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Spotify Gift Card

November 13, 2023
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Spotify Gift Card

Have you ever wanted to give someone the perfect gift? Maybe the perfect gift is the gift of music. Well, now you can treat someone to Spotify Premium using the Spotify Gift Card or Egift Card so that you give them the chance to stream great music.

Haven’t been given a Spotify Gift Card but want to treat yourself to some ad-free music with high-quality audio too? Maybe Spotify seems a bit too expensive to justify spending out on. You might find it cheaper to use an alternative such as Tidal or Apple Music, where you can share discounted or group subscriptions with friends.

And if sharing sounds like too much hassle, Together Price can help you out! Together Price is a free online platform that helps you match with other users so that you can share the costs of group subscriptions between multiple people. This way, you can make huge savings on your monthly payments with no hassle involved.

What can you do with the Spotify Premium Gift Card?

Treat someone to Premium with a Spotify gift card, an egift card, or an ecard Premium code. This gives someone free access to ads free high-quality audio and unlimited skips.

A Spotify gift card lets someone access a number of full-price standalone Premium subscription months. The length of this access depends on the full face value of the card.

Gift cards let users access the full services offered to any Spotify Premium user, including unlimited skips, ads free music and the chance to listen offline.

Obviously, only authentic Spotify Ab cards are valid. No fraudulently obtained cards are accepted.

How to redeem my Spotify Gift Card, Egift or Ecard?

It is very easy to redeem your standalone premium subscription months using your Spotify gift card, Egift or Ecard.

  1. Simply go to the Spotify website and click on redeem.
  2. Scratch off the premium code or pin on the back of the card
  3. Enter the premium code or pin from the back of your receipt.
  4. Click redeem

Your payment starts from the next payment date, and once your gift card has run out, payments continue according to your usual plan. To find the full gift card amount or remaining value of the gift card, log in to your Spotify account.

The Spotify Premium egift card or gift card is subject to the Terms and Conditions printed on the card or found in the Legal End User Agreement.

How long is the Spotify Gift Card valid for?

A Spotify gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and you can only redeem up to 18 months’ worth of Spotify premium gift cards.

Where can I buy a Spotify Gift Card?

Buy a Spotify Gift Card from Paypal

You can buy Spotify Premium gift cards at most major retailers and leading electronic stores, including Currys, Argos, Carphone Warehouse and WHSmiths. They are also available as an Egift card, Ecard Premium online, from retailers like PayPal and Amazon.

What kind of account do I need to use for my Spotify Gift Card?

To redeem a Spotify Premium gift card, you must have a Spotify individual account. It is only redeemable for the number of full-price, standalone, Premium subscription months that the value of the gift card covers. At redemption, the full face value of a standalone premium subscription will be deducted from the card.

This means that the gift card cannot be redeemed on discounted or group subscriptions or on accounts using other offers combining Premium with another service. So it cannot be redeemed when you are currently using student discounts, Spotify Family or Spotify Duo.

No incremental redemption is permitted, and gift cards may not be resold except where required by law. They are all subject to the conditions printed on the card, which is the card agreement..

What are the benefits of Spotify Premium?

Perks of a premium Spotify account

Spotify Premium allows you to download music and listen offline so that you can listen to music offline wherever you are. No need to worry if you still have WiFi; with Spotify Premium, you have music wherever you go!

Spotify Premium has completely ads free high-quality audio, so no more listening to ads from other companies’ products when you really want to be rocking out to your playlist. Instead, you can listen straight through.

Not sure what song you are in the mood to listen to? Well, Spotify Premium has you covered. With the Premium version, you have unlimited skips and can play any song you feel like.

How much does Spotify Premium cost?

The different Spotify plans. Read the Spotify Terms and Conditions.

When you register for a Spotify account, you can choose a number of different plans to enjoy ad-free music, depending on your budget.

The Individual plan costs £10.99 per month and allows access to one individual account. Student discounts are available for eligible students at just £5.99 per month.

Group subscriptions exist with Spotify Duo and the Spotify Family Plan. Duo allows two people under one roof access to Premium and costs £14.99. The Spotify Family Plan costs £17.99 and allows up to 6 accounts under one roof to access the Premium perks.

The Family Plan allows parental control for parents to get applicable age requirements set up. Spotify Kids lets children use Spotify safely and only lets them access music and podcast relevant to their applicable age requirements.

All plans are subject to the Spotify Terms and Conditions and the Legal End User Agreement, which you agree to when you register for a Spotify account.

According to the Legal End User Agreement and the Spotify Terms and Conditions, you can cancel your subscription at any point before the next payment date.

Can I save money on a Spotify Premium account?

If you haven’t been given a Spotify gift card, you might still want access to the perks of a Spotify account. However, it can be a bit pricey. So sharing a Spotify account seems like the logical solution. Spotify offers several subscriptions that allow you to share accounts between multiple people, and this cuts the cost significantly.

Sadly, however, it is required that all users sharing one account live under the same roof. That means that a Spotify Premium account can only be shared between family or housemates, which isn’t always possible. If you are looking to cut costs through account sharing, it might be worth looking for alternatives.

What are alternatives to Spotify Premium?

Alternative music streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tidal exist. Many of these platforms allow multiple users to share one account. For example, Tidal allows up to six users to be part of the Tidal Family Plan, and they do not have to be under one roof. So with Tidal, you can share the costs of the subscription between six people, so you pay one-sixth of the cost.

But account sharing is difficult and a lot of hassle! Maybe it used to be but with Together Price, we take all of the hassles out of account sharing, so you can save money in an easy, safe and secure way.

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is a free online platform that helps you find people to share group subscriptions with so that you can cut the costs of a subscription but still enjoy all the benefits.

Together Price offers:

  • an SSL-secured environment

  • Stripe as its payment system to protect against fraud and keep your private data secure

  • A reliability system so that you can see the reliability rating of members that you want to share a group with.

  • a 25-day cooling-off period if in the off-chance something goes wrong

  • a direct line of communication between people in the sharing group

Together Price is very easy to use all you need to do is sign up for free and then choose if you will become a joiner or an admin.

How to share a subscription on Together Price?

As an admin, you open up your account to be shared. Members can request to join your sharing group; you can choose to let them join, and once they have accepted, the money will end up straight in your bank.

Become an admin

As a joiner, you search for a sharing group and request to join it. If you are accepted, Together Price will send your payment straight off, and you will have access to your new subscription service.

Become a joiner

Summing Up

Spotify gift cards are a great way to treat someone you love to the gift of music. If they redeem their gift card, they will get access to unlimited ad-free streaming with the choice of millions of songs.

If you want to treat yourself and that is a little too expensive, then Together Price can help you save money. Sign up to Together Price for free, and you can start your music streaming journey for the cost of a cup of coffee a month!

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!