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How To Share Amazon Prime

June 12, 2022
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How To Share Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has become one of the basic necessities that any person needs to make their life easier in this day and age. Prime members get access to unlimited one-day delivery, Amazon’s online streaming service, online digital content and unlimited storage online, to name just a few perks.

But the costs of a monthly subscription add up quickly, which can make an Amazon Prime membership feel too expensive. But don’t worry; we are here to show you how to share Amazon Prime with others and cut your costs.

And that is where Together Price comes in. With Together Price, you can start sharing Amazon Prime and cut your subscription costs by up to 50%.

Together Price is an online platform that helps connect users from all over, aiding them in sharing the cost of their subscription service between multiple people. We take all the hassle out of account sharing so you can share your Amazon Prime membership for less.

What is Amazon Prime?


Amazon Prime is a subscription that gives you access to all the services that Amazon offers. Amazon by now has a foot into almost every industry, and with a Prime account, you can get access to all of these Prime benefits.

Amazon Prime is now a leading digital publisher, and so an Amazon Prime subscription gives you access to Prime video and other online digital content.

An Amazon Prime subscription also lets you access huge perks related to Amazon’s online shopping services, including same-day delivery, lightning deals, sale items and even conveniences such as baby food subscriptions. Amazon Prime is the one-stop shop for everything!

What are Amazon Prime Benefits?

All Amazon Prime Benefits

Prime Delivery:

Prime delivery offers unlimited same-day delivery on millions of items in the Amazon shop. Did you suddenly take a fancy to reading Harry Potter after all of these years? Well, don’t you worry, you can order it in the morning and be reading it in the evening!

Prime Video:

Prime Video access gives you unlimited streaming of around 24,000 movies and over 2,100 shows, including comedy shows such as Breaking News and movie classics such as The Lion King. Prime Video is one of the Prime benefits you cannot miss out on!

Amazon Music:

Much like Prime Video, Prime Music offers Prime members access to a huge library of music which can be listened to online, offline, and ad-free, with unlimited skips. This library offers an impressive 2 million songs, so you can find something to listen to whatever your mood.

Prime Reading:

Prime Reading gives Prime members access to a constantly changing set of ebooks, magazines, articles and comics. Read unlimited content for the cost of an Amazon Prime account.

Prime Early Access:

Prime Membership gives you early access to Amazon lightning deals. You can access these deals 30 minutes before other Amazon users allowing you to snap up the good deals before risking them being sold out!

Prime Photos:

Amazon Photos gives you unlimited storage for photos allowing you to access your photos on any device. This lets you share digital content of high quality easily across all your devices.

Prime Gaming:

With Prime Gaming, Prime members can get access to free games across their devices, as well as exclusive in-game loot and deals. Prime Gaming even gives you access to exclusive Twitch Prime benefits, including a free Twitch channel membership every 30 days.

Grocery Delivery:

With Amazon Prime, members living in eligible areas can get free, same-day grocery delivery on all orders above £40, so you don’t even have to leave the house to get your groceries on the day you want them. What a deal!

How much does it cost to have an Amazon Prime Account?

Amazon Prime plans and prices

Amazon Prime offers the option for Prime members to pay monthly or annually. Both of these give you access to the same benefits on your Amazon account. The only difference is that by paying annually, you avoid the extra cost of a monthly payment.

Prime per month costs £8.99, whereas the annual subscription costs £95 per year, which works out to about £7.91 a month.

Students are in luck because with Prime Student, students can get a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime Student. Once the free trial is over, it costs £4.49 a month.

Can Amazon Prime be shared?

Share Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can now be shared by using Prime Household. Prime Household allows you to share Amazon Prime benefits with family members in the same household. That means you can share your account with one other adult (on their Amazon account) and up to four children.

Amazon Households’ shareable benefits include Prime Video, Prime delivery, Prime Reading and Prime Photos, among many other benefits.

Both adults can share Prime and must agree to share payment details. They will link their account through Amazon Household.

The adults have access to parental controls allowing them to manage what the connected child profiles can access. This content can be curated in the Family Library, where all members of the household can easily access and share the benefits of Prime’s online digital content.

To add new members to your household, simply go to Amazon Household settings and click add a new member. After adding the required details, this will allow the new members access to the Family Library and the Prime Benefits section. So you can start to share Prime benefits straight away.

By using Together Price, you can also share your Prime membership with one other adult. By doing this, you can save up to 50% on the costs of an Amazon Prime membership.

Together Price

Together Price UK homepage

Together Price is an online platform that allows users to sign up for free and start sharing the costs of their subscriptions hassle-free.

We all know the pain of sharing a subscription with slightly flakey friends who have forgotten to transfer their part of the monthly fee just one time too many. We’ve had to constantly chase them up, and it’s been awkward.

Well, Together Price takes all of the pain out of this process by providing a safe and secure platform to share the benefits of our online subscriptions for less.

Together Price guarantees to protect your credentials, account details and payment information, so you can share your subscription worry-free. We do this by using a Tpassword system so that your information stays safe and secure.

To start using Together Price, all you need to do is sign up for free and then choose whether you will become an Admin or a Joiner.

Become an Admin:

Become an Admin

As an Admin, you will be the person with the Amazon Prime subscription. You simply need to list this subscription on Together Price alongside the group rules.

You will receive requests from people wanting to join your group, if you accept and send over the correct login details, then shortly, you will receive your share of the payment straight into your bank account.

Become a Joiner:

Become a Joiner

If you choose to be a Joiner, then you simply join someone else’s subscription. To do this, just search Together Price to find the subscription you want to share.

You can check reviews of the other users to make sure you feel confident that they are to be trusted. Send a request, choose your payment method, and once your request has been accepted, Together Price will coordinate the payment. You will receive the log-in details and can sit back and enjoy all the benefits of a Prime account.

Summing Up

We all know that Amazon is a powerhouse, and an Amazon Prime membership allows you access to a huge variety of benefits that other subscription services simply don’t.

Where else can you access huge libraries of music, videos and TV, and books, alongside access to free grocery delivery? Amazon Household makes sharing an Amazon Prime account that much easier.

And Together Price makes it even easier still. Take out all the faff from sharing an Amazon account and use Together Price to save up to 50% on your Amazon Prime account. So you can get great perks for a great price.