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Together Price launches Crowdfunding campaign

January 14, 2021
3 min
Together Price launches Crowdfunding campaign

Have you ever loved a brand so much that you wondered what it would be like to own even a small part of it?

If Together Price is on the list of brands you love, now you have the chance to become an INVESTOR by owning a piece of the future of Together Price!

That’s right, on 14 January 2021 we will launch our crowdfunding campaign for the first time and you can participate with a minimum investment of £10!

As you know, every startup needs funds to continue to grow and move the company forward. We could have chosen to do this through traditional investment avenues but instead we thought that our users are our first real investors. This is why we have decided to give you the opportunity to invest in Together Price!

Together with you we want to continue to innovate and help millions of people share from one side of the globe to the other! The idea is to raise new capital and invest it to conquer Europe and to improve our technology.

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Share with us the vision of the future

At Together Price we envision building a world where sharing will be as easy and as popular as buying is today. Today you think of Amazon when you need to buy something and we want to be your go-to place when you need to share!

The values of sharing are positive and profound, they create aggregation, friendship, solidarity towards each other and you can contribute to all this today!

How Together Price was born

Together Price is a project born in Italy in 2017 from the idea of three founders Marco and Sabrina Taddei and Luca Ugolini.

Sabrina says: “We were determined to share the costs of some digital subscriptions, when we realised that there was no platform able to help us by facilitating the whole sharing process for us. Then we analysed the market and realised that the problem we were facing was shared by millions of people all over the world. So we decided to solve it ourselves by bringing our own solution. From there, we created a platform where we could form the group, where we could communicate in real time and where we could collect each member’s quota month by month”.

After spending 5 months in Rome in Europe’s leading business accelerator, LUISS ENLABS, which guided and assisted us in the market launch, Together Price became an immediate success. The numbers and the sudden growth confirm this. Shortly afterwards, the first investments arrived. The first to believe in us were the Business Angels of APG and LVenture Group and then Samaipata, an international fund based in Madrid. With Samaipata Together Price started internationalizing in Spain, UK and USA and raised capital for €1.8 million.

Why you should invest in Together Price

  • You will be actively part of the Together Price story
  • You will help thousands of people to share and save money
  • You will get a financial reward through co-ownership in case Together Price is sold or goes public with an IPO.
  • You’ll be kept up to date on Together Price’s exciting future plans.
  • You can invest 1 and earn up to infinity

10 exciting things about Together Price that you may not yet know…

We are:

  • An UK company: Together Price is an LTD and our crowdfunding campaign is S/EIS compliance
  • Passionate: we are a team of 15 talented people like you who had a dream and decided to make it come true.
  • International: Together Price is already present in Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA.
  • Covid immune: during the lockdown and with the arrival of the Coronavirus Together Price grew by 63% month on month
  • Ambitious: we have just reached 1 million subscribers in several countries in just 3 years and now we want to conquer the whole of Europe!
  • Appealing: some of the world’s biggest streaming players have become our customers!
  • Solid: in 2020 we shared almost 3 million in digital subscriptions. If you want to read more about our incredible 2020, read here
  • Unique: Together Price’s mission is to fight a growing problem called “Subscription Fatigue” and it is the only service in the world to do it.
  • Technological: the app is ready to roll out
  • Fintech: we’re working on a Together Price prepaid card where you can accumulate the money you save from sharing and spend it wherever you want.

Are you ready to invest?

You can register your interest in becoming a shareholder of Together Price here. Pre-registration will not commit you to any kind of investment, but you will have exclusive access to our crowdfunding campaign 48 hours before it goes live and is accessible to everyone.

This is your chance to become one of our very first crowdfunders and be part of the Together Price story!

What are you waiting for? Own a piece of the future of Together Price!