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How To Share Tidal

October 31, 2023
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How To Share Tidal

Tidal music is the streaming service for audio quality and to support artists. With the best sound quality, a huge library and plenty of other features, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to start listening to music with Tidal music.

However, Tidal Music has slightly higher fees than some other services so that they can better support the artists.

Want to subscribe to a service like Tidal but can’t afford to pay for a subscription? Then start account sharing. We are here to tell you exactly how you can share Tidal, so you, your friends and your family can all start using Tidal Music.

Can’t be bothered with the hassle of sharing your account? Then fear not! Together Price is here for you. With Together Price, you can share your Tidal subscription safely, securely and with ease. Together Price can help you save more than 83% on your subscription costs.

What is Tidal?

Tidal music options include music for all tastes.

Tidal is a music streaming service endorsed and part-owned by huge artists such as Jay-Z. With a music library of over 90 million songs and 450,000 music videos, Tidal has something for the whole family.

Members can listen to unlimited, on-demand music with unlimited skips and absolutely no ads. Play whichever individual tracks you feel like without having to listen to full albums.

Download music in the Tidal app to listen without wifi, so you never have to make do without music again. Users can track listening habits and share them with friends.

Experience expertly created playlists and discover new music that you want to hear. Feeling creative or planning a party? Then create your own playlists to fit your vibe.

And the biggest of Tidal’s features is the music quality.

Tidal music quality

The hit sound quality options include Normal, HiFi and Master quality.

With Tidal, you can choose your sound quality. Tidal offers three different qualities in one service:

  • Normal quality. This is AAC and requires 160 Kbps. This is the most accessible for users and has the best balance between internet usage and quality;

  • HiFi quality. This is lossless audio and has a bit rate of 1411 Kbps;

  • Master quality. This is “as the artist intended” and is the highest quality audio you will get with a bit rate of 2304-9216 Kbps.

How much does Tidal cost?

Individual subscription costs for HiFi and HiFi plus are $10.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Tidal has two main individual plan options. These are the HiFi plan and the HiFi Plus plan.

The HiFi plan costs $10.99 per month and lets you use HiFi sound, access the full library ad-free and offline, experience Tidal playlist options and listen to songs on all your supported devices.

The HiFi Plus plan costs $19.99 per month and gives you all of the above, plus the chance to listen to tracks in master audio. Up to 10% of your subscription fees will go directly to your most listened-to musicians.

What is the Tidal family plan?

Upgrade to the family plan to get music for the whole family. Click on the three dots to upgrade your settings.

Tidal also offers a Family Premium plan. The Tidal Family plan allows up to six individual accounts to share one subscription so that the whole family can share one Tidal account.

The Tidal Family plan comes in two types the Family HiFi plan ($16.99 per month) and the Family HiFi Plus ($29.99 per month).

The main difference between these plans is that the Tidal Family HiFi plan comes with standard sound quality (HiFi), whilst the Family HiFi plus comes in the quality audio of a mastered track.

Can children have an account on Tidal?

There are many childrens playlists on Tidal such as Disney Classics and Kidz Bop. What's their favorite song or playlist?

Family plans on Tidal allow you to create children’s accounts with access to only clean and child-friendly content, so the family subscription really is for each family member.

How many family members can use the family plan?

Upgrade Tidal to get multiple people on one account.

Up to six people can share a Tidal family membership.

If you have an individual plan and want to add other people or family members to your plan, then simply go to the Tidal website, select upgrade and choose a Family plan.

How do you add family members?

Read the article to find how to add a family member.

Adding a family member to the Family plan is very easy:

  1. Open the Tidal app or website and sign in;

  2. Navigate to the family plan section in your account settings and select manage members;

  3. Select ‘add family members;’

  4. Enter your family member’s email address;

  5. They will receive an email from Tidal with a link to set up their account or sign in to an existing account;

  6. Once they have an account, they can download Tidal music and get the desktop app.

How can you save money sharing your subscription?

Save by sharing your music streaming service with family, etc. Download Tidal today!

Want to play great songs and playlists for cheaper? Then why not share Tidal with your friends and family?

Share the family subscription with up to five other people and pay only a sixth of the price for the same great benefits!

But maybe the idea of chasing up late payments and organising your family and friends seems like a lot of hassle!

Then we have just the solution! With Together Price, you can sit back and listen to music whilst we do all the hard work for you and help you share your subscription with no hassle at all!

What is Together Price?

Together Price "where things are as easy to share as they are to buy".

Together Price is an online platform that helps make sharing your subscription services easy. We do all the hard work, like connecting you to other users, keeping you safe and secure and arranging all the payments; we even read the fine print, so you don’t have to.

Share all your favorite streaming services such as Tidal, Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Steam and many, many more.

Safety at Together Price

A padlock covered in computer motherboard graphics.

Safety is very important to us at Together Price, which is why we offer a number of security features such as:

  • Operating in a fully SSL-certified secure environment;

  • Using a reliability rating system for every user, so you know you can trust other members;

  • Using Stripe payment with strong anti-fraud protections and a wallet system to manage payments;

  • Using a Tpassword system for a secure transfer of data;

  • Every sharing group has a direct chat so you can write a note to other people and make friendships;

  • If it is necessary, we offer a 25-day cooling-off period on the off chance you experience any mishaps along the way.

How does Together Price work?

An example of Together Price sharing groups.

Together Price is very easy to use. Simply sign up for free with your name and email address. Then choose which app you want to save money on today and whether you will become an Admin or a Joiner.

As an Admin

As an Admin follow three simple steps.

As an Admin, you will share your existing subscription. To do this, there are a few easy steps.

Firstly you need to sign up for a Tidal account or upgrade to the Tidal family plan.

Once you have done this, come back to the Together Price site and create a sharing group. In this group, you will need to add all the relevant information.

You can either share a link with family and friends to invite a known family member or make the group public and wait for members to join.

As soon as they have joined, we will make sure you receive your money. And it will continue arriving on time, every time!

As a Joiner

Search for a group as a Joiner and follow the simple steps below.

As a Joiner, you will join the Tidal family plan belonging to another user.

To do this, you will need to search the Together Price website for a sharing group sharing the Tidal family plan.

Request to join a group and add your payment details.

Once you have been accepted, you will be able to search for and listen to your favorite tunes whilst we manage your payments, so you don’t have to!

Summing Up

With a Tidal subscription you can share music with friends and dance like the people in this image!

Looking to make great savings and listen to great music? Then share a Tidal family subscription!

Share your subscription using Together Price, and you can save money safely, securely and free from hassle. What more could you want? Sign up to share Tidal with Together Price and get the same great service for a sixth of the price!

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!