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Netflix Account Sharing

March 09, 2021
5 min
Netflix Account Sharing

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, Netflix became a primary source of entertainment for many. But in a time when many are experiencing economic hardships, Netflix subscriptions seem like a lot of money.

To combat this, people talk about shared accounts. So much so that many myths about Netflix account sharing have spread rapidly. And this has created confusion over whether paid account sharing is even possible.

We are here to put an end to the confusion once and for all.

Here, you’ll find out how sharing works, when Netflix allows it, and how to do it easily and make great savings with Together Price.


1. What Kind of Streaming Service is Netflix?
2. How much does Netflix cost?
3. Netflix, how many devices?
4. Netflix Password Sharing - Is it Really OK?
5. Netflix account sharing trial in South America
6. Together Price - Bringing Your Group Subscriptions to Life
7. How to Share Netflix by Creating Your Own Sharing Group
8. How to Share Netflix by Joining a Group
9. Can You Share Your Netflix Account Across Countries?
10. Summing Up

1. What Kind of Streaming Service is Netflix?


Netflix is the OG subscription streaming service for films and TV. With a Netflix membership, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Join the over 192 million households already streaming Netflix.

Netflix’s library contains around 17,000 titles, including all seasons of Stranger Things and the reality show, Too Hot To Handle, among many other titles!

Netflix subscribers are able to watch Netflix from laptops, phones, tablets, and TVs, and they can even access offline viewing.

2. How much does Netflix cost?

How much does watching Netflix cost

Netflix is a subscription-based service, which means committing to a regular payment schedule.

There are three different subscription options:

- Basic ($9.99 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix and SD Streaming

- Standard ($15.49 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix, HD Streaming and multiple streams for up to two people.

- Premium (£19.99 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix, Ultra HD, 4K Streaming, and up to four simultaneous streams.

3. Netflix, how many devices?

On how many devices can you watch Netflix simultaneously

How many people can use a Netflix account at the same time?

- Basic, does not allow simultaneous viewing.

- Standard, allowed on two devices at a time.

- Premium, allowed on four devices at a time.

By introducing new account options, Netflix has openly tolerated that users come together and split the cost of its memberships.

There are many myths about account sharing, with various ongoing debates. Let’s break down some of these myths and delve into whether account sharing is recommended or not.

4. Netflix Password Sharing - Is it Really OK?

The Netflix account make member-s household easy to distinguish by profile

Password sharing with someone else has become so common that Netflix now embraces and promotes account sharing by offering different subscription plans. No more sneaky password sharers!

In short, password sharing is alright, and there is no password sharing crackdown!

With its standard and premium memberships, users are encouraged to share account details with people in the same household.

But can I watch Netflix from two different houses?

Netflix allows the primary account holder to have simultaneous access and simultaneous streams if you have purchased the Standard or Premium plans for people living at the same address.

5. Netflix account sharing trial in South America

Netflix users in South America are testing the new trial

Netflix is trialling a new account sharing policy in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Netflix’s plan is to monetize sharing so that people will have to pay a little extra for adding sub-accounts or sharing a password with someone from another household.

Initially, users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru complained about the trial, so much so that the number of subscribers fell, and Netflix shares and stock quotes plummeted. But as Latin America contains the lowest number of Netflix subscribers, Netflix doesn’t seem too concerned.

New features of the trial include the possibility to add two extra users for a much lower price than it would cost to create a new account.

Due to the criticism and confusion around what Netflix considers a household, it seems like Netflix will have to revise its password-sharing scheme before it rolls out. Netflix claims it will start rolling this scheme worldwide at the end of 2022. But before it is a solution globally launched, Netflix needs to make the sub-account system a lot clearer.

6. Together Price - Bringing Your Group Subscriptions to Life

Together Price

It’s reassuring to know Netflix sharing is legitimate, but that doesn’t make managing subscription sharers any easier.

You might have tried sharing passwords with your family members and friends without any success. They either didn’t pay you on time or never paid at all.

That’s where Together Price can help. The website unites users, manages payments and oversees group memberships from start to finish. So you will not have to worry. You will get back your money every month.

All online accounts on Together Price are verified.

Over a million people share their accounts through Together Price. You can also share more than your Netflix accounts: SlingTV, Hulu, Peacock TV- any streaming service, you name it!

Together Price guarantees to protect all your accounts, credentials, and passwords so you don’t have to worry about hackers.

Sharing a Netflix account or other streaming services will save you over a fraction of the price!

As a Together Price member, there are two options for signing up for a group subscription service:

1. Create your own sharing group and invite others to join (Admin).

2. Join an existing sharing group (Joiner).

7. How to Share Netflix by Creating Your Own Sharing Group

How to create your own group

As the Admin of your own group, you’ll be responsible for screening others to determine whether they’re suitable. Informed decisions can be made using approval ratings as a guide.

Together Price works with you every step of the way, with advanced instructions and support to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Once your sharing group is set up, you can enjoy the luxury of Netflix at a fraction of the cost, all thanks to the concept of group sharing.

But how exactly do you go about sharing your account? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the Together Price website and sign up by creating your login credentials

  • Insert the number of people you want to share your account with.

  • Invite friends to join your group and receive requests from others.

  • Approve people until your group is full.

  • Receive monthly instalments from your group members ($4.49 each if you are sharing the maximum amount of accounts in your Netflix Premium plan). You will have the complete authority of your group as the Admin and the Netflix account holder. That means you can also choose the people you share your group with. And it is totally free!

8. How to Share Netflix by Joining a Group

How to become a joiner

If you don’t have a subscription to share but still want to take advantage of splitting the cost of an account, you can join an existing sharing group. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up on the Together Price website and fill out your profile information.

  • Browse existing groups.

  • Send a request to join the Admin of a group

  • Once approved, send your share of the subscription to the Admin, including a small commission fee of less than $1 to Together Price for connecting, managing, and overseeing your account.

9. Can You Share Your Netflix Account Across Countries?

If you have a US Netflix account, you can only use it within the USA. This means that you can’t share your Netflix account with people outside of your own country due to the geographical IP address restrictions placed on each account.

10. Summing Up

Netflix account sharing is a hot topic throughout the world. Now that you know how sharing works and how to simplify it with Together Price, you can help the sharing network grow and benefit from some great savings!

So stop what you are doing, sign up for Together Price, and you too can start enjoying Netflix for cheaper.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!