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Disney Plus Free Trial

December 29, 2021
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Disney Plus Free Trial

Disney movies are the movies we grew up watching as a whole family. And thanks to the modern age we can now take a trip down memory lane or enjoy the new Disney releases with Disney Plus, a streaming service by Walt Disney Company.

On Disney Plus you can find the Star Wars series, Disney content, Marvel Studio and Pixar movies, and all your favourite classics mixed with new movies too. What a dream!

Sadly the Disney Plus free trial, which was a feature when the service launched, is no longer available when new customers sign up, but Hakuna Matata because Together Price can help you out!

With the plethora of other streaming services now available, like HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, the monthly and annual subscription totals can add up. And that is where Together Price comes in.

Together Price helps you connect with and share the cost of your Disney Plus subscription among multiple people which can help save you 75% of the cost. Suddenly a monthly subscription to Disney Plus is back on the cards!

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is an OTT platform with hundreds of movies and TV shows within its library. The platform has franchises from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and the National Geographic Channel.

It is available on desktops, mobiles, tablets, or any other handheld device running on Android or iOS.

The platform is designed to provide an uninterrupted viewing experience with no ads.

If you love Marvel comic-based films, you must have the service on your list of favourite OTT platforms. The platform contains all the Marvel exclusive content for streaming and viewing.

Disney Plus - How much for the subscription?

Disney Plus price

Disney Plus is currently $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year. Once onboard, you’ll have access to all of Disney’s exclusive content across all genres.

Apart from this, the service can be accessed by 4 people simultaneously. Also, a viewer can create up to 7 individual profiles in 1 account. If you prefer to download and watch your content at another time, the platform provides the option for unlimited downloads.

For Verizon customers who have certain unlimited plans the exciting news is that Verizon will cover the first six months of your Disney Plus subscription. So that’s free Disney for users with unlimited plans!

But that’s not all, 02 users in the UK can get free Disney too! When purchasing a new plan or upgrading a plan you can choose Disney Plus as an extra and 02 will cover up to six months of Disney Plus on selected plans only.

Up to six months of Disney Plus on your 02 plan

Does Disney Plus do free trials?

Unfortunately, if you’d like to try browsing the service before committing to a monthly or yearly subscription, you can’t with Disney Plus because there are no free trials.

New subscribers have to get the paid subscription via the App (Available on Android/iOS devices) or the Disney Plus Website. The service is also available for other devices, including Xbox One, PS 4, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TV Operating systems, etc.

The signup process

The signup process is simple! You just have to provide your email address and password. Payments can be either monthly or yearly.

By having a Disney Plus account, you can enjoy some of the best movies and TV shows around and get a taste of what the platform has to offer! Also, in the rare case you don’t like the service, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Is Disney Plus worth it?

Disney Bundle

The straightforward answer to this would be yes!

With Disney Plus you can live out all of your nostalgia, watch Disney, watch Pixar, and Marvel Studios, watch shows you grew up on and all your favorite movies all for a minimum monthly subscription price. What more could you possibly want?

Disney Plus has hours of original content for you to enjoy and is one of the best value streaming services you can get.

Try watching recent blockbuster movies The Moon Knight or The Winter Soldier, or even Star Wars, or why not go for a good old Toy Story Marathon. There are so many epic films available when you subscribe to Disney Plus.

What’s more is you can watch Disney Plus from many of the major streaming devices and platforms, including from your phone or your favourite browser and internet device. So you really can take Disney everywhere with you.

Disney Plus can transport you to a world where breaking out into song is perfectly normal, a world where princes and princesses fall in love and superheroes protect us all.

How many devices can stream Disney Plus at the same time?

Disney Plus devices and simultaneous streams

On Disney Plus you can stream a whopping four screens simultaneously on up to ten devices with seven different users on one account. No more kids fighting over what to watch, one can watch star wars on the iPad, and the other can watch another of the new theatrical releases on the TV.

Additionally, using Groupwatch you can host virtual viewing parties with five guests. Why go to the cinema when you can watch films with your friends from the comfort of your own homes, all for the cost of your monthly subscription.

How to share Disney Plus on Together Price

Get your favorite streaming services on Together Price

Together Price is a free digital service which allows you to share your streaming subscription.

In other words, it is the cheapest way to sign up for a streaming service because it allows you to connect with other individuals who are willing to share the costs.

You can share your Disney Plus subscription or other streaming service subscriptions in two ways.

Account sharing as an Admin

The first way is that you can sign up as an admin. This means that you offer spare account spaces in your subscription for others to join. Setting this up is a simple process.

  1. Create a free Together Price account. Verify yourself using the links in the verification email.
  2. Create a subscription including the necessary information about the sharing rules, the cost and the streaming service.
  3. Publish the form and wait for people to respond.
  4. When people have joined you can immediately start receiving their portion of the subscription. And you have successfully shared your account and saved some money on the monthly price!

Account sharing as a Joiner

The second way is by joining someone else’s subscription. Again this is easily done.

  1. Sign up for a free Together Price account and verify yourself.
  2. Browse through the list of groups sharing a Disney Plus subscription.
  3. When you find a group you want to join, send a request to the admin of the group. If accepted Together Price will process the payment and alakazam, you are now sharing a Disney Plus membership and can chat as a group.
  4. Enjoy having found the cheapest option to become new customers at Disney Plus.

Together Price is a completely free service and can be used to purchase a share subscription for most streaming services and other sites such as Amazon Music.

Summing Up!

Is it worth signing up to Disney Plus when there is no longer a free trial period? Yes, it is.

Using Together Price, the cost of a monthly Disney Plus subscription when divided between four users, is 75% less. So you can try it yourself and if after a few months you decide you no longer want to subscribe, you are free to cancel your membership at any time.

So what is there to lose? Let’s get down to business, follow the links and purchase a shared Disney Plus membership where you can enjoy content related to all things Disney for a great price. And soon you will be merrily singing Let it go at the top of your voice!