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How to Easily Share Your Prime Video Account
April 21, 2021
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How to Easily Share Your Prime Video Account

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service that allows users access to tons of movies and shows as part of a premium membership plan. If you’re looking to enjoy new film and television, Prime Video can be your one-stop-shop for media content. Let’s take a further look at what it is and how to share Amazon Prime Video to save with Together Price.

How to create an Amazon Prime Video

What is Prime Video?

Watch thousands of titles from the comfort of multiple devices. Capitalize on a fantastic on-demand streaming service that’s included with every Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Video includes countless TV series, award-winning movies, original programs, and so much more. With a library of around 24,000 movies and 2,100 shows, you’re spoiled for choice.

The service comes with additional content which you can rent or buy, and over 100 premium channels for maximum viewing enjoyment.

How Much Does Prime Video Cost?

You can access to Amazon Prime Video with 2 different options:

  • Sign up for a standalone Prime Video account that costs just £5.99 per month
  • Gain access through an Amazon Prime membership that costs £7.99 per month

It’s a reasonably priced service, especially considering the additional perks included with the Amazon Prime membership. If you’re not interested in these extras, subscribe to Prime Video on its own and you’ll save even more.

However, like with any subscription-based service, don’t you wish you could split the cost of membership with others? Forking out a monthly membership fee can be a persistently nagging expense.

But can you legitimately share the burden of owning a Prime account and have multiple users on a single membership?

How to Subscribe to Prime Video

Here’s how to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Start your 30 days free trial
  2. Insert an e-mail and password, and create your account or log in to you Amazon account
  3. Enter your payment system

Amazon Prime Video: how many devices?

If you are using Amazon Prime Video regular (without the Amazon Prime subscription), you can stream:

  • up to three different titles on different devices at the same time
  • 2 different devices at once, if you need to stream the same title

If you are accessing Amazon Prime Video through the Amazon Prime subscription, you should know that it is only allowed access to 2 devices at the same time.

Amazon Prime Video offers multi-user access and that’s why many of its subscribers use to share costs between households or family members. This practice is legal and permitted by the terms of use of Amazon Prime Video.  Sharing expenses is guaranteed savings, but it is not easy to manage the sharing group. This is where Together Price comes in. But what exactly is Together Price and how does it work?

What is Together Price?

Together Price is the platform born in 2017 to help you share a group expense. Together Price already has over 1 million subscribers and aims to become the go-to service for sharing a subscription. What is the advantage of using Together Price?

Instead of chasing your roommates or family members for their money back, you can invite them to Together Price and get your money back for Amazon Prime Video.

There are two options for users when signing up with Together Price:

  • You can either become an admin of your own sharing group
  • join an existing sharing group with available slots

How to share your Amazon Prime Video account

If you have not yet purchased the Amazon Prime Video subscription we suggest you to do it and then you have to:

  • Register for free in Together Price
  • Click on “Create Group” or “Become Admin”
  • Choose from the list that you will see “Amazon Prime Video”
  • Enter the number of slots you want to make available up to a maximum of 2.

If you share 2 accounts, you will receive £4 from your 2 joiners each month, and the final cost to you of Amazon Prime Video will then be reduced to £2.

You can easily transfer the accumulated money to the Together Price wallet and use it to pay for the next month for Amazon Prime Video.

Together Price will be in charge every month to withdraw the shares from your Joiners and to make you find them available on your wallet without you doing.

Can Amazon Prime Video be shared with family and friends?

The answer is absolutely yes! The important thing is to respect the terms of use of Amazon Prime Video which ask you to share only with friends or relatives who live with you. In the previous paragraph, we showed you how to create a group to collect money, while now let’s talk about how you can send money to share Amazon Prime Video.

If you are not going to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, but you are interested in participating in a group with available places, all you have to do is:

  • Register for free in Together Price
  • click on “Become Joiner”, at this point you will see the network where you will see all public shares just opened.
  • You can search for the Amazon Prime Video share you’re interested in using the search bar or scrolling through the cards
  • Enter the payment details to send your payment of £2.99.

You have the chance to request a refund within 25 days.

Sharing your Prime Account is much easier than you’d ever expect. Subscribe to an expert provider and you won’t be disappointed!

Don’t wait any longer and spend just £2.50 a month!



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