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Netflix account sharing everything you need to know
March 09, 2021
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Netflix account sharing everything you need to know

In the last period for the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Netflix has become the primary source of entertainment at home. In this phase of economic pressure, many have tried to save money and many myths about Netflix account sharing have continued to spread rapidly.

We’re here to put an end to them once and for all, so you can enjoy the latest season of your favorite TV shows and movies without any concern. Let’s get started! In this Netflix account sharing guide, you’ll find out how it works, when Netflix allows it, and how to do it easily with Together Price.

Netflix has emerged as the most popular streaming service in the world. 

It has transcended popular culture with an impressive library of movies, TV series, and other content. As a consumer, you’re afforded the luxury of watching what you want, when you want.

How much is Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription-based service, which means committing to a regular payment schedule in exchange for access to an unlimited range of content.

There are three different subscription options:

__- Basic ($8.99 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix movies and shows and SD Streaming

  • Standard ($13.99 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix movies and shows. HD Streaming.
  • Premium (£17.99 a month): Unlimited access to Netflix movies and shows. Ultra HD, 4K Streaming.__ __
    Plans and Pricing Netflix

Netflix how many devices

We are sure that you have asked yourself this question at least once: how many people can use a Netflix account at the same time?

The answer is simple, the Basic subscription does not allow simultaneous viewing. You can use at the same time Netflix if you have the plan:

__- Standard the streaming is allowed for two devices at a time

  • Premium the streaming is allowed for four devices at a time__

By introducing new account options, Netflix has endorsed opportunities for users to come together and split the cost of its memberships.

Netflix account sharing has become a popular option, where members can share access to the same account to save money. There are many myths about account sharing, with debates on whether it’s legitimate or frowned upon by streaming providers.

Let’s break down some of these myths and delve into whether account sharing is recommended or not.

Netflix Account Sharing - Is it Really OK?

If you’ve ever shared your Netflix password with someone else, you’re not alone. This practise has become so common that Netflix now embrace and promote account sharing by offering different subscription plans.

If you’re wondering whether Netflix sharing is legal, you need wonder no more. It absolutely is, that’s why this streaming giant allows people to create multiple profiles within a single account.

With its standard and premium memberships, users are encouraged to share account details with people in the same household.

So at this point you are asking yourself: can I watch Netflix at two different houses? Netflix allows you to simultaneous access if you have purchased the Standard or Premium plan, but Netflix’s terms of use only require you to do so in the home environment. So only between people who live in the same house.

Netflix Us tweet about password sharing

Together Price - Bringing Your Group Subscriptions to Life

It’s reassuring to know Netflix sharing is legal, but that doesn’t make managing subscription sharers any easier.

That’s where Together Price can help you. The website serves as a portal to unite users, manage payments and oversee group memberships from start to finish.

As a Together Price member, there are two options with signing up for a group subscription service:

1. Create your own sharing group and invite others to join 2. Join an existing sharing group

How to Share Netflix by Creating Your Own Sharing Group

As the admin of your own group, you’ll be responsible for screening others to determine whether they’re suitable. Informed decisions can be made using approval ratings as a guide.

Together Price work with you every step of the way, with advanced instructions and support to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Once your sharing group is set up, you can enjoy the luxury of Netflix at a fraction of the cost, all thanks to the concept of group sharing.

But how exactly do you go about sharing your account? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the Together Price website and sign up
  • __Insert the number of people you want to share your account with
  • Invite friends to join your group and receive requests from others
  • Approve people until your group is full
  • Receive monthly instalments from your group members ($4.49 each if you are sharing the maximum amount of accounts in your Netflix Premium plan). __
    How to create a Netflix sharing group

How to Share Netflix by Joining an Existing Sharing Group

If you don’t have a subscription to share but still want to take advantage of splitting the cost of an account Netflix, you can join an existing sharing group. How? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up on the Together Price website
  • Browse existing groups
  • Send a request to join to the admin of a group
  • Once approved, send your share of the subscription to admin (including a small commission fee for Together Price).

As a joiner, you’ll pay a small monthly fee to the admin of your group, alongside a nominal commission fee to Together Price for connecting, managing, and overseeing your account.

how to join a Netflix sharing group

Can You Share Your Netflix Account Across Countries?

If you have a US Netflix account, you can only use it within the USA. This means that you can’t share your Netflix account with people outside of your own country, due to the geographical, IP address restrictions placed on each account.

Netflix sharing is a hot topic throughout the world. Now that you know how sharing works and how to simplify it with Together Price, you can help the sharing network grow and benefit from some great savings!

Thanks for reading this article, share a Netflix account today and you’ll never look back!

You can get your hands on a Netflix subscription for as little as $4.49 per month.



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