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How to share Funimation
July 07, 2021
2 min
How to share Funimation

How to Share Funimation

Funimation has been around for many years and was originally a company known for its dubbing and distribution of anime in North America. In recent years it made the move into original programming describing it self as “the next generation of entertainment; where content no longer stops at television”. They are hugely responsible for the anime resurgence in the 90s before jumping into streaming anime today. They have so many new anime titles that you have never seen and a lot of old favorites that you will want to rewatch. Below, I will be explaining the different tiers offered for this anime streaming service and show you how to share Funimation access with others so that you can save up to 80%. If you’re already subscribed to Funimation, we will show you how to share Funimation account with this amazing service to effectively reduce your monthly cost on your entertainment bill.

Can you share accounts on funimation?

Funimation now is a streaming service that makes it possible to stream anime for $5.99 - 7.99 a month on the website and mobile apps without ads. The $5.99/mo tier will allow you to have 2 simultaneous streams while the $7.99/mo tier will give you 5 simultaneous steams. We get requests a lot from our readers on how to share their Funimation account. Let’s say you have a friend that loves anime as much as you. You and your friend could get the $5.99/mo option and then split the cost. However, one of you would have to pay the $5.99 while the other one has to remember to send you the $3 each month. Your friend might remember the first few months, but it would be hassle to have to remind them each month to send you the $3. We have a better way to show how to share Funimation between you and your friends with a lower cost and without the hassle below.

Can you have a Funimation account on multiple devices?

You are able to use Funimation on all of your devices as long as you adhere to the 2 simultaneous streams ($5.99/mo) or 5 simultaneous streams ($7.99/mo). It doesn’t matter what device you are using (iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc).

How to Share Funimation - is an amazing site that is guaranteed to help you save on your monthly entertainment expenses. Let’s say you already have a Funimation Account and you’re currently paying $5.99/month. You can join TogetherPrice and create your own group to share your other stream that you have available. Effectively, you would be paying much less. A few bucks each month in savings for this one service may not seem much but if you consider all of the subscription services you have it all adds up. If you didn’t want to sign up with your own Funimation account to share, the other option is to create an account at Together Price and login to see what slots are available. Currently, i’m seeing 1/3 slots is currently available for Funimation. You would select that slot and pay $2.99 a month and be on your merry way to streaming all the anime you could wish for. If you were going to pay at least $5.99/mo anyways, doesn’t it make sense to sign up to get access and just pay the $2.99/mo? Sign Up and Join Today!


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