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iFit: Subscription Cost UK

November 12, 2023
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iFit: Subscription Cost UK

So you want to get fit, but hate going to the gym? Then iFit is the subscription for you. With an iFit membership you can follow workouts from the comfort of your own home gym.

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about the iFit subscription and how much it costs so you can get the full iFit experience.

Looking to improve your fitness for cheaper? Then why not try sharing your iFit subscription? With Together Price you can safely, securely and easily share your iFit subscription.

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What is iFit?

Choose a workout, a trainer and get training on iFit.

iFit is an app that offers over 16,000 different virtual workouts that you can follow from wherever you are in the world.

The iFit workout classes are available for all levels of experience, from the beginner through to advanced classes, iFit offers it all.

To make the workouts more interesting there are added interactive elements such as the ability to create a virtual route using Google maps. Using Google sourced pictures and videos, you could run along the Great Wall of China, or scramble on an incline in a mountain range.

The iFit programs work with over 200 real trainers, from ex-olympians through to ultra runners. That means if you don’t like one trainer’s style you can just find a trainer that does motivate you.

Using iFit and exercising from your own home will give you a huge psychological boost. The iFit workout series is a fantastic way to improve both your mental and physical health.

What Does An Active iFit Membership Get You Access To?

Does iFit work fine? Yes. No need for a commercial trainer, just select a workout and start training.

The iFit subscription offers you access to thousands of classes from hundreds of different trainers in over 60 types of workout. The iFit library offers classes in many different sports, from yoga and cycling, through to running and fitness training.

There are 7 main types of class available.

Global Workouts

Global workouts allow you to exercise virtually anywhere on the globe. All you need to do is choose a class and a destination and begin training. Try anything from hiking Everest through to rowing the English channel. Using iFit activated equipment you can immerse yourself in the virtual workouts and even experience the incline and terrain.

Studio Classes

Join live classes with live users from studios around the world and experience the studio experience from your living room. Personal trainers will help keep you motivated and keep the energy up so that you can enjoy your iFit workout or yoga class.

Live Events

Take part in live events, compete in events across the world, against other live users, all without having to leave the house. Or take live classes and let the trainer take charge and adjust your exercise equipment for you!

Progressive iFit series

Follow a progressive iFit series and start training towards a specific goal. A trainer will lead the course and build up the level of exercise in a sustainable, methodical manner so that you can hit those goals.


Earn badges and rewards by completing inspiring monthly challenges with other users in the iFit community. These will help keep your workouts fresh, and get you excited to keep training.

iFit Mind

Having good health is not all about your fitness levels, mental wellness plays an important role. Use iFit mind to learn to meditate, follow calming yoga classes, on take mindful walks in a virtual environment. Watch our trainers talk through challenges they have faced, and how they have strengthened from them.

iFit Cooking Classes

Learn to craft healthy meals from cuisine around the world. Expert chefs and nutritionist will teach you exactly what you need to put in your body to keep it as healthy as possible. Choose a trainer and a cuisine and get started learning!

Google Maps

Create custom paths on using maps and scope out real life races or events beforehand or explore somewhere you have never been.

What iFit Enabled Equipment is Available?

Use workout machines and training machines to work out.

To really make iFit worth the costs, and to make the most out of your membership, why not consider investing in an iFit enabled exercise machine?

Using iFit activated equipment you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual environment. For example, when using iFit treadmills, you will experience the steep incline when running in a mountain range. These machines work to bring your workout to the next level.

So what equipment is available? Well you can program iFit onto exercise equipment from:

  • Nordictrack released exercise equipment,

  • Pro-from equipment,

  • Freemotion exercise equipment,

  • Weider machines

  • Matrix equipment.

Choose the exercise machine that most interests you from a wide range of available choices, such as treadmills, rowing machines or a fitness machine.

Each fitness machine will let you work with a trainer and follow the iFit workout programmes in the most immersive way possible so that you can make the most out of your training.

How Much Does iFit Cost?

Download and connect with a trainer.

The iFit individual membership costs £144 per year and gets you into the full training library, classes from every trainer, and iFit enabled machines.

