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Got A Netflix Subscription?

September 08, 2023
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Got A Netflix Subscription?

Netflix is arguably one of the most popular streaming services out there. It’s no surprise that a Netflix subscription is a hot commodity, and we all want one. But, a Netflix subscription can get pricey and feel like a luxury we can cut back on for some of us.

Well, if that’s the case… and you are looking for a way to cut down the cost of Netflix, you’re in the right place!

Finally, you’ll be able to say bye to alternative methods, some of which are also illegal. Did you know that if you share the subscription cost in a group, you could save up to 75%?

Together Price can help you share your account in a legal, safe, simple and stress-free way; just keep reading to have a practical, step-by-step guide on how to save!

How to sign up for Netflix on a web browser

To sign up for a Netflix account in your web browser or mobile browser:

  1. Open the Netflix website;

  2. Enter your email address in the bar and click get started;

  3. Create a password;

  4. Choose your plan and enter your payment information;

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions;

  6. Enjoy the online experience with Netflix.

How to sign up for Netflix on a mobile app

Which devices can you use the Netflix app on?

Use of Netflix is possible with the many devices. Allow third party performance and functionality cookies on your devices.

You can watch Netflix on most streaming devices, including:

The Netflix website via desktop browser or mobile browser

  • Apple TV and most Smart TVs

  • Mobile device and tablet

  • Some game consoles

  • Streaming boxes

  • Blu ray players

The use of the Netflix app often requires that the streaming device and app are regularly updated to the latest version.

If you find your device is not working, make sure to delete your cache and clear performance and functionality cookies to create more memory space.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix plans and prices in the UK

There are a number of different subscription plans depending on what you need, what your preferences are and, above all, who you would like to share your subscription with.

Currently, all plans let you watch unlimited Netflix on a web browser, mobile browser or the Netflix app. You can watch unlimited content online and offline. More plan details include:

- Standard with ads

This plan costs £4.99 a month, has ads and not all the titles are available. You cannot download content but you can stream on two different screens at the same time and watch in Full HD.

- Standard

The Standard plan without ads costs £10.99 a month and you can watch all movies and TV shows in Full HD quality.

You are also allowed two simultaneous streams. In other words, you can watch two separate titles on two different devices at the same time, and you can download them on both devices as well.

- Premium

Premium is the most complete and expensive of the three tiers. It obviously also has more features to enjoy. This plan costs £15.99 per month.

It offers its main feature, which is the Ultra HD quality of your streaming, which means that you can view all the available 4K-ready movies the way they were intended. You do need a good and steady internet connection, of course, and if you don’t already have a 4K TV, it’s still ok because the video quality of the images is still very high, like on blu ray discs. It also has Spatial Audio.

This plan also enables you to watch on four simultaneous screens and download on four different devices.

To sign up, you will need to enter relevant payment information and will be paid at the same billing date each month. If you choose to delete your account, you will still be able to use it until the next billing date.

- Standard + 1 Extra:

At the cost of £15.98 a month (£10.99 + £4.99) you can add 1 Extra member that lives outside your household to share your Netflix subscription with all the benefits of a Standard subscription.

- Premium + 1 Extra:

At the cost of £20.98 a month (£15.99 + £4.99) you can add 1 Extra member that lives outside your household to share your subscription with all the benefits of a Premium subscription.

- Premium + 2 Extras:

At the cost of £25.97 a month (£15.99 + £4.99 + £4.99) you can add 2 Extra members that live outside your household to share your subscription with all the benefits of a Premium subscription.

How to save on your Netflix subscription

By sharing your account with your household on Together Price, you can save up to 75% on the cost of your Netflix subscription service.

One of the best ways to save money on your Netflix account is by sharing it. This way, you can benefit from the service whilst paying a fraction of the price for exactly the same thing.

