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The Spotify NHS Discount Exists!

May 23, 2022
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The Spotify NHS Discount Exists!

If you would like to subscribe to the music streaming service Spotify, then you should continue reading because you might be eligible for a Spotify discount code. 

In fact, if you are on the NHS staff, you could take advantage of an NHS discount and other money-saving deals. 

What is Spotify?

Spotify is currently considered one of the best streaming services when it comes to music. A Spotify account will give you access to millions of songs, podcasts and videos. 

Healthcare professionals can also benefit from a Spotify offer through voucher codes that are specifically directed to NHS employees. 

However, even if you are not eligible for these promotional codes, you will still be able to access the Spotify free trial and possibly, you might be able to find other Spotify voucher codes for you to purchase.

How Much does Spotify cost?

Spotify Plans cost in UK

You can choose from four different subscription plans.  

  1. Spotify Premium Individual Plan for £9.99 per month. This is an ad-free subscription plan. This plan also includes both online and offline modes. Finally, there is also the feature of on-demand music playback. 
  2. Spotify Premium Student Plan for £5.99 per month. This is a special student discount. The features are exactly the same as the first plan.
  3. Spotify Premium Duo Plan for £13.99 per month. This plan has the same features as the first one, but allows two people to get a Premium account.
  4. Spotify Premium Family Plan for £16.99 per month. Whereas the other plans do not permit for more than one device to use Spotify, with the family account you can listen to music on multiple devices.

Plus, up to six different Premium accounts can be registered. This plan is designed for family members with the same address only.

Is there a Spotify NHS discount?

The answer is yes!

You will most probably be able to find a Spotify NHS discount amongst the many NHS discount codes. Healthcare workers will only have to pick one of the Spotify coupons listed on the website in order to apply these exclusive discounts to their accounts.

Spotify Nhs Discount April 2022

Spotify NHS discount

The Spotify NHS discount codes always change from month to month, therefore, if you are a member of the healthcare staff, you should check the NHS discounts every now and then. This will give you the chance to find the best coupon codes for your needs. 

Health service workers will be able to enjoy three months of Spotify Premium Individual Plan for free. This NHS discount includes ad-free music listening, offline and on demand playback.

Furthermore, the NHS discount website will show you an abundance of other promo codes, assuring you to find the best deals out there. These NHS discount promo codes go from months of free trials to 35% off your new account to even the possibility to buy Spotify plays and listeners.

How many devices can use Spotify at the same time?

With the Spotify Premium Individual, Duo and Student Plans, you will only be able to listen to Spotify online on a single device at a time. However, Spotify also gives you the chance to download your favourite songs and listen offline on up to three different devices. 

Whereas for the Spotify Premium Family Plan, up to six people on six different devices are able to stream their playlists at once.

How to add members to Spotify Family

Add a family member to your Spotify Family account

Adding members to a Spotify Family plan is an extremely easy process.

The plan manager can invite or remove members on their Family page by simply going to their account page; Scrolling down to Manage your family accounts and selecting the option to add or remove members. Once that is done, invited members will get a link to join, where they will need to: Log in to (or sign up for) their own account and confirm their full address. 

How to invite or delete members from your Family account

Spotify Premium Family is reserved only for “family members residing at the same address.”

This means that Spotify requires all users to prove they reside at the same address, which is something that Spotify will confirm “from time to time” by asking its users to verify their addresses.

However, it has happened in the past that Spotify has tried to crack down on customers who took advantage of Spotify Family sharing.

In fact, the company decided that it was going to ask its users to confirm their exact GPS coordinates. But this initiative soon ended for obvious privacy reasons.

Shared Spotify Family costs £16.99 and allows six users to access Spotify’s Premium service - and, as previously said, it is reserved only for family members residing under the same roof. New accounts will be required to verify their address through Google Maps. Once in a while, Spotify may also request re-verification of their address.

If you don’t manage to meet those criteria, Spotify declared that the suspension your account will be immediate.

Nevertheless, it is not yet clear to what extent Spotify will carry out this type of account verification; or if it actually intends to remove accounts that violate geo-boundaries. But the new conditions establish that it is possible.

By cutting out Spotify Family members who don’t live in the same household, Spotify presumably hopes to push those users to pay for their own subscription instead of being limited to their old roommate’s account on the other side of the country.

However, there is a chance that these customers could be steered to a more lenient family plan than a competitor, like Apple Music or Tidal Hi-Fi Family, which don’t require location verification.

How to share Spotify

If you do not want to risk it, Spotify allows two or more family members to share their Spotify through the Duo and Family plan.

With the Duo Plan, you will get a single bill of £13.99 per month. This allows two people with two different Spotify accounts to play their favourite songs at the same exact time on different devices, even on mobile. Therefore not having to take turns.

On the other hand, the Family Plan costs £16.99 per month. This plan permits up to six different people to listen separately on their own Spotify. 

Technically, you can share your Spotify account with other members of your family, but only if you have a Spotify Premium Family Plan or a Spotify Premium Duo Plan. If you have other Spotify memberships it is against the terms and conditions to share your account.

So if you are looking to save on your music subscription costs we suggest you register with Apple Music which lets you share the subscription with 5 other people, thus cutting the cost by more than 80%.

If this is your choice, Together Price can help you share the cost of your subscription legally, safely and securely.

Summing Up

To sum up, if you are eligible and if you manage to find an NHS discount code on the site, then you definitely want to take advantage of it. 

As we saw previously, the national health service always offers Spotify NHS discount codes. However, it is not the only promo code you can find.

In fact, you might also discover other NHS discount codes, for Apple Music or Amazon Music for example. In this case, you should explore your options as these other streaming services do not limit sharing your plan as Spotify does. And this is where Together Price will be your best option for sharing these music subscriptions.