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How Many Devices? Now TV Revealed

May 11, 2022
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How Many Devices? Now TV Revealed

Now TV is a subscription-based streaming service that enables you to watch series, movies, and channels that you wish for or demand.

Through Together Price, you can share the cost of a subscription to NOW TV with your friends and family, saving money.

Now TV enables you to connect a maximum of 6 devices to one account. You can easily watch the content you need on another two devices simultaneously.

This article will let you know in detail how many devices NOW TV can get access to.

What is Now TV?

Now TV

Now TV enables you to access a wide range of entertainment, sports, and cinema content through a subscription or membership plan.

There are various kinds of memberships or plans you can subscribe to. The names of the memberships or subscriptions are Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Hayu, and Boost. Each membership has its advantages and enhanced watching experience.

What multiple devices can I use to watch Now TV?

Now TV supported devices

There are several devices from which one can access NOW TV. Following is the device list:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • MAC and PC
  • Selected SONY Android TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox one
  • PS4 AND PS5
  • Selected LG Smart TVs
  • Selected Samsung Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick

The device list shows how accessible NOW TV is. Multiple devices can be used for your NOW membership. You can start watching your favourite content on any one device. No matter if you are accessing it on the same device or on two different devices. Moreover, you can also search for box sets as well.

How do I get Now TV on up to six devices?

You must be wondering how you can get NOW TV on your new device on a single account.

  • Download the NOW TV app on your new device.
  • Choose the type of membership: Entertainment, Cinema, Sports, Hayu, or Boost.
  • Sign in to your NOW TV account.

You are good to go to stream anything you want to watch. You can easily manage your NOW TV account on your added devices.

Moreover, the subscription or membership to NOW TV can be cancelled anytime you want.

How much is Now TV?

Now TV prices

As we discussed earlier, there are various kinds of subscriptions. The three main subscriptions namely Cinema, Entertainment, and NOW Boost. You can get the 7-day free trial. But after that, it will start to cost monthly.

A Cinema membership will cost £9.99; an Entertainment membership will cost £9.99. And NOW Boost will cost £5. If you love watching reality TV shows, then you can get a Hayu subscription for £4.99 monthly; a NOW Sports Membership costs £33.99 a month, and a NOW Sports Day Membership costs £11.99 for 24 hours.

If you go for the main three subscriptions, it will cost £19.98 monthly. Subscription combinations like Cinema + Boost or Entertainment + Boost will cost you £14.99 a month.

Simply select your membership and enjoy your entertainment by owning a NOW TV account.

All of these subscriptions will auto-renew every month after the free trial is over.

How to save on your Now TV account?

People going for NOW TV are already saving as they do not have to pay directly for a Sky Sports subscription. Moreover, they can also save more by getting the NOW TV services through Together Price, seeing as you can watch Now TV on more than one device at a time.

Together Price

Together Price

Together Price is a platform where you can share different digital subscription services and split the cost of a subscription with your friends and family. You can save up to 75%. It also helps you to manage your group subscription plans making your content-consuming experience worthwhile and effective.

Steps to using Together Price

You can easily sign in to this platform to share the free slots available on your group subscription. Log in to your Together Price account, then create a sharing group and add your friends and family. The final step is to receive part of the bill from each member.

The cost-sharing option of Together Price also enables you to eliminate the risk of not getting paid.


Together Price is a highly reliable platform.

Following are some of the main factors that make it such a reliable platform:

The platform is SSL certified. It is a trusted platform as it gives a reliability rating to each user. You can get a refund within 25 days. The use of Stripe as the payment system makes all payments secure.

Summing Up

NOW TV enables you to access and watch a whole world of shows, movies, sports, and reality shows. Anything you need to watch is available on NOW TV.

You can also now save on your NOW TV subscription at Together Price by sharing the NOW TV subscription with your friends and family.

It becomes manageable for you and everyone else in your sharing group as you do not have to pay the complete amount by yourself. The payment portions or shares are divided among every member of your group subscription plan on the Together Price platform.