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Netflix Student Discount

June 12, 2022
7 min
Netflix Student Discount

A Netflix account gives you the perfect way to procrastinate studying for exams or kick back and relax when you’ve finally finished your last paper, or it’s the end of the day, and you can finally leave school.

But students are notorious for having a limited budget, so how can you afford the cost of a regular subscription?

Well, I’m sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no Netflix student discount.

But if you still want a Netflix account and want to save the same time, that’s perfectly okay, and today it is possible.

With Together Price, you can safely and securely share your Netflix subscription bills.

Together Price connects Netflix users with each other and helps you save up to 75% on the regular price of a Netflix subscription.


1. Netflix Student Discounts
2. How much does Netflix cost in the UK?
3. What are Netflix Gift Cards?
4. How many devices can stream Netflix at the same time?
5. How to save on your Netflix membership
6. Together Price
7. How do I start sharing a subscription plan on Together Price?
8. What is Netflix?
9. Summing Up


1. Netflix Student Discounts

If you are a college student, Netflix does not offer student discounts; there is no student bundle. So whether you have student status, a student ID or not, there are no student discounts here!

Similarly, in the UK, there are no longer free trials for Netflix. So it is pretty difficult to get access to cheap or free Netflix accounts.

So how do you get cheap or free access to a video streaming service? Well, there are a few options.

If you are not worried about missing out on original Netflix movies, you could try finding a student discount code for one of the many Netflix alternatives. Many other streaming services offer student discounts.

So if you can’t pay Netflix subscription bills, it might be time to look at Amazon Prime Video, for example, because they do offer a student discount and unlimited photo storage facilities included, or you can just watch regular YouTube videos.

There is also a Spotify student discount if you are only into music. There are also sites that find discount codes for you.

If you want an easier method to save money, given that college students don’t receive a student discount and there is no free trial, Together Price can help you save up to 75% of the price of a regular subscription simply by helping you find other users to share your Netflix subscription with.

2. How much does Netflix cost in the UK?

Netflix plans and prices UK

Netflix offers a variety of different plans, which determine things like the number of simultaneous streams you can access.

The Basic Plan with ads costs £4.99 per month. With this plan, you can only watch movies on one screen at a time, though, and you can only download content onto one device.

The lower price value also means you cannot access Netflix in HD or ultra HD. But it does keep your Netflix bills down, and you still get unlimited access to movies and TV shows.

The Basic Plan without ads costs £6.99 per month. With this plan, you can only watch movies on one screen at a time, though, and you can only download content onto one device.

The Standard Plan offers a little more and costs £10.99 per month. With this subscription plan, you can download onto two devices and have two simultaneous streams. HD resolution is available.

The Premium Plan costs £15.99 per month and offers downloads onto four devices as well as simultaneous streaming on up to four devices. Premium is available in Ultra HD.

Sadly there are no free trials or a discount code, not even a Netflix student discount.

3. What are Netflix Gift Cards?

Buy Netflix Gift Cards and gift them to friends and family who only have free TV so they can watch Netflix.

If you are really a fan of the Netflix service and don’t want to support competing services, you could try and persuade family or friends to buy Netflix gift cards for your birthday.

These gift vouchers give you access to your chosen subscription plan. Netflix gift cards can be purchased in multiple ways, for instance, by using Google play cards. Don’t forget to use the voucher codes before the expiry date.

You will be warned when your Netflix gift cards start to run out before the upcoming bill; that way, you can change your payment method, ask for more gift card discount vouchers, or simply cancel your subscription plan before the payment is taken out.

4. How many devices can stream Netflix at the same time?

With Netflix you don't get a Family Plan discount but you do get the opportunity to share it with three other people.

Netflix is available on all your major streaming devices, including your gaming console, Smart TV, phone, tablet, laptop and the Netflix website.

However, the amount of simultaneous streams you can have depends on which subscription plan you have chosen.

With both base plans, you can only stream on one device at a time, but with the Premium Plan, up to four devices can stream at the same time.

