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Raya and the Last Dragon is streaming now on Disney Plus: How to watch it!

March 16, 2022
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Raya and the Last Dragon is streaming now on Disney Plus: How to watch it!

Raya and The Last Dragon is now on Disney Plus, which should be exciting for many kids and adults that want to enjoy a fun adventure film with a Southeast Asian princess and at the centre of the adventure in this fantasy world when dragons lived freely.

The movie was released on June 4, 2021, to Display Plus. It stars Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, and a range of other fantastic cast members in this tremendous animated adventure.

The lone warrior Raya, voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, must find the last surviving dragon of the selfless dragons sacrificed to save humanity, and help stop the evil spirits that have invaded their realm.

The film has been given generally positive reviews, but one of the most important things about the film is the inclusion of an Asian princess as the title character that gives many young girls a positive experience in a Disney princess movie.

As of 2021, Raya and The Last Dragon was streaming on Disney Plus; how to watch it and whether it’s a good movie is detailed below, so follow along for all the information you need.

How To Watch Raya And The Last Dragon

Raya and The Last Dragon

Raya and The Last Dragon is a premier access movie on the Disney Plus streaming service, so a subscription to Disney plus is required to stream the movie at no extra cost. There are no additional costs to watch the movie as it’s included as part of your subscription.

You can register for Disney Plus directly or have it included in a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu; prices for all options are below:

  • The Basic monthly plan costs: $7.99 per month and is ads supported;

  • The Premium montly plan costs $13.99 per month, with no ads and lets you stream on 4 devices simultaneously;

  • The Premium annual plan costs: $139.99 per year.

  • The Duo or Trio Premium Disney Plus Bundles go from $9.99 to $24.99 / month.

Can You Watch Raya And The Last Dragon On Other Streaming Services?

While Raya and The last Dragon is now available on the leading digital publisher Disney Plus, you can watch it on other streaming services for cheaper than the monthly subscription to Disney Plus. So if you only want to watch Raya and The Last Dragon and nothing else on Disney Plus, your options are:

  • Google Play Movies - $3.99

  • Amazon Prime Video - $3.99

  • Youtube - $3.99

  • Vudu - $3.99

  • Apple TV - $5.99

With a Disney Plus monthly subscription being $10.99, all of these options are cheaper if your only goal is to see Raya and The Last Dragon. Otherwise, it would be a better deal to get Disney Plus for the month to watch the movie and everything else available on Disney Plus.

Can You Get Disney Plus For Free?

With Raya and The Last Dragon streaming as a premier access title on Disney Plus, you’ll need to watch the movie there or purchase it independently from other streaming services. However, the question may be whether you can get Disney plus for free so you can watch Raya and The Last Dragon.

Does Disney Plus Have A Free Trial?

Initial Disney Plus did have a free trial, but that has now been removed. You can not get a free trial directly through Disney plus right now, so you’ll need to find alternative options to get it, or you’ll simply need to pay the minimal cost for Disney Plus for one month.

Get Disney Plus With Verizon Wireless and Internet Packages

If you’re a Verizon Wireless or Internet customer and you want to watch Raya and The last Dragon on Disney plus, then you may be in luck.

Some plans offer Disney Plus free for the first six months. While their unlimited plans offer Disney Plus free for your entire contract. So if you stay on a Verizon unlimited plan for1 year, then you get Disney Plus free for one year.

This will allow you to stream Raya and The Last Dragon on Disney Plus, as well as see all the other great movies and TV shows.

How To Watch Raya And The Last Dragon On Disney Plus

How to watch premier access titles includes signing up directly with Disney Plus for at least one month, to see films such as Raya and The Last Dragon, Star Wars, Black Widow, Cruella, and Jungle Cruise. All you need to do is go to the Disney Plus website, decide whether you want a bundle with their trusted partners or just Disney Plus, go to the signup page, fill in your detailed information, wait for a verification email, and that’s it!


Do you get Disney Plus with US mobile packages?

US Mobile offers Disney Plus as part of its unlimited plans, so if you feel like the plans on US Mobile are a good option, you can switch carriers, get Disney Plus, and then you’ll be able to stream Raya and The last Dragon on Disney plus.

There is no time limit on the US Mobile packages; however, if you signed up prior to the deal being implemented, then you won’t be able to claim it. So this is a better option for new customers to US Mobile.

Do Disney Park Employees Get Free Disney Plus?

If you’re employed by any Disney Park, including Disneyland and Disneyworld, then you can get Disney Plus for free. However, the unfortunate side is that you can only pick Disney Plus or Disney Parks entrance perks, which allow free entry to family members and friends.

So depending on where your priorities sit, you can get Disney Plus for free. It’s potentially not a good enough perk to make you switch jobs to a Disney park employee, but if you’re already there, it is available.

Otherwise, you can save up to 75% off your Disney Plus Premium subscription by sharing your account with people within your household with Together Price, the first worldwide online platform for sharing subscription costs.

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Ultimately, you decide what you do, the only guaranteed way and the easiest way to watch Raya and The last Dragon is to purchase Disney Plus for one month, and that gives you access to an ample range of movies and TV shows. Some of the movies on Disney Plus complement Raya and the Last Dragon, such as the 2 Mulan movies.

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