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How To Get an HBO Max Free Account

March 16, 2022
9 min
How To Get an HBO Max Free Account

HBO Max is a popular streaming service, but there are so many streaming platforms around these days that you can’t possibly pay for them all, so the question becomes how to get a free HBO Max account so that you can enjoy the movies and TV shows without inflating your entertainment costs.

While it’s possible to cycle through different platforms each month to keep costs down, HBO Max may not have a big enough catalogue of movies and TV shows to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, or one of the other primary streaming platforms.

To find out how to get a free HBO Max account or HBO Max Premium, keep reading for all the information you need.

If you want to save money on your HBO account, then sign up for Together Price and start sharing your account.

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1. What is HBO Max?
2. How Do You Get HBO Max For Free?
3. What’s The Best Way To Get HBO Free Accounts?
4. How Much Does an HBO Max Account Cost?
5. How to Save Money on Your HBO Account
6. What is Together Price?
7. How Does Together Price Keep You Safe?
8. How to Use Together Price?
9. Summing Up

HBO Max home screen

1. What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is a provider of online video-on-demand services. It is an American pay television network owned by Warner Media Studios and Home Box Office.

HBO max is one of the top video streaming services and has a huge library of over 13,000 hours of excellent movies, TV episodes, comedy specials and documentaries.

An HBO subscription gets you direct access to unlimited, on-demand content from Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, DC Entertainment, Turner classic movies, and of course, HBO.

Watch HBO content on the HBO site or the HBO app on all your favorite streaming devices, including video game consoles, digital media players, IOS and Android devices, and desktop computers.

You can even watch movies offline by downloading content in the HBO Max app if you know you will not have internet access. You never have to do without entertainment again.

Watch in 4k UHD for the real home cinema experience. You’ll never want to go to the cinema again; at home, you can get great audio and visual quality, pop out for snacks and pause and resume watching whenever you want to.

Get HBO Max, a leading on-demand video subscription service for all your digital content needs!

2. How Do You Get HBO Max For Free?

If you would like to find out how to get HBO Max free accounts, we’ve got a few options listed below.

You may find that you already have access to HBO Max or can modify some of your other services to get HBO Max for free.

Does HBO Offer a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, whilst HBO used to offer a one-month free trial, there is no longer a free trial of HBO Max. Unlike other video streaming services, you can’t get a free trial of HBO directly from HBO Max; they require that you pay in full for at least one month to access their movies, TV shows, and original HBO feature films.

Sign Up For Hulu To Get an HBO Max Free Account

Enjoy your free HBO account today with a Hulu bundle free trial that lets you trial premium accounts on HBO.

However, if you sign up for Hulu, which does offer a free trial, you can also get a free HBO Max account through Hulu for the same trial period. So this is a sort of HBO free trial.

You just need to ensure that you cancel both free trials before the trial period ends; otherwise, you’ll lose free access to the services and be paying for both automatically.

Check Your Cable Service For Free HBO Max Accounts

If you haven’t cut the cord yet and currently have cable service that comes with HBO, you can easily upgrade to a free HBO Max account and download the app to your phone using the credentials provided by your cable provider.

Having a cable service often means that any channel you have access to through your cable service also gives you access to that service on-demand to watch on your phone, laptop, or even a Smart TV. So it feels like a free HBO Max account.

Sign Up For a Chromecast Bundle To Get Free HBO

Free HBO Premium account with the Chromecast bundle

Google is offering a Chromecast Bundle that gives you Google TV and HBO Max accounts free for three months.

You need to be in the US and never have signed up for HBO Max before.

You will also need to provide a credit card. You must cancel your subscription before the end of the three months otherwise, you will lose your free HBO Max account and automatically start paying.

Sign Up For AT&T Unlimited Plans To Get a Free HBO Account

AT&T Unlimited Plan with a free HBO account

Many mobile and internet providers offer deals or bundled streaming services with their top-tier plans like, for example, the on-demand Spectrum TV Silver or Gold plans.

AT&T offers a free HBO Max Premium subscription with unlimited internet and mobile plans.

So if you already have AT&T unlimited, then you now know how to get HBO Max Premium accounts for free simply by using the bundled streaming option.

If you don’t have AT&T, then you can consider switching to save money but double-check your current mobile and internet plans to see whether you have other streaming services included in your plan.

Most unlimited or top-tier plans will have some type of streaming service included, so you could be getting Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, or other benefits that you need to consider to see which is the best deal for you.

The other thing to consider is whether AT&T unlimited is cheaper than your current plan with a direct subscription to HBO Max.

It’s great to get bundled products, but they’re generally still pretty pricey if you’re looking to reduce costs.

Sign Up For Cricket Unlimited Plans To Get a Free Account

Cricket Unlimited Plan with HBO Max

Cricket is another mobile carrier that offers a free HBO account as part of their unlimited or top-tier plans.

Cricket is a cheaper option than AT&T, but the catch is that you’re getting the HBO Max ad-supported account instead of the full HBO Max premium accounts.

If you’re looking for HBO Max for free and want cheaper phone plans, then the Cricket plan and HBO Max ad-supported may be a good option to save money overall.

However, you need to determine whether your current phone plan plus a direct ad-supported plan with HBO Max isn’t cheaper than the Cricket unlimited plans.

