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Spotify Gift Card UK

November 13, 2023
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Spotify Gift Card UK

Looking to give someone a gift that will bring them joy? Why not try a Spotify gift card in the UK? With a Spotify gift card, you give the gift of music to a loved one.

Want to treat yourself to a music streaming service too, but they are all too expensive? Why not try account sharing? Together Price takes all the hassle out of account sharing so that you can save money painlessly.

Spotify does not let you share an account with anyone outside of your household, so if you want to save money, an alternative like Apple Music or Tidal Music might be better suited for you. Sign up to Together Price for free today, and you can make huge savings on your music streaming service.

What can you get Spotify with a gift card or Egift card?

Beware of fraudulently obtained cards (only cards provided by Spotify AB that have a Spotify AB registration number) and offers combining Premium to other service providers' offers. They do not comply with the Spotify terms and Conditions. Spotify gift cards are for discounted or group subscriptions too. No incremental redemption is allowed like offers combining Premium to other service providers.

Give the gift of music with a Spotify Premium gift card or Spotify Premium Egift card. The Spotify gift card comes in one, three, six and twelve-month values and is redeemable for full-price standalone premium subscription months with an individual account. Or, to put it simply, that means that a gift card or Egift card worth one month will give you access to Spotify Premium for at least one month from the next payment date.

Spotify gift cards are available from leading retail and electronic stores across the country, including Asda, Tesco, and Amazon. So if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone important in your life, why not try the Spotify gift card?

What are Spotify terms and conditions for the gift card?

When buying a Spotify gift card, it is worth noting some of the terms and conditions of the card. The Spotify gift card cannot be redeemed if you already subscribe to discounted or group subscriptions such as student discounts, trial offers, or combining Premium with other companies’ products like Paypal or the Duo or Family Spotify plan.

A gift card is only redeemable for full-price standalone premium subscription months at the full face value of an Individual plan. Stolen or fraudulently obtained cards cannot be redeemed, and cards cannot be returned or resold except where required.

The full Spotify terms and conditions are printed on the back of your Spotify gift card or found on your Egift card, along with the legal end-user agreement. By redeeming a gift card, you agree to the Spotify terms and conditions.

How do you redeem a Spotify gift card?

To redeem your Spotify gift card, follow the redemption instructions on the back, or follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Spotify website and register for a Spotify account

  2. Click redeem the gift card

  3. Scratch the premium code off the back of your card or find the pin

  4. Enter your premium code or registration number and click redeem

How much does a Spotify subscription cost?

Spotify plans and prices in the UK

If you were not lucky enough to be gifted Spotify Premium and want to create an account anyway, you can choose from a number of different levels:

  • The individual account gives you one account and costs £10.99 a month.

  • The Duo plan lets two accounts under one roof access Premium and costs £14.99 a month.

  • The Family plan lets up to 6 accounts under one roof use Premium and costs £17.99 a month.

  • The Student discounts plan offers one person an account for £5.99 per month following applicable age requirements set are met.

Can you share a Spotify account?

Sharing accounts is a great way to save money on your monthly payments. When you can share the costs between multiple people, subscription payments suddenly become a lot less daunting.

Spotify accounts, however, can only be shared by people living under the same roof, and this is verified when members are added to the family account. That makes account sharing very difficult.

But if you are not attached to Spotify to meet your music streaming needs, services like Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tidal Music do allow account sharing. So why not try sharing an account on an alternative music streaming platform? That way, you can still listen to all the music you could want whilst save money.

The last time you tried account sharing didn’t go so well. Don’t have anyone to share a music streaming service with? That’s where Together Price comes in.

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is a free-to-use online platform that helps people connect and share the costs of your subscription services. Together Price keeps account sharing safe, secure, and completely hassle-free.

Worried that this sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true!

Together Price is completely legal, safe and secure. Everything takes place in an SSL-certified secure environment and any payments go through Stripe Payments so that your personal data is completely protected.

How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to sign up for and use. Simply use your name and email address to create a free account, then choose which subscription service you want to sign up for out of the subscription services offered.

As an Admin

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you open your subscription up to be shared. Create a sharing group and accept members who request to join. Once you have accepted members Together Price will arrange the payments so that you get your money on time every time.

As a Joiner

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you join someone else’s subscription. Find a sharing group and request to join it. Once you have been accepted, Together Price will arrange the payment whilst you kick back and listen to your favourite tunes!

What is Spotify?

Register for a Spotify account and get your discounted or group subscriptions on Spotify

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services out there, with over 182 million subscribers worldwide and a huge range of tracks, podcasts, curated playlists and radio stations for every mood or moment.

A Spotify Premium account lets you access all this and more. With Spotify Premium, you can listen to ad-free high-quality audio. Enjoy ad-free music offline and online with unlimited skips and with the ability to choose whichever song you want to listen to from a playlist.

With a Spotify Premium account, you can choose exactly which music you want to listen to and listen to it wherever and whenever. Out in the middle of a lake on a boat and want some party music? Spotify Premium has got it. Sad and tired in the shower? Your Spotify account has your back!

Summing up

Looking to give your loved one something special this year? Well, Spotify gift cards will let them enjoy the gift of music whenever and wherever they want!

Want to gift yourself something? If Spotify seems too expensive to you, why not sign up to Together Price for free and save money by sharing a subscription to an alternative music streaming service? Together Price will help you make great savings whilst keeping it completely hassle-free!

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!