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5 Best John Travolta Movies On Netflix

December 28, 2021
3 min

John Travolta is one of the most underrated actors ever. However, he has still done some sophisticated and exciting work in different movies that need to be appreciated, which is exactly what we will do today.

We are writing about some of his finest movies for you that are readily available on Netflix USA so you can watch and appreciate this talented and veteran artistry.

Top 5 Best John Travolta Movies Available On Netflix

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So, let’s get into our list of the top 5 best Netflix movies by John Travolta.

1. From Paris With Love

The lead character in this movie is James Reese, an aide to the ambassador of France, but his absolute dream job is to become a CIA agent, and that is why he keeps doing some minor jobs for the CIA. But, the story takes a turn when his dream comes true, and he actually gets a crucial assignment from the CIA.

He has to work with Charlie Wax, played by Travolta, but the problem is that Charlie isn’t an easy person to work with at all. He is so cold and cruel that James convinces himself to go back to his 9-5 desk job.

Soon, James realizes that there are some people after him, and his only hope for survival is Charlie, so he has to stick with him. The story takes an unusual turn and will be revealed once you watch this movie. This is reputed as one of the best movies on Netflix USA.

2. Savages

John Travolta in Savages

Three besties Ben, Chon, and O, are living their happy and calm life by running a profitable Marijuana business. They share the perfect bond, and their life is pretty good on the California beach until a drug cartel leader arrives.

The new leader wants to establish her own business on the beach and is not ready to let Ben and Chon get all the profits. So, Ben and Chon ask help from a DEA agent famous for doing a lot of illegal work. John Travolta plays the character of this shady agent.

So, they decide to team up and stand up against the cartel, but they don’t realize how deadly this could be.

3. In A Valley Of Violence

A drifter is travelling to Mexico with his dog when he suddenly thinks to shorten his journey and take a different route. By taking that route, he reaches the abandoned lands of Denton, which were once used for mining.

But now, this mysterious town is named “the valley of violence” because of its population and the accidents that happen there. The drifter decides to stay in the town for a while, but things are not getting any easier for him as the town’s marshall is pretty hard to be around, and the town is filled with misfits and goons. John Travolta plays the role of the Marshal in this movie.

4. Hairspray

John Travolta and Christopher Walken in Hairspray

Tracy is a teenage girl obsessed with the Corny Collins show, just like every other teenager, but her life is completely overturned when one of the dancers from the show backs out suddenly, and the role becomes available.

Tracy considers this an opportunity and goes to the auditions to be a part of the show and near to her crush, Lark. As she has exceptional dancing skills, she gets selected for the show, but not everyone is happy.

The show manager tries her best to kick Tracy out of the show and even uses Edna, Tracy’s mother, played by Travolta, and Penny, Tracy’s friend. The woman is ready to go to any length to get Tracey out of the show so, watch the movie to see how the plot unfolds.

5. The General’s Daughter

When army captain Elizabeth dies, two of the best officers are assigned the task of finding out who murdered the captain. As they start investigating, the case of Elizabeth’s death becomes more and more complicated and entangled.

The officers cannot find any clue, but after some digging, they find out some strange stories in the life of Elizabeth, and a few things link her murder to her father, who is a general in the army.


John is one of the most versatile actors, and all of the above-given movies are available on Netflix. Netflix also released a few more of his movies in Canada and the UK, but for now, only these movies are available to watch in the US. Hopefully, there will be new releases in Netflix’s content of John Travolta films in the future.

Adios from our side!