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Netflix Chile, Costa Rica and Peru Trial

July 07, 2022
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Netflix Chile, Costa Rica and Peru Trial

In March 2022 Netflix rolled out a trial in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru charging users who choose to share accounts. This trial, tested in some of the smaller markets for Netflix, is eventually intended to be rolled out elsewhere.

We are here to tell you what the Netflix Chile, Peru trial is, how it works, and what it means for US customers right now.

Luckily for US customers password sharing is still possible and allowed meaning that you can save money by sharing your Netflix subscription. Sound like a hassle?

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What is Netflix?

Netflix screen first page

Netflix is a streaming giant. With over 17,000 amazing TV shows and movies available worldwide, including highly-anticipated Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things, Netflix has a bit of something for everyone. Not everyone knows, but it actually began as a video rental business.

A Netflix account lets you access unlimited, ad-free streaming of some of the best TV and movies on offer. You can even download content to watch later offline meaning you really can watch Netflix wherever and whenever you want.

What is the Netflix account sharing trial?

The new trial password sharing policy being tested in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru charges customers a small amount extra to add additional users in different households to their subscription and share their account passwords. This is because Netflix has decided to enforce their password sharing policy, that people only people living in the household can share a password.

The aim of this is to monetise the already existing password sharing by letting Netflix users officially share accounts by adding sub-accounts for people living outside of the household. The trial allows up to two people to be added to the subscription for a fraction of the price of a new account.

When the streaming giant announced this trial they tactically decided not to launch it in the region’s largest streaming markets such as Brazil, instead focussing on their smaller Latin American markets. This way should the company lose subscribers there would not be a noticeable loss in Latin American subscriber goodwill.

What is the response to the Netflix account sharing trial?

The Netflix streaming platform confirmed the trial in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

The response to this trial has been overwhelmingly negative and for the first time in a long time, the streaming platform Netflix lost subscribers.

There have been criticisms that the rollout in Latin America was not done fairly with different customers ending up paying differing charges. Some even speculate that Netflix is trialling a number of different versions of the new policy on different subscribers in the region.

Even some two months or more after the initial announcement many users have yet to receive any effective communication about the changes or have not been charged for additional users outside of their homes.

An anonymous worker handling customer complaints recently spoke to Rest of World about the situation claiming that they did not know what to say to customers asking about the policy change. In fact, Netflix employees have even been instructed to tell complaining customers that they can keep their additional subscribers for free using a verification code.

Cancelling Netflix accounts outright?

The increased charges caused many subscribers to decide to cancel their Netflix accounts. Users cited the lack of clear communication around extra charges and an unclear definition of what a household is as the main reasons to cancel their Netflix accounts.

Whilst Netflix lost subscribers in Peru with this trial the company’s future does not look too uncertain in this area as there are still many Latin American users from these regions subscribed, and Netflix is still one of the most popular streaming services in the region.

Streaming market analyst Paul Erickson from Firm Parks Associates told Rest of world that Netflix still has a firm lead in Peru, with some 41% of streaming subscribers members of Netflix, followed by HBO Max and Disney Plus with only around 20% of the market each.

The response from Peru’s consumer agency

Peru’s consumer agency sent out a press release about the trial questioning the different charges for different users and claiming this could be a way of discriminating against other users. They asked that Netflix create clearer channels of communication about the trial and suggested that the company would receive many complaints if they did not start addressing what they consider a household to be.

Can you share Netflix accounts in the USA?

Users in the US are still able to share their Netflix accounts as the trial has not rolled out to the rest of the world yet. Therefore, users with standard and premium plans are able to share their accounts. As four users can simultaneously stream with premium plans, up to four users can share a Netflix membership, and by doing so save money on their monthly subscription.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix plans and prices

Netflix has a number of different plans costing different amounts:

  • The basic plan costs $9.99 a month and is intended for one user, with downloads on one device.

  • The standard plan costs $15.49 per month and lets two users stream at the same time and download on two devices.

  • The premium plan costs $19.99 per month and allows users to stream on four screens simultaneously as well as download on up to four devices.

As users are able to share subscriptions outside of one household on Netflix in the US sharing accounts is a great way to save money on a Netflix membership.

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What is Together Price?

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How do you use Together Price?

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Become an Admin

Become an Admin

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Become a Joiner

Become a Joiner

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Summing Up

The new password-sharing policy trial in certain regions of Latin America has not been as successful as Netflix would have hoped, with lost subscribers and subscriber goodwill lost it seems Netflix will have some reworking to do before they roll this out elsewhere, or they will potentially suffer a bigger loss.

Until then Netflix users in the US and the rest of the world are free to share their Netflix accounts with users outside of their household. And that is where Together Price comes in.

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