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Funimation Cost
July 27, 2021
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Funimation Cost

Funimation Cost

Before, anime lovers were happy to search the web to find their favorite anime. Sometimes, the link you discovered would have a virus that could harm the computer’s software. Luckily, there are a variety of streaming services nowadays, and Funimation is one of them. And if the Funimation cost is your concern, well, keep on reading - we might have something up our sleeve.

What is Funimation?

Funimation is a Sony-owned entertainment company located in the US. It is among the popular anime video streaming services. It grants exclusive access to numerous trending anime like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and Naruto. This platform contains both current and classic anime series that may tempt any individuals searching for that old anime that they’ve enjoyed watching during their childhood.

Funimation subscribers can stream in English dubbed or in its original Japanese version with subtitles.

How Much Does Funimation Cost?

To enjoy the service of this streaming platform, anime lovers must sign up for Funimation. Its collection of both new and old anime shows is boundless.

It offers 2 monthly subscription plans to its users: Premium ($5.99/month) vs Premium Plus ($7.99/month). And a yearly subscription of $99.99 per year, the Premium Plus Ultra plan.

Premium Plan

It has a 14-day free trial, and if you’re convinced, you can then proceed with paying the subscription fee previously mentioned. This subscription plan will give you access to all anime on the channel (subbed or dubbed version) without ads! Though, only 2 devices or people can stream at once.

Premium Plus

This plan also offers a 14-day free trial for you to experience first the greatness of this channel. It is also ad-free, and what’s good about this plan is 5 screens are allowed to stream at once. Premium plus subscription likewise allows for offline viewing on mobile gadgets, which is not available on the Premium Plan. It also covers exclusive members-only gatherings, which are prevalent across the board.

Premium Ultra Plus

Premium Ultra Plus plan grants you all benefits of the Premium Plus bracket coupled with an annual gift, free shipping, and extra two free rentals yearly.

You can revoke these subscription plans whenever you want, but cancellations will take effect at the end of your ongoing subscription period. If you cancel within the 14-day free trial period, no fees will be charged.

How to Share Funimation Cost?

Together Price helps individuals to share the cost of multi-account digital subscriptions such as Funimation. The user can use Together Price in 2 ways: as an Admin to share the unused space of the subscription plan that they don’t use or as a Joiner if he has joined a group with available slots.

Here’s how you do it: (Admin)

  • Creating an account is a piece-of-cake. Just fill in the necessary information.

  • Once logged in, this image will appear:

  • Then since you want to become an Admin, click ‘Create a Group’

  • Complete all the necessary details and determine the visibility of your post. If you allow it to be ‘visible to all,’ your post can be seen on the network page. If you turn it off, your post can only be seen by someone whom you invited to join the group.

  • Don’t forget to check the box for the confirmation of their Terms and Services. Then, Publish.

  • Accept the requests of members until slots are full, and receive money automatically.

If you don’t have a subscription plan, but still want to use and access the streaming platform, you can Become a Joiner.

  • Log in to your Together Price account.

  • Then look for a Funimation Plan group that suits your means. You can simply do it by typing on the ‘Search Groups’ tab.

  • You will see the entire details of the group that pleases you.

  • If you agree with the terms, click ‘Join the Group.’ Then the waiting game starts. Wait until the Admin accepts your request.

  • You can pay using Visa or Mastercard. Pay immediately as soon as the Admin accepts you to guarantee your slot.

As you have learned, Funimation is an entirely user-friendly streaming service, especially for anime fans: for just $2.99 monthly, you get to watch your favorite anime ads-free. And now that you know how to share Funimation costs with Together Price, you can help the platform evolve and take advantage of the huge savings!

There’s no time to waste! Subscribe to Funimation, log in to Together Price, and start benefiting by sharing your Funimation costs.



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