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Can I Get Apple Music Free?

July 18, 2021
5 min
Can I Get Apple Music Free?

Apple Music is a streaming service where you can find all your favorite tracks in one place. With up to 90 million songs available on Apple Music, this is one of the best music streaming out there. When used with Siri functionality this means that with one easy voice command you could be listening to the perfect music for whatever you are doing, wherever you are doing it.

Apple Music is a wonderland of music choices, but subscribing adds one more expense to the constantly growing number of monthly costs. Can I get Apple Music for free?

Well almost! And that is where Together Price comes in. With Together Price you can find fellow music lovers to share your Apple Music subscription with, sharing the monthly costs between up to six people. That means you can save up to 85% off of the costs of an Apple Music subscription!

What is Apple Music?

Get your Apple Music app

Apple Music is one of the best music streaming services, giving you ad-free access to over 90 million songs! Apple Music offers all sorts of great features, including the ability to download music and listen offline, listen online to curated playlists, personalized music recommendations, live radio stations, and see lyrics in real-time. Apple Music is available on all your devices and allows Apple Music subscribers to curate their own personal music library.

Is there a free Apple Music trial?

Get Apple Music for free for 30 days on the free trial

Not sure that you want to sign up and risk not liking Apple Music. Well, you can try Apple Music free with their one month free trial period. That means you can start listening now, and if you don’t feel like Apple Music lives up to the hype you can just click cancel subscription and end your subscription without losing a penny.

And what happens at the end of your free month trial? Then you can choose which plan to subscribe to and start enjoying all the perks of an Apple Music account.

If you really don’t want to use your free month’s trial or take out a subscription you can access both Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country without a subscription.

Can I get Apple Music for free on Amazon Prime?

Apple Music is not available via Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers Amazon Music or Amazon Music Unlimited both of which are competing music streaming services to Apple Music. Whilst Amazon Music might already be part of your bundle, Apple Music has a far wider choice of songs and is a lot bigger than Amazon Music. If you want to try Apple Music free, then you will need to use an Apple Music free trial.

How much does Apple Music cost?

Apple Music plan and price

Apple Music offers new subscribers several different plans to choose from, all of which include a month’s trial for free. So let’s break down what they offer!

The cheapest plan is the Apple Music Voice Plan. This plan is only $4.99 a month and offers access to stream ad-free music from the entire Apple Music library. It also offers access to live and on-demand music radio stations, works with “Type to Siri”, and is available on any of your Apple devices.

The next plan up is the Apple Music Individual Plan, this includes everything listed above and more and costs $9.99 a month. With this plan, you can listen to Apple Music not just on Apple devices, but on other supported devices, access the entire library with lossless audio, and listen to spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. With the individual plan, you can listen to music online and offline, and see what your friends are listening to.

The Apple Music Family Plan comes in at $14.99 per month and allows you the same benefits as above, including the lossless audio library and the ability to listen with Dolby Atmos spatial audio surround sound. On top of that up to six family members can use one subscription. Each family member gets unlimited access to Apple Music, an individual music library and personalised music recommendations.

Can I get a student discount on Apple Music?

Apple Music offers college students the Apple Music Student Plan. This gives you access to the same perks as the Individual plan but for only $4.99 a month. And as with every one of Apple’s online plans, this includes a month’s trial for free. This membership is available for up to four years.

What devices can I stream Apple Music on?

Apple Music is available on all of your devices as long as you have a valid apple ID, just download the Apple Music App on your devices and start listening now! Eligible devices include any Apple devices, Car Play, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, Android, PCs, even Amazon Echo, Sonos and the Google Nest. This means you can access up to 90 million songs from any eligible audio device, anywhere!

How can I save on Apple Music?

The Apple Music family plan offers unlimited access for six people. This means that up to six people can share the cost of an Apple Music account making it significantly cheaper and better to share the Apple family plan rather than sign up for an individual plan.

Finished your Apple Music trial but can’t find five other people to share with? Or don’t want the responsibility of chasing up your friends to pay every month? Then Together Price has you covered.

Sign up for a free Together Price account and you can share your subscription safely and securely with other music lovers. With just a few clicks you could have access to Apple Music for a fraction of the price, simply by joining someone else’s subscription or inviting others to share your subscription. It is easy and takes all the stress out of sharing a monthly subscription.

Together Price

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Once you have successfully created your account, select the Apple Music subscription you wish to access, and follow the prompts.

Summing Up

Apple Music is one of the top music streaming platforms, with a huge library accessible on your favorite audio device. It is easily connected to your smart home, your car, and your phone meaning you can access Apple Music easily from anywhere. You can even connect Apple Music to your Shazam App making it easy to discover new music when you are out and about and save it for later.

The price of an Apple Music plan might seem overwhelming, but with Together Price you can get access to all the perks of an Apple Music account for such a low price that it almost feels like it is free. Together Price makes it fun and easy to share an account and enjoy Apple Music for less. So why not sign up to Together Price and start your Apple Music plan? You have everything to gain.