.

How do you get a Spotify artist profile?

There are three main ways to get access to the artists’ profile page on Spotify:

  • If someone on your team already has admin privileges, ask them to send you an invite link;

  • If you are already connected with a distributor or label such as CD Baby or Tunecore, you can get instant access to a Spotify artist page;

  • Request an artists’ account.

How do you upload your music to Spotify?

To put your music on Spotify, you need to go through one of Spotify’s recommended distributors, such as CD Baby or Tunecore, that handle things such as music licensing and royalties.

Most of these distributors charge a fee of some sort, but it depends entirely on which distributor you choose.

Should you get a Tunecore account?

Tunecore account

A Tunecore subscription makes it easy to get your music on Spotify and claim a Spotify artist profile. To upload your art to Spotify from Tunecore, simply:

  1. Select the type of release you want: a single or an album;

  2. Upload your music, cover art, photos and canvas loop;

  3. Add music contributors;

  4. Wait for Tunecore to approve your music.

  5. Use the Tunecore dashboard to view your stats and manage your account;

  6. Keep 100% of the revenue.

Tunecore also lets you upload music to other music streaming platforms, such as Apple Music.

How much does Spotify premium cost?

Spotify plans and prices in the UK

If you want to listen to your music or discover new music, maybe you should try Spotify Premium. There are four types of Spotify subscriptions:

  • Individual Plan costs £10.99 per month and is for one subscription;

  • Duo Plan costs £14.99 per month and is for two accounts under the same roof;

  • The Family Plan is for up to six accounts living under one roof and costs £17.99 per month;

  • The Student Plan is for one subscription and costs £5.99 per month. This plan is for students at eligible institutions only.

Can you share a Spotify subscription?

A Spotify subscription can only be shared among members living under the same roof. Spotify requires you to verify your geographic location.

How to share a music streaming subscription

If you are looking to cut the costs of your music streaming service, why not try subscription sharing?

Although you cannot share Spotify accounts, you can stream your music from another platform, such as Tidal Music or Apple Music, and these platforms allow subscription sharing.

When you share a subscription service with others, you share the costs between more people, making your monthly payment significantly lower. But account sharing can be a hassle. And that is where Together Price comes in!

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that helps connect users to share their subscription services.

With Together Price, you can share Apple Music, Tidal Music, Amazon Music, Nintendo Switch Online, and Netflix, to name just a few.

Together Price is completely legal, we read the terms and conditions, so you don’t have to.

Together Price provides a safe and secure, SSL-certified environment so you can share your accounts and save without having to worry about your privacy and security.

How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to use; simply sign up for a free account and then choose which subscription service you want to join first!

As an Admin

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you will create a subscription and open it up for others to join. To do this, you simply log in to Together Price and create a sharing group, accept or reject members’ requests to join and then sit back and listen to music whilst Together Price puts the money straight into your account!

As a Joiner

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you choose to join subscriptions. To do this, search for a sharing group with a high rating, submit a request to join the group, enter your payment details and once you’ve been accepted, Together Price will arrange your payment for you!

Summing up

Spotify for artists is a powerful tool to help get your music out there. Artists Spotify has so many features that will help you build, monitor and monetise your music career.

If you are looking to save money on streaming music online, why not try an alternative to Spotify, such as Tidal Music?

That way, you can make use of Together Price and cut your monthly payments to shreds.

What’s not to love?

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