You can purchase your membership through various third parties including:

  • the App store on Apple products;

  • Google Play;

  • Amazon;

  • Roku;

  • Apple TV.

Using Amazon it is possible to use a payment plan and pay equal payments following your set repayment periods. Just check out the payment options available when setting up your account.

Is There an iFit Family Membership?

Get a trainer for all family members.

iFit also offer a family membership. With the iFit family subscription up to five total users can use iFit.

The monthly family subscription costs £28.80 per month, or you can choose pay annually, which costs £144 per year. Again it is worth noting that using Amazon you can choose a payment plan and pay equal payments across the year.

One person will sign up for the account and then add secondary users. Each member will have their own account in the membership.

Cancel your subscription at any point if you no longer want to use the iFit service.

Is There An iFit Free Trial?

Start your free trial, choose a trainer and exercise!

Many iFit machines come with a free membership trial to the iFit app. For instance, if you buy the Nordic Track vault you will get one years free family membership to the iFit service.

If you choose to sign up for the iFit app without a machine, using your mobile device or your smart TV, you will receive a 30 day free trial. That way you get a month to test out the workout and trainer choices and see if iFit brings you the benefits you want.

How Can You Save Money on Your iFit membership?

Save money on access to a trainer and training programme.

Do you want use iFit, but can’t afford the price? Or are you just looking to cut costs? Then why not start sharing your membership.

The family iFit plan can be shared between five users, with five users training simultaneously, but paying a fifth of the price. It really is a no brainer. You get the same great perks for a fraction of the price.

But maybe sharing your membership sounds like a hassle. You need to find four other people to share with, and will inevitably have to chase up late payments.

Well, with Together Price these are problems of the past. Together Price can help you easily, safely and securely share your membership, so you can do your workout from home, save money, with no effort at all.

What is Together Price?

Together price: sharing is the new buying!

Together Price is an online platform that helps connect users and facilitate account sharing. We do all the hard work for you, such as connecting users, arranging payments, keeping you safe and secure, and reading the terms and conditions to make sure it is fully legal to share. Save money on Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Apple Music and more.

All you need to do is sign up, choose a trainer and start your workout, safe in the knowledge that we are saving you money.

How Does Together Price Keep You Safe?

Internet safety.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Together Price which is why we offer you a range of safety services such as:

  • Operating in a fully SSL-certified secure environment;

  • Using a trusted Tpassword system;

  • Using a reliability rating system to make sure you can trust the users around you;

  • Using Stripe payment and a wallet system to keep your personal payment information completely private;

  • A direct chat between all sharing group members to build trust;

  • A 25-day cooling off period where you can get a full refund, in the off-chance that something does go wrong.

How Does Together Price Work?

Together Price is easy to use. Simply sign up for free with your name and email address, or through your Facebook or Gmail social media accounts. Then choose which subscriptions you want to save money on first, and whether you will become an Admin or a Joiner.

As an Admin?

Become an Admin.

As an Admin you will share your existing plan with others. To do this:

  1. Sign up for the iFit family plan;

  2. Sign up for free on Together Price;

  3. Create a sharing group and add the relevent information;

  4. Choose to make your group public (any Together Price user can request to join) or private (only people with the invite link can join);

  5. Let your group fill up and get training with your new trainer whilst we arrange your payments, on time, every time!

As a Joiner?

Become a joiner.

As a Joiner you will join an existing sharing group. To do this:

  1. Sign up for free on Together Price;

  2. Use the Together Price search function to find a sharing group;

  3. Request to join the sharing group and add your payment details;

  4. Once you’ve been accepted we will arrange your payments whilst you select a trainer and get training!

As a Joiner you will be asked to contrubte a small service fee of less than £1.

Summing Up

Does training at a gym freak you out? Do you want the motivation to workout, or want to find a great trainer? Then iFit is for you! Try yoga, running, fitness, rowing, and any other excellent sport on iFit.

Don’t forget to share your subscriptions on Together Price to make huge savings, without a hassle. Why spend more when you don’t have to?

Save up to 80% by sharing your iFit family plan on Together Price.

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!