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Apple TV: Subscription UK

November 12, 2023
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Apple TV: Subscription UK

When you get home from work in the evening, all you really want to do is sit back, stream and relax. But nowadays, with so many streaming services available it’s difficult to know which streaming service to use.

Well, for the Apple lovers out there, Apple TV+ might be the streaming service for you and we are here to tell you all about it.

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What is Apple TV?


Apple TV is one of the top streaming platforms out there, hosting mainly Apple Originals.

An Apple TV membership lets you watch unlimited Apple TV, on-demand and it is completely ad-free. Just download the Apple TV app onto your favourite Apple devices and get groundbreaking content.

What Can You Watch on Apple TV?

What to watch.

Apple TV hosts many Apple original shows and offers new releases every month. You can watch new episodes of your favourite Apple originals each week.

Why not watch London, spy thriller Slow Horses? Or if you are more interested in dark comedy thrillers, maybe Bad Sisters is more up your street, or movies such as Greyhound starring Tom Hanks.

To watch a submersive drama, try Jennifer Aniston’s The Morning Show, or try the comedy-drama series, Ted Lasso. To watch the tale of an epic book on screen try Shantaram.

You could also watch David Attenborough’s Prehistoric Planet if documentaries are more your thing. Or learn all about Selena Gomez in Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me. You can stream many other shows on the Apple TV app.

How Much Does Apple TV Cost?

Pay just £8.99/month to access all the benefits of Apple TV Plus.

To get access to Apple TV Plus users needs to pay a monthly subscription. Apple TV Plus costs £8.99/month which compares very favourably to other service options such as Prime Video.

You can cancel your membership at any time for no extra cost. Apple accepts a variety of payment methods including:

  • Apple Pay

  • Credit Card or Debit Card

  • PayPal

  • Apple Gift Cards

  • Apple Account balance

Is There an Apple TV Free Trial?

Want to try the Apple TV service before you buy it? There are three ways to get free trials and access Apple TV free for a limited time.

When you purchase an Apple Device

If you buy a new Apple device or Apple hardware, such as the new iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod touch or Apple TV, you are eligible for three months of Apple TV for free. This is a free trial that cannot be missed.

When you sign up for a subscription

If you sign up for a subscription on Apple TV Plus, all new users get a seven-day free trial. That means you can test out Apple TV for free before committing to a monthly payment. Just remember to cancel your subscription on the off-chance that you don’t enjoy Apple TV Plus.

Using Apple One

If you sign up for Apple One you get a one-month free trial to test out the Apple services you have chosen to subscribe to.

Do You Need an Apple Device To Use The Apple TV App?

Whilst Apple TV works best on Apple devices such as the iPod Touch, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can watch Apple TV on some other devices.

Watch Apple TV on eligible smart TVs, such as Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, and other streaming devices such as the Xbox or Playstation.

What is Apple One?

Apple One costs

Apple One is the all-in-one subscription that bundles all the Apple service options into one subscription. You will get Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness, Apple Cloud and Apple News in one subscription.

The cost of this starts at £18.95 and depends on which Apple One plan you choose. You will get a one-month free trial when you sign up for Apple One.

Is There an Apple TV Student Plan?

Student Plan

You can get discount prices on your Apple TV membership for up to two years as a student at an eligible further education institute. This comes as part of the Apple Music student subscription, but cannot be purchased separately.

Can You Share Your Apple TV Subscription?

Apple TV Plus can be shared with up to five other family members with the family sharing function. Each person will need their own separate Apple ID, but after that you can share the subscription between six people. This means one subscription lets you watch six streams simultaneously.

How Can You Save Money On Apple TV?

The best way to save money on your Apple TV membership is to enable family sharing. Because you can watch on up to six devices at any time, you can easily share your membership between six users without losing any of the benefits of the subscription.

Maybe that sounds like too much hassle, you’d have to find five other people to share with and constantly chase up late payments.

And that’s where Together Price comes in. Together Price will do all the hard work for you so you can sit back, watch Apple originals and save money.

What is Together Price?

Together price: sharing is the new buying!

Together Price is an online platform that facilitates account sharing. We do all the hard work for you including connecting users, arranging payments, keeping you safe and secure and reading the terms and conditions to make sure everything you do is fully legal.

How Does Together Price Work?

Together Price is easy to use, just register up for free and choose whether to become an Admin or a Joiner.

As an Admin?

Become an Admin and create your Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus group, or more.

As an Admin you will share your existing Apple Music subscription with others by creating a sharing group.

As a Joiner?

Become an Admin and create your Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus group, or more.

As a Joiner, you will join another user’s sharing group and pay them monthly.

Summing Up

The Apple TV streaming services are made for the Apple lovers out there, so download the Apple TV app and get started.

Share your membership on Together Price and pay just one-sixth of the price for the same great benefits.

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!