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Disney PLus Free
July 28, 2021
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Disney PLus Free

Disney Plus is a on-demand video streaming service for all of the Disney library collection. If you are or were ever a parent, Disney Plus just makes sense to subscribe to. Imagine a loud house with kids running around and then a Disney movie appears and that all changes. Even if you don’t have kids you’re still going to want to subscribe to Disney Plus to get access to everything Star Wars and everything Marvel related. You can be at any age to appreciate that kind of content. In this article I will be talking about how you can get Disney Plus Free, and if those options aren’t available to you we will also discuss on how you can save up to 80% off of the retail subscription price.

#How can I get Disney+ for free?

Verizon Wireless Deal:

  • If you subscribe to Verizon’s “Start Unlimited” or “Do More Unlimited” you will get 6 months of Disney Plus Free
  • If you subscribe to Verizon’s “Play More Unlimited” or “Get More Unlimited” you will get free access to the Disney Bundle which includes Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus Free

US Mobile Wireless Deal:

  • You just need to have 3 unlimited lines on your account and then you can pick your perk from the list on their website: Disney Bundle (Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus Free)

There are various other ways that you can qualify for a possible Disney Free trial, but I’m not a big fan of trials , so we will just focus on the bundles that offer them free on a continuous basis. I use the term “FREE” loosely because someone’s paying for it. Here’s a hint: It’s YOU!

Let’s say you have 4 Verizon lines in your house. The most inexpensive plan is $35/month for each line ($140/month for 4 lines). To qualify for the free Disney Plus perk the cost then goes up to $45/mo ($180/mo for 4 lines) or $55/mo ($220/mo for 4 lines). If you’re on their most inexpensive plan and decided to upgrade to the next plan up to get the Disney Plus deal, you should see that it’s not worth it.

I understand that when you pay the additional fee you are also getting other benefits as well. However, you are paying $10 - $20 more per line each month just to get access to Disney Plus. For a a family of 4 you’re really paying $40-$80 more each and every single month. If you wanted to subscribe to Disney Plus it’s just $7.99/mo and $13.99 for the Disney bundle. You’re just better off getting your subscription directly from Disney because the upgrade requires more money out of your pocket just to get Disney Plus Free.

Disney Plus Free (NEARLY FREE)

As I previous stated earlier it’s $7.99/mo for Disney Plus and $13.99 for the Disney bundle. If you sign up for an account at you can login to see all of the streaming memberships you can join. Disney Plus cost is only $2.99/mo (62% savings) and the Disney Bundle is $8.99 (over 35% off). For as low as $2.99/mo, it just makes to subscribe to right now and see how much you can save.



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