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Where To Buy Steam Gift Cards

July 04, 2022
5 min
Where To Buy Steam Gift Cards

Are your loved ones gamers? Well, we’ve got the perfect way to surprise them with the perfect gift! Give a Steam gift card and give the gift of Steam wallet credit so that they can game online to their heart’s content.

If you aren’t a gamer and don’t really understand what Steam is or why a Steam gift card, we are here to break down everything you need to know about Steam, Steam gift cards and where to buy them so that by the time you choose your gift certificates you know exactly what you are looking for.

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What is Steam?


Steam is the PC gaming equivalent of Netflix. Steam is an online platform that lets gamers play, buy, create and discuss any game. It is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming.

A Steam account gives you access to play the newest games, and awesome classics, get free trials or early access to games and even download mods and add-ons. Steam automatically updates your game, saves content and synchronizes the cloud with your account.

Steam has millions of players who connect with each other, make friends and share the joy of gaming with people from England, Europe and across the whole world. There are thousands of titles on Steam coming from major game producers and from indie developers alike.

With cloud-based technology Steam allows users to download and buy their favourite game titles on their hardware but store the data in the cloud meaning that they can store a huge number of titles without using up computer storage.

To access Steam’s features users have to install the “Steam engine”, or rather Steam’s software, onto their PC. Once installed you get access to every service Steam offers.

Steam also offers cross-platform play meaning you can play across various platforms and games like Playstation or Xbox series games.

How do users pay for things on the Steam store

Use you Steam gift card in the Steam Store

There are two main ways to buy games on Steam.

Purchase directly using your payment information

One is to directly make a purchase with your payment information. This is simple to do:

  1. Open up Steam on your mobile app, the website or the Steam software

  2. Go to the shop and choose the game you want to purchase

  3. Click add to cart

  4. When you are ready click on the cart icon and proceed to checkout

  5. Choose if you want to purchase the game as a gift or for yourself

  6. Add your payment information. You can make a payment via credit card, Paypal etc. You can pay in the correct currency for the Steam app you are using.

  7. Click review and purchase

Using the Steam wallet

Steam wallet

The second way is to add funds to a Steam wallet. This means that you can quickly and easily make buy-in-game items and make in-game purchases without having to repeatedly type your payment information. To add funds to your wallet simply:

  1. Login, click account and then add your funds

  2. Choose how much you want to put on your wallet

  3. Insert your payment information and confirm your purchases

  4. You can now make quicker purchases using the wallet credit.

You can also use a Steam wallet gift card voucher to top up your wallet credit.

Can you still buy a Steam gift card?

Steam wallet gift card

The good news for gamers is that you can still buy Steam Wallet gift cards. So if you don’t know what to ask for your birthday, or you are shopping for your friend to celebrate a special occasion, Steam gift cards are for you!

The Steam Wallet gift card can be redeemed in your Steam wallet, so you are gifted Steam credit. With the Steam wallet, you can buy your favourite game, in-game content and anything else available in the Steam stores online.

Where can you buy Steam gift cards?


You can buy a Steam digital gift card online, or purchase the Steam wallet gift card offline. Buy a Steam wallet gift card in major electronic or retail stores such as Tesco, Argos, and Curry’s and choose how much value you want to put on the card.

Alternatively, click ‘buy Steam card online’ in the Steam store or on websites such as Amazon and mobile top-up websites. These digital gift cards will be sent to your inbox almost immediately, just follow the link to redeem your credit.

How can you redeem a Steam wallet gift card?


To redeem your Steam wallet gift card you will need your Steam gift card code found in your digital Steam voucher or on the back of the physical Steam cards.

  1. Log in to your Steam account and go to Steam wallet

  2. Choose to add your funds to your wallet

  3. Click redeem a Steam Wallet code

  4. Enter your Steam gift card code and click redeem

  5. If prompted to enter your address. Steam will convert the currency into the correct currency if necessary.

  6. You have successfully redeemed your Steam card gift.

Can you share games on Steam?

Share games on Steam

Steam has created a system which allows users to share their game library and download it onto multiple devices. Although not all titles are able to be shared many are and to do this you can create a gaming group. Within this group, each invited member can share their entire library.

You cannot share one specific game with others so much choose to share the whole library of titles. These games can also only be played simultaneously when offline. Only one person may play online at any given time, and the priority goes to the person who initially purchased the game.

Your steam library can be shared amongst ten devices and five different accounts which means that sharing your library can help you get the best deals on playing, subscribing to and purchasing games. But sometimes sharing accounts or subscriptions can be a hassle.

But not anymore! Together Price takes all the pain out of sharing an account so that you can still get the same amazing gaming experience and save money, all with zero hassle!

Game sharing on Together Price?

Game sharing on Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that connects users with people looking to share their subscription account, be it to Steam for games, or Netflix, Tidal Music, you name it and we’ve got it!

It is completely legal, safe and secure to share your subscription on Together Price. We read the terms and conditions so that you won’t get in trouble!

Is Together Price safe?

What is Together Price

Together Price finds the safety of its users very important which is why we have made sure that everything that happens on Together Price is done so safely and securely. That means we have:

  • a fully SSL-certified secure environment

  • reliability rating systems for every user

  • a Tpassword system to keep your information safe

  • Stripe payment with strong anti-fraud protection

  • a 25-day cooling-off period during which you can get a full refund for any problems you come across

Together Price saves you money safely!

Summing up

Want to give the gift of great games and gaming services to someone important to you? Steam gift cards are the perfect thing for you. Not only are they easy to redeem and are great value, but they also let you escape to as many different gaming worlds as you choose.

Want to treat yourself too? Sign up to Together Price for free and you can save money sharing games with others. Pay as little as £1.99 a month to share Steam on Together Price. That’s the same price as a pot noodle - you can’t get much cheaper!

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!