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How to Delete an ESPN Account

December 28, 2021
3 min
How to Delete an ESPN Account

Need to cancel your ESPN account? We will show you how to delete ESPN account plans.

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What is ESPN?

ESPN is a sports Internet American broadcasting company that distributes live and on-demand sports programs worldwide.

Play fantasy sports and create custom league settings on ESPN.

Steps to deleting your ESPN account

Delete ESPN Account

  • Log in to your ESPN account;

  • Click on the “My ESPN Profile” small graphic icon in the top right corner;

  • Scroll down and click “Delete Account”;

  • A confirmation message will appear. Click “Yes, delete this account” to confirm;

  • Confirm again by clicking ”Ok,“.

On the mobile app, go to the delete account page.

Note that cancelling an account will not automatically delete all the information associated with your account.

More useful information

How do you permanently delete an ESPN account?

To delete your account, please go to the Account Deletion page on the website and follow the aforementioned instructions. Please note account deletions are permanent. Your account will be permanently deleted 14 business days after account deletion, and account information will not be recoverable.

How to delete an account when playing the Fantasy League

Both ESPN and Yahoo fantasy league are free.

You do not need a paid plan to play the ESPN Fantasy League. But maybe you want to stop playing! Team owners need to go to settings on the Main Team page (in the dropdown menu top right of the screen) and choose delete team or leave the league. The league manager cannot leave the league, they must delete the league.

How do I recover a deleted ESPN account?

Contact the support service to see if they can help you recover a deleted account. It is possible within 14-days of deletion.

You may need to create a new account on the ESPN homepage. Just add your account information and follow the instructions on the page.

What are the consequences of deleting my ESPN account?

If you delete your ESPN account, you will lose your password and all your saved preferences and data. You will also be unable to access your content or subscriptions.

Can my data still be restored by ESPN?

14 days after you delete the account, your member services, data and associated ESPN and Walt Disney Company do not store Google account/e-mail addresses.

How to save on ESPN Plus

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How to sign up for Together Price

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Summing Up

You can delete your ESPN profile by following these easy steps. But, if you’d rather not cancel your ESPN Plus, then head over to Together Price, it’s free to sign up, and you can start saving now!

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