Can Amazon Prime Subscribers Get a Free HBO Premium Account?

You cannot get a free HBO account with your Amazon Prime subscription. You can, however, add HBO as a channel on Amazon Video. This costs the same price as an HBO subscription.

Similarly, you can add HBO to your Sling TV and Hulu subscription to get access to the streaming platform. These options are not always cheaper.

Do Free HBO Premium Accounts Generators Work?

When you search for free HBO Max Premium accounts, you come across many websites offering free working HBO Max Premium accounts. This offers a list of login details for the streaming platform.

You are supposed to try out each free HBO username and password until you find one which works.

Whilst you may eventually come across free HBO Max Premium accounts, this is very time-consuming as they often give an incorrect email address, the login credentials are false, or the login credentials have been blocked.

3. What’s The Best Way To Get HBO Free Accounts?

Getting a free HBO account is tricky because there is realistically no way to a free HBO account long-term without putting in the effort to change your credit card and email or to pay for other services that include HBO Max free accounts with a bundle.

You can test out HBO Max for free through Hulu, which is the easiest option with the least risk if you forget to cancel. You can also try out the Chromecast bundle for a longer free trial.

If you’re already signed up with a cable provider that provides HBO, then you can get a free HBO account while you’re a subscriber to that cable provider.

However, cable is expensive, and streaming services are supposed to be giving you options to cut the cord and reduce costs.

If you’re willing to switch your internet or mobile provider to either AT&T or Cricket, you can get a free HBO account as part of the service.

However, you need to pay for the top-tier accounts, which may end up costing more than getting a cheap mobile provider and paying for HBO Max directly.

4. How Much Does an HBO Max Account Cost?

HBO Max tiers and prices

The paid version of HBO Max has two tier levels: one with ads and one which is ad-free.

  • HBO Max with ads costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

  • HBO Max ad-free costs $14.99 a month or $149.99 a year.

Both tiers allow you to watch more than 13,000 hours of content, access to the best Warner Bros movies, a kid’s experience feature including a child lock, and you can stream on up to three devices simultaneously.

The ad-free version also offers streaming in 4K UHD, and you can download up to 30 titles for offline viewing.

5. How To Save Money on Your HBO Account

As you can use your HBO Max account on multiple devices and stream amazing movies simultaneously on three streams, HBO Max Premium is the perfect subscription to share.

With HBO shared accounts, you can get all the same great perks of HBO Max Premium accounts but pay only a third of the price. What better way to save money?

But sharing accounts can be tricky; it requires a lot of organisation, you need friends who want to have HBO shared accounts, and you will probably need to chase up late payments.

If that all sounds like too much hassle, then Together Price is the platform for you!

Together Price offers a simple and automatic solution to subscription sharing. Make sure everyone on the account is paying their part so they can all use the service freely and honestly.

6. What is Together Price?

Get your HBO Max premium streaming service with Together Price

Together Price is an online platform used by over a million people. It lets you share your subscriptions with other people online in the form of groups.

You can share your HBO Max subscription by becoming an Admin or a Joiner in someone else’s HBO Max subscription group and pay a fraction of the actual price.

Shared HBO Premium accounts help save thousands of people money every month. Now, instead of spending all your money on one subscription, you can share tons of subscriptions and yet save money, thanks to Together Price.

Besides, you will not have to worry about anyone not paying their share of the money. Together Price will take care of that for you!

7. How Does Together Price Keep You Safe?

Safety is of the utmost importance on Together Price, which is why we offer a number of safety protections, including:

  • A fully SSL-certified secure environment;

  • The trusted Tpassword system;

  • A reliability rating system for all users based on how they use the Together Price services;

  • A direct chat between sharing group members;

  • Stripe payment with strong anti-fraud protection;

  • A wallet system so your payment information is not shared;

  • If necessary, a 25-day cooling-off period where you can get a full refund.

8. How To Use Together Price?

Together Price is simple to use; just choose whether to become an Admin or a Joiner.

As an Admin:

  1. Go to HBO Max to create HBO Max premium accounts you can share.

  2. Register on Together Price for free.

  3. Create a sharing group by clicking ‘Create Group’. You can make your group private or public. Public groups are visible on the site so that others can join. The admin of the private group has to send invitations via email.

  4. Invite members to your sharing group or if your group is public, wait for them to join,

  5. Accept payments from the other members.

  6. Save monthly!

As a Joiner:

  1. Register on Together Price for free.

  2. Find a sharing group that fits you. You can do that by searching for an HBO Max group in the search bar.

  3. Request to join the group.

  4. Wait to be accepted, then send your payment to the account holder, who in turn will give you his free HBO account username and info. You will have to pay a small commission fee of less than $1 to Together Price to manage your account.

  5. Enjoy Together Price and start watching HBO Max today!

9. Summing Up

Sadly it is not easy to enjoy using the HBO Max video-on-demand services for free. There is no way to set up your free HBO account immediately, except through a Hulu free trial or with existing internet subscriptions.

But not to worry. You can still make huge savings by sharing your account with Together Price. Sign up to Together Price, and save up to 66% on your HBO account costs. What more could you want?

Get great videos online for a third of the price by sharing your HBO Max premium accounts on together Price!

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