Netflix Premium costs £15.99 a month and offers a subscription plan for 4 accounts that can watch different things simultaneously. Intelligent people like you, who have a subscription, have started to divide the cost by 4 to save money for the same great features.

Let’s do the maths quickly. If you subscribe to the cheapest Netflix subscription plan, you will pay around £83.88 per year.

But if you share your Premium plan with three other people, you would pay only £47.97 per year. That means you can save £35.90 per year. That’s a huge amount of money to save!

But maybe you’ve tried sharing a streaming service before, and it didn’t go so well. Your friends didn’t pay you back, and it took a lot of organising to find a group. Well, with Together Price, that is a thing of the past.

Are you one of those people who, until recently, used a piggy bank to collect your group’s payment? Well, from today, you’ll no longer have to do all the dirty work yourself; instead, Together Price will take care of it!

Netflix Account Sharing – Is it Really OK?

Netflix approves of sharing your password with trusted people from the same household. Together Price helps you find trusted people to share your Extra account with in total security.

If you’ve ever shared your Netflix password with someone else, you’re not alone. This practice has become so common that Netflix now embraces and promotes account sharing by offering different subscription plans.

If you’re wondering whether Netflix sharing is legal, you need to wonder no more. It absolutely is; that’s why this streaming giant allows people to create multiple profiles within a single account.

With its Standard and Premium memberships, users are encouraged to share account details with people in the same household.

So at this point, you are asking yourself: can I watch Netflix at two different houses?

Netflix allows you to share a subscription with anyone outside of your household if you purchase the Standard or Premium plan with Extras.

What is Together Price?

Together Price - sharing is the new buying!

With one platform, Together Price allows you to create your sharing group, communicate with everyone thanks to the internal chat, and collect monthly payments automatically. That means you can sit back and stream on the Netflix website or the app whilst we do all the hard work for you.

Better still, you can use Together Price to share any of your favourite subscriptions such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus (where you can stream Star Wars), Steam and many more.

How does Together Price keep you safe?

Together Price is big on security. It has security systems that ensure you have the ultimate sharing experience with not a worry in the world.

At Together Price, we care deeply about the security of our services. We offer a number of services to maintain the security of our customers and enhance your online experience with Netflix account sharing on Together Price. We offer:

  • A fully SSL-certified secure environment;

  • A trusted Tpassword system to maintain the security of our services;

  • A reliability rating for each user so you can see how they have been using our services;

  • Stripe payment with strong anti-fraud protections;

  • A direct chat between sharing group members;

  • If necessary, a 25-day cooling-off period is where you can get your money back.

This way, we keep the security and functionality of our service so that you can easily share your Netflix subscription or other streaming services with no stress using Together Price.

How does Together Price work?

Together Price is easy to use. Simply sign up for free using your name and email address. Then choose whether to save money on Netflix or another streaming service and decide to become an Admin or a Joiner.

Share Netflix as an Admin

Become an Admin and share your subscription either privately or publicly on the Together Price network.

As an Admin, you will share your existing Netflix subscription. To do this:

  1. Sign up to Together Price for free;

  2. Create a sharing group on the Together Price website;

  3. Choose whether to make the group public or invite only family and friends;

  4. Accept requests to join the group;

  5. Sit back whilst Together Price arranges your money on time, every time!

Share Netflix as a Joiner

Become a Joiner and join an already existing sharing group today!

As a Joiner, you will join someone else’s subscription. To do this:

  1. Sign up to Together Price for free;

  2. Search the Together Price website for a sharing group;

  3. Request to join the group;

  4. Add your payment details;

  5. Once you’ve been accepted, you can sit back and stream whilst Together Price arranges your payment.

What is Netflix?

Netflix, the number one streaming service for all your family entertainment

To watch TV shows, movies, documentaries and even play mobile games, Netflix is the streaming service for you and the whole family. A Netflix subscription lets you access the entire on-demand Netflix library and watch it wherever and whenever you want with absolutely no ads.

