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Netflix: Manage Devices Logged Into An Account

July 06, 2022
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Netflix: Manage Devices Logged Into An Account

You, your best friend and your family can all watch your favorite movies from one Netflix account. However, sometimes things get out of hand and you have too many devices on Netflix.

But we are here to show you how to, on Netflix, manage devices connected to your account.

Want to share your account without all the effort of doing it by yourself? Bored of chasing up on payments?

That’s where Together Price comes in.

Together Price takes all of the pain out of sharing Netflix accounts, so you can save money completely free of hassle.

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What is Netflix?


Netflix is a subscription-based movie and TV show streaming service. Netflix has around 17,000 titles worldwide, with a wide range of popular TV shows, movie classics andNetflix Originals.

A Netflix account lets you watch unlimited content on Netflix completely ad-free.

Not sure you are going to have internet but still want access to Netflix? No problem, Netflix offline viewing lets you watch downloaded content when you have no internet connection.

Netflix is available on all your favorite streaming devices including gaming consoles and your Smart TV. You really can watch Netflix wherever and whenever!

How many download devices can you have on one Netflix account?

Use Netflix on multiple devices.

The number of download devices you can have on one Netflix account depends on your subscription plan.

The basic plan allows you to have one device and the Premium plan lets you have up to four devices used for download.

There is also a download limit which means each user may only download up to 100 titles per each of their linked download devices.

Its important not to have too many devices connected to your Netflix.

How to manage download devices on Netflix?

Manage the devices connected to your account page

Have unwanted devices connected to your account? Then you can easily remove devices, manage devices, and add a new device if you haven’t yet reached your device limits.

How can you tell who is using your Netflix account?

Who is using your Netflix account

An easy well to tell if someone has been using your account to watch Netflix is by looking in the recently viewed section of your account. If there are titles you don’t recognise, chances are someone else is using your account.

How do you remove a download device?

Have unwanted devices on Netflix? Or just want to remove a particular device from Netflix. It is easy to remove a device from your Netflix account:

  1. Sign in to Netflix on the Netflix website and hover over your profile icon.

  2. Press account in the dropdown menu. This will take you to your account settings menu.

  3. Scroll to the settings section and choose ‘manage download devices’

  4. This will show you the linked devices limit on your account as well as the currently connected devices.

  5. To remove a device simply click on the ‘remove device’ button underneath the selected device.

Doing this will remove a device and any downloaded content already on that device.

How to remove all the devices from your Netflix account?

Sign out of all devices.

There is no way to remove all the devices from your Netflix account, you can only remove individual devices.

But you can log out of all signed-in devices on Netflix and then change the password. To do this follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Netflix website or Netflix app and log into your account

  2. Hover above the user icon in the top right corner and select accounts in the dropdown menu.

  3. Go to setting and choose the option to ‘sign out of all devices’

  4. Confirm by clicking sign out.

  5. Netflix will reload and take you to the home screen where you can log back in if you want to access your Netflix account.

  6. All signed-in devices on Netflix will be signed out and can only sign back in by using the password. To make sure only the people you want to watch have access to your account you should change the password.

It can take up to eight hours for all enabled devices to be signed out of the account.

How do you change your Netflix password?

Removed all devices and want to change your password? Follow these quick steps:

  1. Go to the Netflix account settings menu again and select ‘change password’.

  2. Enter your existing password and then create a new password. Confirm this.

  3. Check the box that requires users on Netflix devices to sign in again with the new password.

  4. Click save. That way only people who know the new password can use the same account as you!

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix plans and prices

Looking to create a Netflix account of your own? TThere are several different subscription plans to choose from.

The basic account lets one device stream at a time and allows you to download content onto one device. This costs $9.99 per month.

The standard account lets you have up to two Netflix devices streaming at the same time, and up to two download devices. This plan is available in HD and costs $15.49 per month.

The premium plan lets you have up to four simultaneous streams and up to four download devices connected to the same account. It comes in Ultra HD and costs $19.99 per month.

How can you save money on your Netflix subscription plan?

Save money on your Netflix subscription plan

If you are looking to save money but feel like sharing your Netflix account with others got out of hand, don’t give up yet.

Together Price is here to take all the pain and hassle out of sharing a Netflix account so that you can keep your Netflix account but pay a fraction of the price for it.

What is Together Price?

Together Price

Together Price is an online platform that connects users to each other so they can create sharing groups and cut the cost of a subscription plan.

What’s more? Together Price is fully legal, safe and secure. It runs on a fully SSL secure certified environment and uses Stripe as the payment method to keep your personal information safe.

Together Price is free to sign up to and does all the hard work for you.

How do you use Together Price?

Sign up for Together Price.

Together Price is easy to sign up for. Sign up using your name and email address and then add your payment details. All that is left to do is to choose which subscription plan you want to save money on today and find a sharing group!

As an Admin?

How to become an admin

As an Admin, you invite other users to join your subscription. To do this create a sharing group with all the necessary information and then accept members into the group. Together Price will arrange the payments so you can sit back and watch Netflix safe in the knowledge that you are making great savings!

As a Joiner?

How to become a joiner

As a Joiner, you choose to join an already existing sharing group. Search through the list of available groups and request to join one that takes your fancy. Add your payment details and once you have been accepted Together Price will arrange everything for you so you can get started watching Netflix straight away!

Summing Up

If account sharing got a little too overwhelming for you then fear not, simply manage your download devices, change your password and sign out of all devices. That way you can start from the beginning again and only give the users you want access to your Netflix account.

Alternatively using Together Price you can save money and share a Netflix account with no effort at all. Together Price does all the hard work for you, so you can sit back and Netflix whilst everything is arranged for you. Sounds great right?

Sign up to Together Price today and save up to 75% on your Netflix subscription!

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