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13 Princess Movies On Disney Plus

March 21, 2022
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13 Princess Movies On Disney Plus

If you are looking for princess movies, what is the most logical place to go? Well, Disney Plus, of course! The place where all the Disney Princess movies come to life.

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So, now here’s the list of Disney Princess movies on Disney Plus you came for. But continue reading and hear all about Together Price!

Best 13 Disney Princess Movies

Listed below are thirteen princess movies on Disney Plus. So if there’s a Disney renaissance in the air and you feel like an animated feature film to enjoy with the whole family, here we go!



Mulan was released in 1998 and is an animated movie featuring a Chinese heroine. It spawned a sequel with Mulan II, and there has recently been a live-action version of Mulan; all of them are available on Disney Plus.

The movies are based on the legendary historical figure Hua Mulan, who is thought to have lived in 4th century China. Although Mulan is not a Disney princess per se, she is such a hero that she earnt her place among the best of the Disney princesses.

When the Huns invaded China, one man from every family had to join the army to defend the country. However, the only man in Mulan’s family was her father, who was crippled and would not have survived going to war.

Mulan decides to go in his place and fight for her family and country while pretending to be a fictitious son. Her closest ally is Mushu, the comic relief character of the film, and a disgraced little dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a 1959 animated princess movie available to watch on Disney Plus; just like Snow White, it’s a classic that people still love to watch.

The story focuses on Princess Aurora, who has a curse put on her at birth by an evil fairy who wasn’t invited to the official christening ceremony. At 16, Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and die.

Luckily one of the three good fairies hasn’t yet expressed her wish for the baby and manages to change the cures ever so slightly. Instead of dying, the princess will fall into a deep sleep. The only way to get her, and the whole kingdom, to wake up is through the kiss of true love from Prince Phillip.



Encanto is a 2021 animated movie that you can already watch on Disney Plus.

It features Disney’s Latinx princess named Mirabel. It’s had tremendous reviews and positive responses from viewers as being a fantastic representation of mentally and physically strong Latinx people.

It’s a story around a family that lives high in the Columbian mountains, where all children in the family gain special powers, except for Mirabel.

However, Mirabel needs to step up and save everybody when her village, her family, and the magic are endangered.

Mirabel isn’t a Disney princess either, but her empathy and charm award her the place among all the other Disney princesses.


Another one of the most famous Disney princess movies. Following the 1950 animated version produced by Walt himself, the film directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Kate Blanchett, Lily James and Stellan Skarsgard, among others is a great Disney live-action film.

Ella and her parents live a happy life until the mother falls ill and dies. Ella’s father remarries the heartless Lady Tremaine, who has two ugly and horrible daughters. When Ella’s father dies, lady Tremaine takes complete control of the house. She dismisses all the servants and relegates her step-daughter Ella to the attic forcing her to do all the chores.

When the crown prince of the realm is forced to choose a wife before his father, the king, dies, a great ball is organised for all the eligible girls in the kingdom.

Ella re-models a dress belonging to her mother so she can attend the ball, but the wicked stepmother and her daughters destroy it, making it impossible for Ella to go. But thanks to a fairy godmother, played by Helena Bonham Carter, she will go to the ball. What happens next is a matter of Disney history!

The Princess And The Frog

This is a 2009 animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios available on Disney Plus, and it’s loosely based on the fairy tale, The Frog Prince.

The movie focuses on Tiana, an African-American teenager who is struggling to reach her dream of opening a restaurant. She meets a prince that has been turned into a frog by a voodoo witch doctor, and the prince promises to fund her restaurant if Tiana kisses him.

The big problem is that the prince believes Tiana is a princess, which is what is required to break the voodoo witch doctor’s curse.


Pocahontas is a 1995 animated musical movie. It’s based on a true historical figure from Native America. The story has taken many liberties; however, it’s still a fantastic movie with great music.

The film is about the relationship between Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, a settler whose life she saves. Pocahontas, the chief’s daughter, is forced to choose between a warrior from her own tribe or a new settler that has just arrived.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the most famous fairy tales ever told. Snow White was the first Disney princess produced in 1937.

Snow White is a beautiful princess who arouses the jealousy of the Queen with her beauty. The evil Queen wants to rid the kingdom of her and sends a hunter to kill her.

Snow White escapes into the forest, where she meets seven dwarfs and attempts to hide with them.