Choose a Netflix plan based on your preferences and stream Netflix with different video qualities. With the Netflix Premium plan, you can stream Netflix with Ultra HD on available TV shows and movies.

Download content and watch offline in the Netflix app so that you can take Netflix with you wherever you go.

What TV Shows, movies, and documentaries can you watch on the Netflix service?

There is so much to choose from in the Netflix content library.

By now, Netflix plays a role in all our lives, and we are all guilty of binge-watching an entire TV series in 24 hours without stopping: Narcos, The Crown, Stranger Things, Thirteen Reasons Why, Sense8, Money Heist, of which we await the release of the 3rd season!

With a Netflix account, you can watch movies and TV programmes in a variety of categories, from comedy and drama to reality TV shows like Too Hot to Handle and Married at First Sight.

You can even watch Netflix Originals such as Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy and Emily in Paris.

With Netflix kids, your children can watch the programmes they enjoy the most such as Icarly, Sing 2 and She-ra and the Princesses of Power. Parents can also block specific titles so children can access

Netflix offers something for everyone, so you will never get bored with your Netflix account.


The Power of The Dog with Benedict Cumberbatch

Who doesn’t love watching films?

Films are filled with emotions, whether it be action, comedy, drama, horror, thriller, science fiction, some light-hearted fun, or any other genre.

Here are five most-watched films that people are currently loving on Netflix UK:

1. The Power of the Dog

A psychological drama about the complicated relationship between family members on a ranch in Montana. Directed by Jane Campion, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst.

2. King of Staten Island

A young man with psychological problems lives n Staten Island with his mother and sister until he is forced by circumstances to face his father’s death and the reality of life. With Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei and Steve Buscemi.

3. The Lost Daughter

A psychological drama set in Greece about the tougher side of motherhood. Adapted and directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

4. The Taming of The Shrewd

A Polish romantic film. A rather antagonistic heartbroken scientist moves back home from the US to Poland to start a new business on the family land. But her scheming brother hires a very handsome stranger to convince her to sell the land.

TV Shows

Watch all episodes of Squid Games on Netflix.

A television series is like a never-ending movie that keeps on going from one season to another.

Here are the top five TV series currently playing on Netflix UK.

1. Squid Game

The series is about a very numerous group of players that have to contend in a series of dangerous games for a mind-blowing money prize.

2. Bridgerton

A period drama set in London’s Regency era. It weaves the stories around the Bridgerton family heirs.

3. The Witcher

A medieval fantasy drama series from the pen of Polish Andrzej Sapkowski about Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a monster hunter whose life and destiny are tied to saving the life of Ciri of Cintra.

4. Stranger Things

A science-fiction horror series in which supernatural events, alternate dimensions and a girl with psychokinetic powers surround the disappearance of a young boy. It stars Winona Ryder.

What’s Hot On Netflix UK At The Moment?

Anatomy of a Scandal with Sienna Miller and Rupert Friend.

Netflix comes out with new content almost every month, including British content.

Here’s what’s hot on Netflix UK in the year 2022.

1. Anatomy of a Scandal

A thriller series about a Tory MP who is cheating on his wife and also accused of rape.

2. Better Call Saul

A crime drama which is effectively a prequel to Breaking Bad.

3. People Just Do Nothing

A docu-comedy about a group of friends who run a pirate radio station in London.

4. Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story

A documentary in two parts about the life, career, and scandal regarding Jimmy Savile’s private life.

Summing up

Netflix is the subscription to get if you want access to a huge library of content that is easily accessible. Watch from all your favourite devices, including your phone or Smart TV and watch from anywhere, whether you have wifi or not, with no ads. Choose from the over 7,000 titles in the Netflix content library. We are sure you will find something for everyone in the family.

Besides, if you want to get all those great perks for a fraction of the price, try sharing your Netflix account on Together Price, and you can save up to 75% with no hassle involved.

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!