5. How to save on your Netflix membership

You can't get a Discount code on Netflix, but you can still save cash by sharing on Together Price.

Miffed that there are no promo codes and no student discount available for Netflix but still want to save money?

Well, maybe it is time to share your Netflix password with someone else.

A Netflix account can be shared with up to four users who can stream at the same time. That makes the Netflix Premium account the ideal account to share with others. That way, you can share the costs.

But sharing with family and friends can be annoying, involve lots of chasing up to get your money, and you might have to deal with password moochers.

And that is where Together Price can help you out.

Together Price facilitates the whole process of account sharing, meaning you will never have to worry about subscription sharing again. Instead, you can save money and start watching Netflix after a few clicks.

6. Together Price

Together Price - sharing is the new buying!

Together Price is an online platform that brings people together to share the costs of their subscription services.

Together Price is completely legal, always ensuring that shared accounts are allowed in the terms and conditions of every subscription service we support.

Yes, that’s right. We read the fine print for you!

It is completely free to sign up for Together Price.

So why not sign up now and start saving on your subscription services?

Together Price offers:

Together Price is big on the safety and security of its users!

A trust and reliability system. This means that every user has a trust score, so you know that you can trust the other users in your subscription group;

Uses Stripe as the payment method. This allows payments to be safe and secure with anti-fraud data protection;

All interactions take place in an SSL-certified environment;

The 25-day cooling-off period means that should you have any issues with your new shared subscription plan, you can get your money back.

7. How do I start sharing a subscription plan on Together Price?

Together Price homepage. if you have a discount code you can add it to your sign up page.

To start sharing a subscription on Together Price, simply sign up for free. Insert your payment details, and then you need to choose if you will become an Admin or a Joiner.

Becoming an Admin

Become an Admin

Becoming an Admin means that you currently have a subscription account and want to open it up for others to join.

To do this, you need to create a subscription group. Other members will request to join your group, if you want to accept, then they will become part of the group and Together Price will arrange it so that the payment arrives straight into your bank account. You can even message the members in your sharing group.

Becoming a Joiner

Become a Joiner

Becoming a Joiner means that you join someone else’s subscription.

Scroll through the list of people offering the subscription you want; when you find a group that you want to join, request to join.

You then input your payment details, and if you are accepted into the group, then Together Price will ensure that the Admin receives the money and you can access your streaming service right away!

8. What is Netflix?

Netflix is an on-demand streaming service and is one of the top movie streaming sites. With Netflix, you can watch movies and TV series to your heart’s content.

With a library of over 17,000 titles globally, Netflix has options for everybody.

New content is added every week. You can never get bored with a Netflix membership.

So watch your favourite TV series, such as Stranger Things, or check out The Haunting of Hill House, or maybe even check out one of the brand new Netflix Originals.

Stream TV shows and movies online or download them with iOS, Android or the Windows 10 app so that you can carry Netflix with you wherever you go.

You can even watch movies in the middle of the ocean where there is no wifi!

Netflix offers a parental control system meaning that you can curate the programmes that your children can watch so that they too can enjoy Netflix in a safe and age-appropriate manner.

9. Summing Up

Sadly Netflix does not offer a student discount, so if you want a student discount, you might need to look elsewhere. However, if you are still excited to access Netflix originals, student discount or not, Together Price has got you covered.

With Together Price, you can save a whopping 75% on the cost of a Netflix subscription.

You can do this by simply signing up to Together Price, free of charge, and joining forces with other money-savers, to get your Netflix fix for cheaper.

Saving money and still able to watch Netflix, what more could you possibly want?

As if that isn’t exciting enough, Together Price helps you get exclusive deals by sharing your account on so many more subscription services than just Netflix.

With Together Price, you can access the Youtube music service, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube Premium, a Hulu subscription and much more. So what are you waiting for? Get on Together Price, and you can start three subscription services for the price of one!

Save up to 80% on your favourite subscriptions!