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Britbox - Amazon Prime Video: A Perfect Combination

May 11, 2022
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Britbox - Amazon Prime Video: A Perfect Combination

Amazon Prime Video has become the best digital video subscription service together with Netflix. With a Prime Video subscription, you can watch a vast amount of award-winning content, from the best movies to TV series and documentaries. There are plenty of incredible features with the Prime Video app, including the option of the new Britbox UK subscription. 

In addition, if you would like to be entertained by Prime Video for less than the original price, the program Together Price will be perfect for you.

1. What is Britbox?


Britbox is an add-on subscription service that you can purchase if you have an existing Prime membership. This will give you access to your favourite British television. Once you purchase a Britbox, it will automatically be added to your Prime Video channels. It was created by UK broadcasters BBC and ITV, and it has been made available on multiple devices such as Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus. Its service has the biggest collection of British content on any streaming service, containing box sets from BBC and ITV, but also from Channel 4 and Channel 5. Furthermore, a Britbox subscription will give you access to future British programming, original shows and exclusive content from British production companies.

2. What can I watch on Britbox?

Britbox has a vast variety of British telly that you can watch. I will list some of its most popular titles for you. 

It includes crime shows such as Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Miss Marple, Death in Paradise, Bancroft, Shetland, Grace, The Sweeney, Unforgotten, The Mallorca Files and much more…

Some of its best costume dramas are Emma, Upstairs Downstairs, Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, The Royal, Downton Abbey, Persuasion, Miss Austen Regrets, The Lady Vanished, Small Island, and Aristocrats. 

There are also many comedies available with Britbox like One Foot in the Grave, All Creatures Great and Small, Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served?, The Vicar of Dibley, Don’t Forget the Driver, Benidorm, The Inbetweeners and Spitting Image. 

Britbox also gives you access to classic British dramas like Doctor Who, Anne, Eastenders and Coronation Street. 

Finally, there are plenty of documentaries and lifestyle TV shows. These include The Up Collection, Gardeners’ World, The Lights Before Christmas, Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets, Antiques Roadshow, All Aboard!, David Suchet On The Orient Express, The Great British Countryside, Kirstie’s Vintage Home, Escape to the Country (UK only), Tales From Northumberland with Robson Green (UK only) and Countryfile Spring Diaries.

3. How much does Britbox cost?

Britbox price UK

A Britbox subscription would cost you less than most of its UK rivals. In fact, all of its content is available for £5.99 per month. This price not only gives you access to its entire catalogue, but its features also include a High Definition video. In addition, Britbox subscribers will also be able to use its service on multiple screens and devices. 

Plus, if you do not want to commit to Britbox just yet, you will get a 7-day free trial period before your first payment is due, and if you find yourself not liking it, you can cancel anytime. 

4. What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that hosts thousands of movies, shows and documentaries. Amazon Prime members are offered its service for free. However, you do not necessarily need a Prime membership in order to access a Prime Video subscription, as it is also a standalone service. 

5. What can I watch on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video Channels

With an immense catalogue of content to choose from - both live and on-demand -, Prime members can be entertained with amazing movies and shows such as Star Trek, Sherlock, Hannibal, This is us, Nine perfect strangers and much more. Also, you can add the feature of Prime Video Channels, with which you can enjoy channels like Discovery, Hayu, MUBI and others. 

6. Can I get BritBox on Amazon Prime Video?

Since April of last year, Britbox has been made available on Amazon Prime Video UK. Therefore, the great majority of video-on-demand homes will be able to access the streaming services of Britbox.

7. Is BritBox on Amazon Prime Video the same?

Regarding its content, Britbox on Prime Video is lacking some of the titles that are available on the Britbox app. However, if you do decide to add Britbox to your existing Prime Video subscription, it is much more convenient as it has better quality than the Britbox app, and it is easily accessible for people who have Smart TVs with an Amazon Prime app. 

8. How much does BritBox cost on Amazon Prime UK?

Britbox has a cost of £5.99 that will be added to your original Amazon Prime subscription cost of £8.99 per month. Therefore, the total cost for Britbox - if used as an add-on subscription to Prime Video, obviously - would be £13.98 a month

9. How to save on your Amazon Prime Video subscription

The best, most effortless way for you to save money on your Amazon Prime Video subscription is that of sharing the cost of your membership between the people in your household for example. This can be easily done by relying on the program Together Price

10. Together Price

Together Price

Together Price is the best solution for sharing the cost of your subscriptions. It is an unprecedented program that works with a Trusted Network with incredibly high levels of control and reliability that can also measure the credibility of any of its users.

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The ways in which you can subscribe to Together Price are as an Admin or a Joiner

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11. Summing Up

To sum up, if you have mobile devices or a Smart TV, there is really no reason for you to get an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Plus, if you are a fan of British films, series and documentaries, you can add Britbox UK and enjoy your favourite content. In addition, your experience can be made much more enjoyable thanks to Together Price!

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