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Is There a Crunchyroll Student Discount?

November 01, 2021
5 min
Is There a Crunchyroll Student Discount?

Crunchyroll is a popular online streaming service. It is one of many on-demand services that offer tons of anime, but do they have an added perk for students?

If you are a student that knows how to enjoy Ramen noodles and stretch a dollar, then you are always aware of the possibility of a student discount.

We totally get it; getting your anime without ads is important. The internet has shown us we can no longer trust links to a “free” manga site. So you want a Crunchyroll student discount!

Well, unfortunately, Crunchyroll has no student discount policy. But they do still offer some great discounts and deals to Crunchyroll members! So we are here to show you how to get around the fact Crunchyroll student discounts don’t exist.

And this is where Together Price comes in!

Together Price is the first online platform for sharing your subscription costs and can help you make huge monthly savings on your Crunchyroll account. No Crunchyroll student discount is necessary!

Share the Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan subscription and pay as little as $2.49 a month only by sharing your subscription on Together Price!

What Is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll student discounts don't exist. Maybe you can get a Crunchyroll student discount through Student Beans ( you will need a student ID), or just using Crunchyroll promo codes.

Crunchyroll is a streaming service that brings you tons of anime shows, perfect for anime and manga fans out there.

Become a member, and you can get huge deals and discounts on the Crunchyroll store!

It has been active since 2006, starting in the United States; Crunchyroll is now available in other countries like Japan and many more.

Crunchyroll offers a number of anime and mangas that are updated every week for viewers to enjoy! Gone are the days from long ago when you had to wait for months to watch new anime with English dubs or subs. Now you can watch each episode almost as soon as it has been released on TV!

Besides, Crunchyroll also gives its members access to unique videos and discounts on merchandise from time to time! Check the Crunchyroll store and start shopping for your favorite merch: t-shirts, posters, action figures, etc. So even without a Crunchyroll student discount, you can still afford cool merch.

Crunchyroll even hosts its conventions every year to meet members and anime fans! As a member, you are eligible for discounts, promotions and deals on all Crunchyroll events, in person or online!

Does Crunchyroll Give Discounts?

An expired discount promo code. Special offers are often available in different stores to purchase a membership with a discount.

The Crunchyroll student discount is a myth, but they do offer some of the best discounts with 15% off Crunchyroll memberships! Besides, Crunchyroll offers a 33% discount on their 12-month plan compared to the monthly plan.

You can use discount codes or a promo code, but only if you want to buy products at their online store. Some college students show their Crunchyroll promo code on Reddit.

Student beans discounts

Student beans is an online site that finds all available student discounts. If you are a student, you should enter your Student Beans profile information and register for student beans. Once you have entered your Student Beans profile information, you can search for discounts.

Sadly, however, there is not a Crunchyroll student discount, and Crunchyroll does not place offers or promotions on Student Beans.

Benefits of Crunchyroll Discount Codes

Seeing as there is no Crunchyroll student discount, get yourself gifted a Crunchyroll Gift Card.

Let’s go over the various benefits when getting discount codes for Crunchyroll products!

1) You Save Money

Crunchyroll is a great way to save money on anime shows and merchandise. If you’re an avid watcher of Crunchyroll, then being a member will surely help your wallet!

Crunchyroll members can watch all their favorite shows whenever they want without commercials.

2) Free Shipping Promo Code

Crunchyroll gives its members free shipping codes on Crunchyroll products. Crunchyroll members get deals like monthly rentals, Crunchyroll manga volumes, and more!

Since there isn’t a Crunchyroll student discount, the free shipping is definitely an added bonus.

Does Crunchyroll offer a military discount?

No, Crunchyroll doesn’t offer military discounts at the moment.

Does Crunchyroll offer a price-matching discount?

No, Crunchyroll doesn’t offer a price-matching discount.

Does Crunchyroll allow the coupon stacking discount?

No, it is not allowed to stack coupons at Crunchyroll. You can only use one promo code per order.

Does Crunchyroll accept competitor coupons?

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll doesn’t accept competitor coupons.

Is there a Crunchyroll free trial?

14 day Crunchyroll free trial is available for those who want to try before they buy!

Crunchyroll offers a 14-day trial for their services, but you must give your credit card information. If you don’t cancel within the first 14 days, Crunchyroll automatically renews your subscription for $7.99 a month!

Instead of a Crunchyroll student discount, you can always use multiple different emails (including your school email) to get the free trial. Just try not to use the same card info twice.

How can you save money when you stream Crunchyroll?

So you might be coming to terms with the fact that there is no Crunchyroll student discount. But you and your friends are still huge anime and manga fans and want to watch Crunchyroll on a budget.

So if student discounts are out, why not try sharing your account? With the Ultimate Fan tier, which costs $14.99 per month at a full price, you can stream on six devices at once. That means you can club together and pay $2.49 per month for all the same great perks.

You get to share bonds over anime movies or your favourite episode of Hero academy, and you get to do it for cheaper with your own homemade Crunchyroll student discount. A student discount that is far cheaper than you would get elsewhere.

But it might sound like a lot of hassle. You need to find five other people who share your love of anime, make sure they pay up on time and keep chasing up payments.

Well, no need to worry! That’s where Together Price can help you out.

Together Price helps take the hassle out of sharing your streaming service so you can sit back and save money safely, securely and without a hassle in the world!

Consider sharing Crunchyroll purchases with friends. Sharing websites like Together Price can help you get the best deals with ease. Who needs a student discount now?!

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that helps connect users and facilitate subscription sharing. Share all your favorite subscription services such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, Apple Music, Tidal, Hulu, Disney Plus and many, many more.

We do all the hard work for you, such as arranging payments, helping users connect, keeping you safe and secure and checking you are following the terms and conditions.

How Does Together Price Work?

To use Together Price, simply sign up for free and then choose if you will become an Admin or a Joiner.

As an Admin?

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you will share your subscription. To do this:

  1. Sign up to Crunchyroll;

  2. Create a sharing group on the Together Price website;

  3. Invite users to join or accept requests to join;

  4. Sit back whilst we make sure your payments arrive on time, every time!

As a Joiner?

Become a Joiner

As a Joiner, you will join a subscription. To do this:

  1. Search the Together Price website for a sharing group;

  2. Request to join the group;

  3. Add your payment details;

  4. Once you’ve been accepted, sit back whilst we arrange the money!

Summing Up

Many different apps have special offers. Some even have a legit student discount. Crunchyroll, however, does not offer student discounts.

But not to worry, as you can save even more money by sharing your subscription service with others. Do this without a hassle by signing up to share your account on Together Price. Binge anime for the same price as a pot noodle once a month. What a deal!

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