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Where to Watch Banana Fish

March 22, 2022
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Where to Watch Banana Fish

Banana Fish is a manga series which was turned into an anime television series with 24 episodes available. It follows Ash Lyn, a New York City gang leader, and Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer’s assistant.

If you’re interested in knowing where to watch Banana Fish, then we will provide all the information you need, with your best options for watching Banana Fish.

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What is Banana Fish?

The original manga series ran from 1985 to 1994, but the anime adaptation into TV series ran all 24 episodes in 2018, so there were some updates and differences between the manga and animes, but the basic storyline remains the same. The series has an IMDB rating of 8.3 out of 10 and received good reviews.

The Story

In Vietnam in 1973, an American soldier goes crazy and starts shooting at his fellow soldiers. After this episode and for the next twelve years, he can only say the words “Banana Fish”.

In New York in 1985, the police were investigating a series of strange suicides. A man gets killed in cold blood in the street. The dying man manages to give a mysterious substance and his last words about the truth of “Banana Fish” to a young man.

The young man is Ash Lynx. Ash is at the rebellious age of seventeen. Ash was a runaway brought up since he was a young boy by cold, ruthless killer Dino Golzine (Ash’s so-called Papa), the head of the biggest gang in New York and now his adopted heir and sex toy. Everyone finds Ash Lynx beautiful, with his almost androgynous traits, blond hair, and green eyes. But his nickname is “White Devil” because underneath, he is a cold, ruthless killer. His weapon of choice is the pistol and he is an excellent shot with it.

At the rebellious age of seventeen, Ash Lynx has decided to leave the kingdom held by Dino Golzine, the man who raised and groomed him as a sex toy. But after his encounter with the dying man in the street, Ash will have to discover the truth behind the hideous secret that brought Ash’s brother’s madness, and that has suddenly fallen into the hands of Dino Golzine, his so-called Papa.

Ash Lynx and other characters will have to find out the secret of Banana Fish and

With the help of Eiji Okamura, a pure-hearted young photographer who will become Ash’s best friend at exactly the wrong time, Max Lobo, a Vietnam War veteran and independent journalist, and Shunichi Ibe, a photographer who brought Eiji to New York as his assistant, and Shorter Wong, boss of Chinatown and Ash Lynx’s acquaintance and ally, they will have to take down the criminal kingdom held tightly in the hands the “devil” himself.

Where Can You Watch Banana Fish?

Banana Fish on Prime Video

Banana Fish was originally shown on Noitamina in Japan and was subsequently shown on Prime for audiences outside Japan. You can still watch the full Banana Fish animes on Prime Video as part of your Prime subscription.

You will not need to spend for any extras, there is no rental fee, and no additional TV subscriptions are required. Banana Fish is available as part of your standard Prime Video subscription.

If you don’t have Prime and don’t want to sign up, then you’ll need to know where you can stream Banana Fish on other subscriptions or gratuitous services for streaming.

Watch Banana Fish For Free


If you want to know where to watch Banana Fish for free, then it is possible without being subscribed to any streaming services. Banana Fish is available to watch on Gogoanime for free.

You’ll be able to watch an English-subbed version of Banana Fish online without having to spend anything, which is great if you don’t have a VPN service or any access to Amazon Prime. No English dub is available.

There is an ample variety of other online sites that offer the English subbed version of Banana Fish, including sites like or However, they’re all essentially the same, and Gogoanime appears to have fewer popup ads, so it is less annoying to watch than other free options.

Can You Watch Banana Fish On Netflix?


If you’re still looking for where to watch Banana Fish and are hoping that Netflix has it available, you’ll be disappointed. Unfortunately, Netflix USA does not have Banana Fish available for streaming; however, it may be possible to watch Banana Fish on other Netflix locations.

When checking Netflix Japan, it was previously available but is no longer available to watch, so you’ll need to set a reminder or check other locations around the world using your VPN service.

Can You Watch Banana Fish On Funimation?


Funimation is an extremely popular animes streaming service in North America; it offers a huge range of anime titles for you to stream from your phone and computer. However, it’s not possible to watch Banana Fish by using your Funimation subscription.

Funimation is currently owned by the same company that owns Crunchyroll, another animes streaming service. The major difference between the two is that Crunchyroll has a much larger catalogue of anime to watch, especially older shows.

Can You Watch Banana Fish On Crunchyroll?


Crunchyroll is a hugely popular anime streaming service in North America; however, it’s not possible to watch Banana Fish on Crunchyroll.

The primary reason for this is that Banana Fish is a noitaminA show, which is all owned by Fuji TV. Fuji TV has entered into an exclusive partnership with Amazon to stream all of its anime TV shows.

So looking at the future of anime from Fuji TV and noitaminA, you will only be able to watch it from Japan live or through Prime Video.

Your only other options would be semi-illegal streaming sites that are streaming shows like Banana Fish for free. Considering the cost of Amazon Prime and the many benefits you get, it’s well worth signing up for Amazon Prime to get access to these shows.

Can You Get Amazon Prime For Free?

Prime plans and prices

If you’re still finding it hard to find where to stream Banana Fish, your best option is Prime Video. However, if you don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime, it is possible to get it for free for 30-days directly through Amazon. Of course, you need to remember to cancel your subscription before the 30-days is up; otherwise, you will be charged.

With 24 episodes to stream of Banana Fish, you should be able to finish the series before the 30 days is up, so it’s a good option. But, if you plan to watch more shows similar to Banana Fish, then you may need other options for getting Amazon Prime for free or simply signing up for Prime Video.

Is Banana Fish In English Or Japanese?

Banana Fish was never dubbed into English, so anywhere you stream, Banana Fish will have Japanese voices. However, in some streaming services, you will get English subtitles to assist in understanding Banana Fish.

Both Amazon Prime Video and Gogoanime offer English subtitles when you’re watching Banana Fish; this is pretty common practice with Japanese anime on streaming platforms.

The original manga series was in Japanese, but an English version was translated and is available in North America if, of course, you want to see the original manga that spawned the tv show.

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Summing up

If you need a summary of options on where to watch Banana Fish, your best option is through an Amazon Prime subscription or by signing up for Amazon Prime Video directly, which is a cheaper option than the full Amazon Prime subscription.

An Amazon Prime subscription will give you full access to Banana Fish on any device that supports Amazon Prime Video. You’ll also get access to a variety of other anime that are on Amazon, including exclusive options from Fuji TV.

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