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PS Now Free Trial: Is It Real?

July 07, 2021
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PS Now Free Trial: Is It Real?

Playstation Now is a streaming service that allows you to start streaming games, you can access a large library of your favourite Playstation games. This gaming subscription service allows you to stream games to your gaming console, and your ps now membership lets you access hundreds of fun games to play, whenever you want.

But nowadays the monthly subscriptions are adding up, so after my PS Now free trial is it really worth getting a membership? Well, fear not! With Together Price you can save up to 50% of your subscription costs simply by joining Together Price for free. On Together Price you share the cost of your subscription service with others so that it is cheaper for everyone involved. Having a PlayStation account for PS Now is suddenly a fraction of the price!

What is Playstation Now?

PlayStation Now

Playstation Now is a streaming service that allows you to start streaming games now! Have a new PlayStation and don’t know what to play. Well with PS Now you can start playing any PS game you want out of their extensive library, with blockbuster and indie titles.

With PS Now you can play online if you have an active broadband connection, or you can play downloaded games on your PlayStation consoles. You can even use PS Now to stream PlayStation games on your PC using the PlayStation PC app. Now you can play as many games as you’d want, without having to spend huge amounts on the purchase of a new game.

Is PlayStation NOW Free?

No, Play Station NOW is not free but it allows you to stream or download all your favourite games for half the cost!

Stream hundreds of video games with PlayStation NOW, including some free games. With one monthly payment, you can now have a massive library at your fingertips on your PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, or Windows PC.

PlayStation NOW Free Trial

PlayStation Now free trial

As mentioned, Play Station NOW is not free. However, new users are allowed a seven-day free trial before purchasing a PlayStation NOW subscription. Once the free trial is over, gamers have the option to continue their subscription for $9.99 a month.

If you decide not to keep it after the free trial period, you’ll have to cancel your PS NOW subscription one day prior to the renewal date.

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC developed a PS NOW subscription service, which lets its subscribers play sports, or the following Sony Playstation games: Final Fantasy VIII: Overkill Edition, Mafia: Definitive Edition, and many many other PS Plus games on demand!

No more having to sort through stacks of video games to find the one you’re looking for! PlayStation NOW stores an entire library of games on your console. Your Playstation NOW trial will let you have all the features, playing, and new month’s releases and titles.

Head over to their website. Sign up and get access to this month’s PS games and new titles!

And if you are over 18, you can access the Playstation store. They also launched an upgrade option for Playstation Network. How cool is that!

Can a PS NOW subscription be shared?

Yes! You can share your PlayStation NOW subscription. Enabling the Console Sharing and Offline Play option will allow friends and family to access games you stream and download. For the monthly price of $9.99, you and your favourite gamers can have access to hundreds of games. Be sure to set your console as the primary console before sharing your subscription with others.

So what are you waiting for! Join PS NOW subscription and get a free Game Pass which you can play on your Playstation console.

How Can Together Price Help?

Don-t cancel PlayStation Now just because the budget won-t permit it. Share the cost on Together Price!

Together Price is a subscription-sharing service that allows you to split the cost of any subscription easily. You and the people you wish to share a subscription with can use Together Price to keep track of cost-sharing.

Together Price is the world’s first legal website for account-sharing. Did you know that there are many shady and illegal ways of sharing passwords? But not with Together Price.

The site also has an average rating of 4.2 on Google Play. So you do not have to wonder if it is a scam. All the Admins and Joiners on Together Price are vetted so no fear of scamming.

Your passwords, credentials and accounts are completely safe with Together Price.

You might have tried account-sharing before with your friends and family, but found that they were never paying you back or on time. That will never happen with Together Price. Together Price makes sure you get paid on time every month.

Together Price is entirely FREE to use.

There are currently over 1 million users saving money on subscriptions with Together Price. You can save up to 80% on all your favourite digital services using Together Price! Say goodbye to pricey subscription fees! Save money by sharing the cost of your favourite monthly subscription services. 

How Do I Use Together Price for PlayStation NOW?

Follow these steps to start cost-sharing with Together Price. Create an account and start forming or joining sharing groups for your favourite digital services. By having each participant pay into the sharing group, Together Price takes the headache out of organizing the cost-share.

To Join Together Price:

1. Join Now and Create an Account

Enter your current email and create a password or use an existing Google or Facebook account.

2. Choose Which Subscription You Want to Share

Together Price offers a wide range of subscriptions to choose from for people looking to share. You can select one or more of the subscriptions offered by Together Price.

3. Choose Between Creating a Sharing Group or Joining a Sharing Group

Users can share subscriptions easily within sharing groups. Form a new group as an Admin or join an existing group. If you join a group, you have to pay a fraction of the subscription’s price, including a small commission fee to Together Price (less than 1 dollar).

When creating a sharing group, it’s essential to share the invitation link with all participating group members. The link will allow them to access the sharing group and pay their portion of the fees.

You can also make your account public so others can send you requests. As a joiner, you will have to pay a small commission fee to Together Price which is less than a dollar. You will not have to do that if you are the group admin.

5. Make Payments Within Sharing Group

All member payments will be collected in the Admin’s digital wallet to take the hassle out of cost-sharing. Gain access to all your favourite video games for an affordable price by sharing the cost of your PlayStation NOW subscription. 

Join today, and Together Price can help you save up to 80% on your PlayStation NOW subscription


With Together Price, you can avoid the stress of organizing a cost-sharing group and let us do all the work! Consolidating monthly fees into one group space makes it easier than ever to keep track of payment schedules. What are you waiting for?

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