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Young Wallander

September 19, 2022
6 min
Young Wallander

If you are looking for a good TV series that offers some sense of law, order, mystery, detectives and intriguing police investigations, then why not Young Wallander? It is an easily binge-able show and an intriguing story to follow.

This TV series will take you into a world of chaos and uncertainty where the young version of Wallander will solve criminal cases and keep you hooked so that you binge all six episodes of both the first and the second season in very few sittings!

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What is the Plot?

The first season

Season 1 episode 1 - 6 review.

In season 1 Young Kurt Wallander (Adam Pålsson) is a recently graduated police officer in modern Sweden. Rookie cop Kurt Wallander looks like a typical young cop with a desire to live the life of an ordinary person.

However, he witnesses a very gruesome hate crime in his own neighbourhood, and the local police force casts suspicion for this crime onto local boy Ibra (Jordan Adene), whom Wallander thinks is innocent.

This murder gives rise to strong anti-immigration anger and the public wants the killer to be found. Kurt joins Hemberg (Richard Dillane) in working on the case when he is promoted above his best friend Reza Al Rahman (Yasen Atour). We see this as he tries to uncover the different ties between a pro-refugee program funded by Gustav Munck (Alan Emrys), a notorious smuggler, and other suspects. Kurt interviews witnesses and suspects and follows clues.

Suspicious of Gustav’s ties to the case, Kurt realizes he should confront and follow him even if it means that Kurt jeopardizes his growing romance with Mona (Elise Chappel). And some point the public considers the case closed, but young Wallander keeps probing.

In season 1 watch Kurt Wallander solve a mysterious and complicated hate crime.

The second season: The Killer’s Shadow

Season 2 episode 1-6 review.

In season 2: The Killer’s Shadow Wallander is feeling low about law enforcement and wants to leave the Swedish police force in Malmo. He bumps into his old partner Frida Rask (Leanne Best) who persuades him to stay on and recommends him to new Superintendent Osei (Tomiwa Edun). The department welcomes him back but Reza reveals his real feelings about Wallander.

Kurt accepts an offer to join a major crimes unit. Kurt begins working on a new case, which is a standard hit-and-run case outside a popular nightclub, that turns out to be anything but standard.

After discovering that the victim of the hit and run was Elias Fager (Lewis Mackinnon), the first case Rask investigated, the past begins to connect with the present. Internal affairs start to question Rask’s interrogation of Elias, and we see that someone isn’t telling the truth. Rask is taken off the new case and Kurt Wallander joins a new partner.

Eventually, Reza and Wallander fit the clues together and it leads to some startling reveals about the link between the murders in both season 1 and season 2. They are able to discover the killer and the story becomes clear as the past and the present connect.


The cast of this interesting series.

The cast of Young Wallander season 1 and season 2 varies quite a bit.

Adam Pålsson as Kurt Wallander

Adam Palsson plays the character of Kurt Wallander. This young Swedish cop becomes a detective and witnesses a horrible murder in his neighbourhood. Due to this case, the life of Wallander and the people around him is in danger. As he continues his investigation, he is drawn deeper into the abyss of the darker side of his country and the story unfolds.

Ellise Chappell as Mona

Elise Chappell plays the character of Mona, Kurt’s girlfriend, in this series.

Richard Dillane as Superintendent Hemberg

Richard Dillane appears as the character Hemberg. He is Wallander’s boss and decides to promote Wallander to Detective.

Leanne Best as Frida Rask

Leanne plays Frida in Young Wallander. She is one of Wallander’s superiors. Unlike Superintendent Hemberg, she opposed Wallander’s promotion.

Tomiwa Edun as Samuel Osei

Edun plays Osei, the superintendent of the detective organisation.

Yasen Atour as Reza

Atour plays Reza, another detective who was best friends with Wallander, but who was jealous of his promotion.

The story of Young Wallander in season 1 and season 2 was based on novels and writing by Henning Mankell. Each episode is 36 to 52 minutes long.

Where can you watch Young Wallander?

On Netflix

This interesting series is available only on Netflix. Each episode is available in both seasons.

The only legal place to watch Young Wallander season 1 and season 2: The Killer’s Shadow is on Netflix. It is not available on other sites. To see every episode of the new season you must have a Netflix subscription.

This is a very binge-able show, with only six episodes in season 1 and six episodes in season 2. That means you could watch Young Wallander season 1 and the new season as well whilst only paying for a subscription for one month. Although, if you carry on reading you can see how to get Netflix for a fraction of the price.

A Netflix subscription currently costs between $9.99 and $19.99 depending on the Netflix subscription you would like to have.

Is Young Wallander season one and two connected to the four seasons of Wallander?

Young Wallander on Netflix is not to be confused with the British TV series Wallander, based on the same books.

Wallander tells the story of a middle-aged Wallander (as opposed to the Young Wallander in the Netflix show), a detective struggling against a rising amount of violence in the sleepy backwater of Skane. This show stars Kenneth Branagh and was a big hit with fans.

There are six seasons of Wallander and 32 episode titles. Each episode is 90 minutes long.

Where can you watch Wallander?

You can watch Wallander in many different places, for example on Prime Video, BritBox, Hoopla, or buy it from Google Play, Itunes TV, and Vudu. Wallender is not available on Netflix.

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Summing Up

Are you intrigued by Young Wallander? Then catch season 1 and season 2 on Netflix. If you are really into the character then you could even watch Wallender and read the books!

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