Unfortunately, the Queen finds out where she is hiding and, with a series of deceits and disguises, manages, in the end, to trick Snow White into taking a bite out of a poisoned apple.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a 1989 animated princesses movie and definitely one of the best princess movies outright. Maybe because it is set in two natural realms. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

Ariel is one of the daughters of King Triton. She is a mermaid living in Atlantica with her friends Flounder, a fish and Sebastian, a crab. But she isn’t happy. She dreams of living adventures on land.

When she saves the life of Prince Eric and falls in love with him, she will go to great lengths to be with him. Even turn to the wicked sea witch Ursula, who will take her magnificent voice in exchange for legs. Ariel is a Disney Princess you will immediately adore.



Aladdin is also a 1992 animated musical film. Although princess Jasmine is not the titular character of her own movie, she is definitely one of the most loved Disney princesses.

Aladdin, a poor, homeless but very bright young man who lives in the streets of Agrabah, finds the magic lamp, and with the help of his little monkey Abu, the genie, voiced by Robin Williams, and a magic carpet, he must win over Jasmine’s heart and save her kingdom from the evil Jafar.

A live-action remake was made in 2019, directed by Guy Ritchie, with Will Smith playing the role of the Genie.



Brave is a 2012 animated princess movie about a fiery red-headed Scottish princess.

She is a skilled archer and wants to forge her own path in life, whether her mother and father agree or not.

Merida, the princess, is an independent girl and is a skilled archer who wants to forge her own path in life, whether her mother and father agree or not. When she comes of age, the crown princes of three kingdoms governed by her father are brought to the castle to win her hand through a challenge.

Merida decides to participate in the feat to win over her own hand, thus keeping her independence. But this infuriates her mother, and after a heated argument, she runs away into the forest.

Following the will-‘o-the-wisps, she arrives at a witch’s hut, where she asks for a potion to change her mother. The witch grants her wish but not as she intended.


Moana is a 2016 Walt Disney Animation Studios production and another one of the beautiful princess movies on Disney Plus.

Moana is a Polynesian princess that travels across the ocean to save her people. She is chosen by the ocean goddess Te Fiti to bring back her heart that was stolen a thousand years before.

On her journey, Moana meets the demi-god Maui, who helps her on her quest, and they face many adventures and obstacles on the open ocean, including huge monsters and tasks to fulfil her destiny.



Frozen is a 2013 animated film that has spawned a sequel and a Broadway musical. It’s been hugely famous, with children and adults still singing some of the most recognizable songs in recent memory.

The film follows Princess Anna, who journeys to find her sister, the Ice Queen Elsa, to bring their kingdom out of the endless winter they are being subjected to. Accompanied by Kristoff, the iceman, his reindeer Sven, and Olaf the snowman, they set off to save the kingdom. But only an act of true love will thwart disaster.

Idina Mendez is the beautiful singing voice of Ice Queen Elsa that everyone has learnt to love.

Raya And The Last Dragon

Raya and The Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon is another of the animated princess movies on Disney Plus, featuring a Southeast Asian princess in a magical ancient kingdom.

The film focuses on a land split into five kingdoms after evil spirits attacked it. The last magical dragon drove them away by creating a gem that encased the power of all the dragon’s siblings, who selflessly gave their lives to donate their power to it.

Raya must therefore set out on a quest to find the last dragon, reunite the pieces of the gem that were scattered into the five kingdoms after being broken by the greed of their rulers, and vanquish the evil spirits after they returned.

Who Are The Official Disney Princesses?

Disney does have a somewhat official Disney princess list; however, that doesn’t mean only those princesses can be included in the thirteen princess movies on Disney Plus.

The official Disney princesses are Snow White, the most iconic film, Cinderella, Princess Aurora famous as Sleeping Beauty, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Pocahontas from the eponymous character, Mulan from the film by the same name, Tiana from The Princess and The Frog, Rapunzel from Tangled, Princess Merida from Brave, and Moana the beautiful Hawaiian princess.

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Now that you know all about the official Disney princesses and the official Disney princess list, you know there is a wide selection of absolutely stunning ones. Disney princess films are all related to worlds that have always captured our imagination. Let alone all the times we sang to every soundtrack.

So, which are the best princess movies? The Little Mermaid? Beauty and The Beast? Which Disney princess would you like to be? Watch them all and let us know!

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