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Curiosity Stream Cost
July 07, 2021
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Curiosity Stream Cost

Imagine that all the information about our world’s cultures and creatures had been gathered into one convenient place. Imagine that you could access that place from the comfort of your own home. Now imagine that you could do all this and more for less than the cost of one cup of coffee per week. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry: between CuriosityStream and Together Price, we can make your dreams come true.

What is CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream shows documentaries detailing every topic you could ever want to understand.

Want to experience the prehistoric chaos of The First Man? You’ve got it. Need to brush up on The History of Food? Consider it done! Curious about The Real War of Thrones that inspired the world of Westeros? It’s all yours.

That is, it’s all yours for a price.

How Much Does CuriosityStream Cost?

As with any other streaming service, CuriosityStream charges a recurring fee in exchange for providing its viewers with as many documentaries as they can stomach. It sounds reasonable enough! Until you see the fees.

CuriosityStream allows its subscribers to pay monthly or annually.

  • The Monthly HD Streaming Subscription costs $2.99/month (or $36/year)
  • The Monthly 4K Streaming Subscription costs $9.99/month (or $120/year)
  • The Annual HD Streaming Subscription costs $19.99/year
  • The Annual 4K Streaming Subscription costs $69.99/year

Ouch! Those will take a bite out of your wallet. Perhaps it’s better to buy in bulk? Thankfully, CuriosityStream has just such an option for us to utilize.

When paying for a large group, CuriosityStream cuts the buyer a per person discount depending on the size of the overall purchase.

  • For 1-9 subscriptions, each person will pay $19.99/year
  • For 10-49 subscriptions, each person will pay $14.99/year
  • For 50-1,000 subscriptions, each person will pay $11.99/year

And speaking of group payments, Together Price has the perfect way for you to find others around the globe who share your passion for films!

How to Share a CuriosityStream Account

Before we proceed, you have an important decision to make: will you be the Admin in charge of distributing the subscriptions or a Joiner who pays an Admin in exchange for subscription access?

If you’re looking to become an Admin, then let’s get you signed up on Together Price!

  • You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  • Once registered, click on the “Create A Group” option
  • When asked to choose a service, select the “Custom” option
  • Select the “Entertainment” Category and type “CuriosityStream” into the Service name
  • Decide on which subscription to split - HD or 4K - along with how many subscriptions you wish to pay for and whether or not your group will be publicly accessible
  • Add members to your group or wait for them to come to you
  • Collect payments from your group members and distribute their means of subscription access in return

Your work on Together Price is officially done! But we still need to ensure you - and your newfound groupmates - can access CuriosityStream’s expansive selection.

To access and share subscriptions, Admins can create an account on CuriosityStream:

  • Visit CuriosityStream’s bulk purchasing page
  • Enter the number of subscriptions you wish to purchase and distribute
  • Choose the plan - HD or 4K - you will be purchasing and distributing
  • Enter all required contact and credit card information
  • Click the “Purchase Subscriptions” button

Now you have access to a library of more than 2,000 informative films! Wondering how to get your groupmates in on the action? Don’t worry: CuriosityStream will email you with a method of granting others access to their individual subscriptions.

But what if you just want to be a Joiner and let someone else handle all the details? Never fear – Together Price can accommodate you, too!

Joining a group on Together Price is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. You can register for FREE on Together Price using your email, Google, or Facebook account
  2. Once registered, use the “Search Groups” taskbar to discover and submit a request to a trustworthy group
  3. Once accepted, submit your contribution to the group Admin in exchange for subscription access

That’s all it takes to have thousands of legendary documentaries at your fingertips, whether you watch them on the big screen or on the go!

Sign up for Together Price NOW and only spend $1.25 per month for the best documentaries on CuriosityStream!



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