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Spotify Premium Upgrade

June 21, 2022
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Spotify Premium Upgrade

Spotify is arguably the most well-known music streaming service available, with over 182 million users worldwide and over 70 million songs.

Users can listen to Spotify for free, but with adverts every 8-10 minutes, if you want access to ad-free music it makes sense to upgrade to Spotify Premium, the paid version of Spotify. With the Spotify Premium upgrade, you can access the full Spotify library without ads making it a far nicer listening experience.

Fancy treating yourself to a music subscription but Spotify is a bit pricey? Well sadly on Spotify you cannot share a paid account. But Together Price can help you save money on other music streaming platforms such as Apple Music or Tidal Music, this way you can still get access to an extensive music library of ad-free music, but you don’t have to break the bank doing so (more comments below)!

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium benefits

A Spotify Premium account lets you listen, ad-free, to a huge library of songs, podcasts and audio files. With a Spotify Premium account, you can listen to any song you choose, even on your mobile device, and if you can’t quite work out your vibe you can have unlimited skips on playlists.

If you are heading somewhere without WiFi then a paid Spotify account has you covered. With Premium, you can download music and listen offline in the app. So you can really listen to music anywhere, no WiFi or mobile data needed.

With a Spotify account you can see what friends, family and celebrities are listening to. You can even curate your own playlists and share them with each other. Spotify makes listening to music a social experience.

With personalised recommendations, genre and mood-specific playlists and radios, you’ll never struggle to find new music again.

The Spotify Premium Family account has parental control settings. This lets parents give younger family members access to Spotify Kids. That way you can curate what your children can access so that they are listening to age-appropriate content. Give them the sound of music in a safer way!

Is Spotify Premium worth upgrading?

Upgrade Spotify and get Premium

If you enjoy using Spotify for free then it is definitely worth it to get Premium. Premium gives you much more freedom to listen to music without restraint. Instead of receiving a limited number of skips, a large number of adverts and not being able to choose a specific song to play, upgrades let you access all of these things making your listening experience that much smoother.

How do I upgrade my Spotify account to a Premium account?

To upgrade your Spotify account to Spotify Individual, Duo or Student or to become the manager of a Premium Family account simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Spotify account

  2. Under your plan click the option to “change plan”

  3. Choose the new subscription plan you want to use

  4. Payment information will be requested or go will through automatically if you already have an account.

In order to upgrade to Spotify Family, if you are not the manager of family members you will need to follow slightly different steps. First, you need to cancel your Premium account.

  1. Under “change plan” switch your account to Spotify Free.

  2. Click “Cancel Premium”.

  3. Click through to the confirmation message.

  4. Wait for an invite from the manager of your Premium Family account. When they add family members you will get an invite over email, straight to your inbox.

  5. Click join the Premium Family group and after signing in accept the invitation.

  6. You will now need to verify your household address details to prove that you live in one household.

  7. Once this has been verified you were successfully able to join your family subscription and can enjoy all the perks of a family account.

Some partners to Spotify offer partner plans. If you want to switch to one of these plans you must first cancel your Premium accounts.

How much does a Spotify Premium account cost?

Spotify plans and prices in the UK

Spotify Premium offers a number of different subscriptions depending on what your needs are.

There is a Premium free trial for any user who has not yet tried a Premium subscription. This is a 30-day free trial, once the trial ends you will continue to be billed unless you cancel the trial. After this, you must choose which of the subscriptions interests you the most.

Students can access a student discount, meaning that they can pay £5.99 per month to get the same benefits as the individual account. A full-price individual account costs £9.99 per month. These both give you access to one account.

To share your account with people under the same roof you can choose to share with one other account on Spotify Duo or take a family subscription out which lets up to six accounts share one subscription. Spotify Duo costs £13.99 per month and Spotify Family costs £16.99.

Can I share a Spotify Premium Family membership?

Share Spotify Premium Family

Spotify Family memberships allow up to six family members to share one subscription. However, these users must be under one roof. When you sign up as one of the family members on an account this will be checked. You must verify your location to access the account.

This means that sharing accounts really is only possible for people living in the same household. If you are looking to share music streaming accounts and save some money why not try Tidal Music or Apple Music.

What is Spotify Lifetime Premium?

You may have seen people selling upgrades to Spotify Lifetime Premium. These say that you can purchase access to Premium accounts for a lifetime for an incredibly low cost.

However it is important to note that there is no official Spotify Lifetime service, so it is likely that these sellers are either selling hacked accounts or matching you to other families who may not even reside in the same country. The likelihood is therefore that you will make a payment for Lifetime access but be kicked out of the account after only a couple of months.

There are even people who have signed up for this, given across their passwords and details and had their account hacked. Therefore it is advisable to avoid adverts for Spotify Lifetime as Spotify accounts cannot be shared amongst people from different households.

How can I save money on music streaming?

There are now many alternatives to Spotify with equally as extensive music libraries. Apple Music has a vast library of over 90 million songs whilst Tidal has over 80 million songs. With both of these streaming services, you are able to share accounts with people outside of your household.

And if you are looking for a low-cost, hassle-free, music sharing option, why not sign up for free to Together Price.

Together Price will help you pay less to get access to whichever music streaming service you want.

What is Together Price?

Together Price is reliable

Together Price is a completely legal, safe and secure, online platform that connects you with people to share your subscriptions with. Together Price keeps you safe by offering:

  • A completely SSL-certified secure environment

  • Stripe Payment, with strong antifraud software

  • 25-day cooling-off period so you can get your money back

  • A trust reliability system where each user gets a reliability rating so you can make sure you are connecting with trustworthy users.

How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to use, simply sign up on your computer or mobile device. Fill in your email address and name. Then you need to choose if you will become an admin or a joiner.

Become an Admin?

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you will share your subscription with others. To do this make a sharing group, accept membership requests and Together Price will arrange for the money to arrive straight into your bank on the right date at the right time!

Become a Joiner?

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you will join someone else’s sharing group. Search the site to find a group you wish to join, send a request to join the group and wait to be accepted. Fill out the form with your payment details and once you have been accepted sit back and let Together Price process the money side of things whilst you enjoy listening to your ad-free music.

Summing up

If you are a fan of Spotify then upgrading to a Premium account is completely worth it to avoid those pesky adverts and get unlimited free skips.

However, if you are looking to save money on your music streaming why not use Together Price and sign up for an alternate music streaming platform such as Tidal or Apple music. This way you can share the costs of a subscription, safely, securely and completely hassle-free. The best part? It will cost less than a cup of coffee per month! So sign up to Together Price today!