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MUBI Price and Everything Else You Want to Know

August 29, 2021
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MUBI Price and Everything Else You Want to Know

Nowadays there is an overwhelming number of streaming services from HBO Max, Prime Video Channel and Netflix to Criterion Channel, so when you just want to sit down and watch a movie it is hard to know which platform is best to use.

And that is where MUBI comes in. MUBI is the niche subscription streaming service specifically for cinephiles. While other streaming services try to cover all their bases, MUBI picks out a collection of independent films, arthouse films and international films.

In a world with so many streaming services, it’s essential to know your options. So let’s answer some important questions about MUBI like is it the best streaming platform for me? How does MUBI work? What is the monthly MUBI price? How soon can I start a free trial on MUBI?

You can also get MUBI as part of a Prime Video Channel

Do I need more streaming services?

Do you like the sound of subscribing to a streaming service specifically for cinephiles but can’t really afford yet another monthly cost? Then do not worry! Using Together Price you can share your subscription with someone else and save up to 50% on your monthly subscription.

How does that work? Using Together Price you can easily find someone like you and split the subscription costs between two so that you can have MUBI movies wherever you go! Don’t believe it’s worth the hype yet, then start with a free trial.

What is MUBI?

MUBI has an amazing film history and library of content

MUBI is a global streaming service where you can search, watch, and share awe-inspiring films.

The platform has a large collection of classic movies, short films, and documentaries, you can stream at 1080p and save them on your gadgets whenever you want.

Likewise, MUBI has various community features that promote film analysis and discovery. It allows you to bestow your love for cinema by interacting with other people who have a passion for film like you.

MUBI is a fantastic platform to explore new genres as it strives to discover some best bohemian movies across the globe and classical cinema from late history.

MUBI offers its content within its platform; therefore, you can watch their films on any device as long as it’s connected to any internet service. This includes Smart TVs, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. You can either watch it via a web browser or watch it offline.

All the different devices Mubi is available on including Apple TV, Smart TVs in general, Amazon Fire TV, PS4 etc

Is a MUBI subscription worth it?

MUBI’s curators present you with different genres of movies regularly. They specifically categorize shows and airings, director doubleheaders, and exclusive premieres you can obtain solely on MUBI. Any given movie is screened and carefully chosen by its curators. It has a rotating selection of 30 films that varies every day.

What to watch on MUBI

MUBI has a wide range of on-demand movies to stream including some more well-known titles like Star Wars and films in the Living Dead franchise. But what MUBI really focuses on is the film of the day.

The film of the day category contains a curated selection of 30 films, often consisting of lesser-known titles, foreign films, art films and independent films from around the world. A new, hand-picked film of the day is added each day, and as one movie is added, another is taken away. The aim of this is to reduce browsing time and help you find a new movie you might not otherwise have come across.

The film of the day Cannes takeover

Movies from all around the world can be found in MUBI’s larger on-demand library. The MUBI team scour film festivals, new releases and older films so that they can find the most interesting titles to watch. With MUBI Live tv you can live stream movies at any time of the day.

What is the MUBI movies community?

Every film that MUBI puts online is accompanied by an explanation of their take on the film which provides the perfect take-off point for a discussion about that film. It also provides a personal touch that other streaming platforms do not have. Almost like a friend is recommending the film to you themselves.

And it is true, for the avid film buff MUBI membership gives you access to community features on the MUBI website where people are able to review, and discuss everything film, from ratings on Rotten Tomatoes to compiling lists of recommended movies so that it is always easy to decide which film to watch.

With around 10 million users from around the globe, MUBI creates a huge, interested and interesting community for cinema lovers. They aim not just to be a movie streaming service, but to provide a space for cinema lovers to be able to meet and share their love of the medium of film.

MUBI notebook is an important part of this and is found on the MUBI website. It is a daily publication about everything film, newly released titles, film festivals and more. Just in case you thought it couldn’t get any more perfect for a cinephile.

MUBI Notebook

Do I get a free trial on MUBI?

Before committing to a monthly subscription MUBI offers free trials for everyone, including Amazon Prime video users.

Mubi gives everyone the chance of a seven-day free trial, but if you are a student then you can get your first 30 days for free. This gives you a short period to see if Mubi is the right platform for you.

How much does MUBI cost?

Mubi plan and price

Once you are fully sold on Mubi and ready to begin your cinephile journey, then you have a couple of different options. A monthly subscription to MUBI costs $10.99 whilst a yearly membership costs only $95.88.

Just select your payment plan, add in your payment details and you can start streaming with Mubi straight away and cancel at any point.

If you already have an Amazon Prime Video account then you can add Mubi to your Amazon Prime Video for the discounted price of $5.99 a month. A Mubi membership is a great way to put your Amazon Prime membership to good use.

What do I get with a MUBI membership?

All membership options give you ad-free access to all MUBI content, which includes a new film of the day every day and a large library of on-demand movie titles from around the world.

Membership also allows you to download any movie on MUBI with IOS or Android, giving you access to offline viewing on all available titles, so you really can take MUBI with you anywhere.

Better still MUBI allows you to be logged into five devices and allows two simultaneous streams, making it the perfect streaming service to split with someone else and watch movies for half the price.

How to share MUBI costs with Together Price

Get your favorite streaming services on Together Price

Together Price is a digital service that allows people to lend access to their online subscriptions. Together Price typically works like a port to split up subscriptions.

There are two ways to share your MUBI Account.

Share your account as an Admin

AS AN ADMIN if you open a sharing proposal by making a service or product available to others.

  • Sign up for Together Price.

  • Create a custom subscription by entering the service information of MUBI, cost, and sharing rules.

  • Once you have completed listing the necessary details, publish the completed form, and wait for members’ requests.

  • Start receiving their share of the MUBI subscription right away.

Share your account as a Joiner

AS A JOINER, if you share the subscription of someone else.

  • After registering for Together Price, browse through their ‘network’ to see a list of shared subscriptions under MUBI.

  • You will send a request to the Admin of the group and send the credit card details to Together Price. As soon as the Admin accepts your request, Together Price processes the payment, and you can enjoy MUBI and chat with other participants.

  • Join the sharing network and save money on your favourite online streaming service.

Summing Up

So if you are a film buff looking for a new streaming service why not become part of the film community and start a free trial with MUBI?

With MUBI you can take advantage of the film of the day and discover a new movie every day from a collection of unique titles or enjoy classic movies such as the Living Dead franchise from the MUBI movie library.

So what sets MUBI apart from other services like Netflix? Is MUBI worth it?

Even the more niche streaming platforms out there like Criterion Channel does not offer the niche service that MUBI does in catering for actual cinephiles. MUBI handpicks and curates its collection to provide high-quality movies and fan interested film communities available at anytime, anywhere.

With Together Price there is no need to try and justify paying for another service because Together Price will help you share the costs of a monthly or annual subscription. It will hardly cost a thing even after the free trial is over. This way you can stream movies for a great price whilst saving money.

What more could you want?