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3 Best Motorcycle Movies on Netflix

March 16, 2022
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Looking for the 3 best motorcycle movies on Netflix right now is a huge challenge; first off, it’s difficult to say what is an actual motorcycle movie and what just has some motorcycles in it.

Secondly, biker movies have a very broad range of topics that can be covered.

For example, you could be looking for an action-packed biker gangs movie, like Warrior albeit with a little love story in it as well, or a free-living motorcycle lifestyle movie, like Easy Rider about two bikers dealing drugs in the American Southwest played by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda.

You could be looking for a sports motorcycle movie that involves some type of stunt motorbiking, like Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross about freestyle motocross stuntmen, or for a biographical sports movie like The World’s Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins and Diane Ladd, about the world record-setting Burt Monroe.

Or maybe even a true biographical historic motorbike movie, like The Motorcycle Diaries, about a trip young Che Guevara took in South America.

What I did find when looking for the 3 best motorbike movies on Netflix is that many have been removed even though there are online lists saying Netflix has them all.

So for a true list of the 3 best motorbike movies on Netflix right now, keep reading, and you can decide how accurate this list is.

The 3 Best Biker Movies On Netflix

Listed below are my choices for the 3 best biker movies on Netflix US that you can actually watch right now. I’ve offered a range of subjects for the movies, from criminal to redemption; you’ll find these movies are fantastic and incorporate motorcycles in a meaningful way.

1. Bennett’s War (2019)

Bennett’s War is a 2019 motorcycle movie on Netflix starring Michael Roark, Trace Adkins, Ali Afshar, and Allison Paige. It has a 6 out of 10 on IMDB and a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is a motocross drama that focuses on a returning veteran from the War in Afghanistan who was part of an Army motorcycle unit. He’s injured in Afghanistan by an IED, which has him discharged from the military and sent back home.

When he arrives, he finds out that his family farm is not doing well, and his father may have to sell or lose the farm. He wants to find a way to help but being disabled and having other issues after returning from the war, he’s unsure what he can do.

Ultimately he decides the only way to make enough money to help his family keep the farm is to turn to competitive motocross racing.

His doctors have said that he can’t race or ride bikes again, or he could risk permanent disability if he crashes or has other issues on the motorbike.

After competing and winning a number of races, some of his competitors decide they want to take him out and cause him to crash and injure himself badly.

The story continues as he attempts to get back into racing and try to save the family farm.

It’s a great motorcycle movie on Netflix that showcases the redemption and heart of veterans and what people can do when they have a passion and a goal in life.

2. Burnout (2017)

Burnout (2017)

Burnout is a 2017 motorcycle movie in French with English subtitles, and it’s completely action-packed and a fantastic movie to include into your foreign language movie nights with your family; luckily, it’s a foreign action film to keep everyone entertained.

The Netflix movie revolves around Tony, a motorcycle racer who wants to become a professional racer and make money for himself and his son.

During the day, he simply works as a forklift operator, and during the nights, he tries to look after his son with his ex-wife.

On one visit to his son, he finds a group of gang members leaving his ex-wife’s house, and he finds his ex-wife badly beaten inside and finds out that she has been working as a drug courier for Paris’s criminal underworld but has now lost the package.

Tony agrees to work the debt off as a motorcycle courier for the drug dealers, and as to be expected, they double-cross him, and action ensues as he tries to escape and keep his family safe.

Luckily he has a gang leader friend that is willing to help him with all of the action and violence required later in the motorcycle movie. Will Tony get to lead the peaceful life he and his family desires?

Fantastic action-packed motorcycle movie on Netflix, as long as you can handle the English subtitles.

3. Deuces (2017)

Deuces (2017)

Deuces is a 2017 motorcycle/crime movie on Netflix. The story revolves around a detective, Jason Foster played by Lance Gross, who goes undercover with a notorious gang that the police have not been able to infiltrate for years.

However, a connection with the motorcycle loving gang boss Stephen “Deuces” Brooks played by Larenz Tate, allows the detective to form a strong bond with the leader and allow him to enter the gang.

The movie takes a turn when the detective starts to fall under the spell of the charismatic gang leader, and things are further complicated when the detective’s sister meets and falls for the gang leader as well.

The characters are all involved with and showcase some amazing motorcycles throughout the movie, and you get some elements of the fast and furious but on motorcycles.

The actors manage to reign in the action and give an excellent balance of character development, a great story, and stunning visual effects that are enhanced by the amazing motorcycles that are being used in the movie.

Overall, this is a great crime/action motorcycle movie that will be best shared with a group of friends looking for a fun night in, while watching Netflix and simply enjoying a fun movie.

Don’t expect too much thinking or intrigue with this movie, but do expect Netflix to deliver an action-packed motorcycle movie to keep you entertained.

What Are The 3 Best Motorcycle Movies On Netflix?

I’ve listed the 3 best biker movies on Netflix US right now; you may be able to use a VPN to check other countries for motorbike movies and TV shows on Netflix. Often you’ll find great biker movies on Netflix in other countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK.

What was extremely disappointing to see is that Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC are not on Netflix anymore; it appears Sons Of Anarchy was removed in January 2022, and Mayans MC was never on there.

These two shows are potentially the ultimate motorcycle shows that should be available on Netflix, but that is not the reality anymore.


Maybe other streaming services can satisfy your taste for dangerous sports films on two wheels better. In the meantime, Netflix also has the film Nitro Circus, with Travis Pastrana and his friends on their amazing adventures.