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Now TV on Firestick: All You Need To Know

May 23, 2022
5 min
Now TV on Firestick: All You Need To Know

Now TV is a video streaming service with which you can enjoy a vast catalogue of movies, TV shows, documentaries and Sky channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Atlantic, Sky Crime, Sky Comedy and more…

All you need to get started is a smart TV with a Now TV app or a Fire TV stick.

Plus, the sharing cost solution of Together Price will help you to save some money on your subscription.

Now TV App

Now TV

Through the Now TV app you will be able to access your account anywhere and on the majority of devices. Therefore, you can watch your favourite content without the need of a Smart TV.

How much does Now TV cost?

Now TV offers its users the option to purchase one or more of its passes, allowing you to design the plan that best fits your desires and preference. This is the privilege of a Now TV membership!

The Now Sports month membership costs £33.99. However, as I previously said, you can also get a one day pass for £11.99. One Now Sports membership will give you access to the entire catalogue of Sky Sports channels to watch live and on-demand: Main Event, Premier League, Football, Cricket, Golf, F1, Action, Arena, and Sky Sports News.

The Now Entertainment membership costs £14.99 per month. This includes live and on-demand access to Sky’s main channels, kids’ programming, and other stations such as Sky Max, Sky Atlantic, Sky Comedy and Nick Toons. Another feature of the Entertainment membership is the fact that you can also get hundreds of box sets on demand, including Sky Originals programming and HBO shows.

The Now Sky Cinema pass costs £14.99. This will give you access to live showings of Sky Cinema channels in addition to exclusive Sky original films that you can watch on-demand.

Lastly, the Now Hayu membership costs £4.99 per month and will allow you to watch your favourite reality TV shows. 

Now TV implemented in its service the option of purchasing a Now TV Boost for only an additional £5 per month. The Boost membership, integrated with your already existing Now TV account, will get you a better picture and sound quality. Now Boost customers can enjoy features such as Full HD, smoother sporting action and extra streaming allowance. But, if you have a surround sound speaker system, then one of the best Boost features is the fact that you can enjoy a fully immersive audio experience with Dolby Digital 5.1.

Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a third party app for video streaming that connects directly to a television and allows you to watch TV shows and movies. Through a Fire TV you can access an incredibly vast array of content. The way in which Fire TV works is that you connect to streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus, and many others, and stream your favourite titles. 

Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

With the Amazon Fire TV stick you will be able to have a portable device that you can connect to a screen and watch your Fire TV wherever you are. 

In contrast to the Fire TV cube, the Amazon Fire TV stick is the perfect option for someone who is always on the go but who never wants to stay behind on the latest TV trends.

What devices can I watch Now TV on?

You can stream Now TV on a huge range of devices. These include:

Smart TVs such as Sony, Samsung, LG and others…

Clever boxes, sticks and other devices that plug straight into your TV like Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV Cube, Amazon Fire TV Edition Soundbars and Apple TV and many more…

You can also stream Now TV on the majority of Androids, Windows PCs, iOS and Macs. 

Moreover, the Now TV app is available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Obviously, the Now TV app can be found on NOW Smart Stick, NOW Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search, NOW Smart Box with Freeview and Black NOW Box.

Can I watch NOW TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

As one amongst other third party apps, you can indeed watch Now TV on Firestick. In fact, if you do already own a Fire TV stick, you might find it more convenient and accessible to have everything on a single platform.

Can I watch Now TV on my Sky box?

It is currently not possible to get the Now TV App on a Sky Box. The only devices from which you will be able to access the Now TV App are the ones listed above. Any other device does not currently support the Now TV App.

Can you use a NOW TV stick without a subscription?

If you do own a Now TV Stick but do not subscribe to its service, there is no need to panic! These Sticks are also designed so that you can access other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus, without necessarily having to continue to subscribe to Now TV. 

How do I get Now TV on my device?

The process of downloading the Now TV app changes depending on the device you would like to use, whether it is a Smart TV, a mobile device or maybe Amazon Fire TV devices. 

In order to install Now TV on most of your devices, you will simply need to dowload the app, subscribe to a Now TV plan and enjoy streaming your favourite content.

If you woud like to install Now TV on Firestick, you will need to do it via Downloader app. Here, you will be able to install Now TV on Firestick through ES File Explorer app.

Once the Now TV app download is complete, you will be able to start watching your live and on demand content.

Is there a monthly fee for NOW TV Smart Stick?

If you are already in possession of a Now TV Stick and you have cancelled your subscription to Now TV, you will still be able to use the Now TV Stick with no extra cost. However, this means that you cannot watch Now TV’s on-demand movies and shows or the live channels.Yet, you can still buy on-demand movies through your Smart Stick by using the Sky Store app.

How to save on your Now TV subscription

The best way that is going to save you some money effortlessly is that of sharing the cost of your subscription. This is an easy solution that can be done between the members of your household. Plus, if you do not want to bother organising and managing everyone’s money, Together Price does it for you!

Together Price

Together Price

Together Price is an innovative program that helps its users to share the cost of their subscription.

Together Price is a new program that works with a Trusted Network. The latter controls the credibility of any user and therefore asserts to depend on high levels of reliability.

In addition, if you decide to give Together Price a try, you should know that your credentials and access to shared services will be completely safe and secured by the protection of the so-called Tpassword System.

Together Price also implemented some more features that include a chat line where you can communicate with other users and a Digital Wallet where you can keep all your payments under control.

The two different ways with which you can subscribe to Together Price are as an Admin or a Joiner

Being an Admin means you have complete control over your group. The only thing you will need to do is to create an account; fill in your details; create a group; send invitations or wait for others to join and you will get paid monthly. 

Being a Joiner on the other hand means that you have to sign up to an existing group; fill in your details; search for a group and pay the Admin every month.

Summing Up

To conclude, if you do want to be entertained by the best streaming service together with Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus, you should install Now TV on your device. Furthermore, thanks to Together Price, you will be able to watch movies, TV shows and documentaries for a much lower price than any other service.