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How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

September 14, 2023
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How much does a Netflix subscription cost?

Netflix now has over 60 million customers in the United States, making it the most popular premium streaming service. Other streaming services, particularly Disney Plus, are nibbling at Netflix’s heels for a piece of the already crowded streaming pie, and the streaming battles are becoming more intense as more people turn to these platforms for entertainment.

When compared to other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime, Netflix is the leading digital publisher because it has the widest selection of movies, mobile games, professional wrestling telecasts, thousands of old TV shows, and device-friendly apps.

But when it comes to having multiple subscriptions, the costs can be too much.

There is, however, a way to save on those costs. It’s called Together Price and it helps people to split the costs of their subscriptions with others and save money, even up to 80%, in the process.

For example, Netflix Premium costs $19.99 a month, and it lets you stream on up to four devices simultaneously within the same household. This means you can share your subscription with 3 other people from your household, cutting your costs by 75% and only paying $4.99 a month.

Here’s a short rundown of the current Netflix pricing options, including how much they cost and what they include.

Netflix plans and prices

The Netflix price tiers for the streaming service. Netflix offers three plans in different video quality. The Basic plan for one device only has been substituted by the Standard tier with ads. It is more expensive than other sites like HBO Max. Late fees.

Netflix plans are meant to include not just the number of individuals who may share your account but also the quality of video viewing. Netflix cost depends upon the type of plan and the level of quality you desire.

So, how much do the various Netflix subscriptions come to, and what are your membership choices today? Let’s get started:

The Standard with ads monthly plan costs is $6.99.

What you get: With this Netflix plan you can watch almost all the catalogue of Netflix content (only some titles are not included) but with ads.

You can watch Netflix on two devices (on your cell through the Netflix app and on your smart TVs, for example) at the same time and the content if in Full HD quality. You cannot download content though.

The Standard monthly costs is $15.49.

What you get: A Standard Netflix package is ideal for couples who wish to watch TV in separate rooms at the same time.

You may watch the entire catalogue of the streaming service on up to two devices in simultaneous streams, even in full high definition (Full HD) and you can download content on two devices as well.

The Premium Netflix account costs is $19.99.

What you get: The Premium plan includes everything accessible in a Standard Netflix subscription, but you can stream on up to four screens at the same time, and you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies in UHD or even 4K. You can download content on 6 different devices.

Ideal for a family or dedicated cinephile seeking the highest image quality, i.e., ultra HD content. Ultra HD streaming enhances the appeal and enjoyment of your favourite TV shows and movies. It also has Netflix Spatial Audio.

The Basic plan is no longer open for new members or those rejoining. If you’re currently using the Basic plan, you can continue to do so until you decide to switch plans or cancel your account.

How to reduce the costs of Netflix

Netflix's dvd plan and blu ray discs or blu rays services are no longer available. Original movies and shows will start pouring in again.

Netflix used to be unconcerned whether you share your account. In fact, a Netflix spokesperson did say unequivocally that all kinds of account sharing were tolerated.

But that was the past! Today everything has changed and Netflix account sharing has changed as well.

After the crackdown on indiscriminate password sharing, Netflix continues its campaign and has regulatied sharing with specific rules for the sharing of one Netflix membership.

Here are all the specifics.

How to share Netflix within the same household

Share your Netflix subscription at home

First off, let’s clarify what Netflix means by “Household.”

In Netflix lingo, a Household refers to a cluster of your Netflix-ready devices connected to the internet at the primary location where you usually enjoy Netflix content.

So, if you’re in the habit of sharing Netflix with your family, roommates, or other close companions within your household, then the Standard or Premium plans are your go-to options.

The Standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and can be shared with one other person, effectively halving the price to $3.49 a month.

For the Standard plan, which is priced at $15.49, you can also share it with one additional person, bringing the monthly costs down to $7.74.

Now, here’s the real money-saver – the Premium plan. It’s priced at $19.99 a month, but since you can share it with up to three other people, you’re looking at a whopping 75% reduction in costs, bringing it down to just $4.99 per month.

So, if you’re in the business of sharing Netflix within your household, whether that means a house, a dorm, a condo, or even a community center, these are the choices available to you.

How to share Netflix outside your household

Share your Netflix subscription with whomever you want.

If you’re interested in extending your Netflix subscription beyond your immediate household, perhaps for your college-bound kids, friends, next-door neighbors, or even strangers, there are some specific guidelines to follow, as outlined in the updated Netflix Terms of Service. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

To do this, you’ll want to purchase a Netflix subscription that includes extra member slots.

There are three options available:

  1. Standard + 1 Extra: Priced at $23.48 ($15.49 + $7.99), this allows you to add one person who doesn’t live in your home.

  2. Premium + 1 Extra: This option costs $27.98 ($19.99 + $7.99) and permits you to add one person outside your household.

  3. Premium + 2 Extras: For $35.97 ($19.99 + $7.99 + $7.99), you can add two individuals who don’t reside in your house.

Each additional member will receive their own profile, account, and password, with the subscription fees covered by the person who invites them to join.

Here are the key distinctions between extra member accounts and regular member accounts:

  • Extra members can stream Netflix on any device, but only on one device at a time.

  • They can download shows and movies, but they’re limited to one phone or tablet at a time.

  • Extra members can create just one profile; they can’t make additional ones. You can either create a new profile or select from the existing ones, excluding Kids profiles.

  • Extra members need to set up their account in the same country as the account owner.

Of course, if you have individuals with whom you’d like to share your subscription, that’s great. But what if you don’t?

This is where Together Price come in and takes away all your problems - from finding people to share with to getting paid on time every time!

Together Price

Together Price

Together Price is an innovative platform where you can have fun sharing your digital services. It gives you the following benefits and advantages:

  1. a Trusted Network based on high levels of control and reliability that can measure the credibility of every user;

  2. the Tpassword System for the safety and security of your credentials and access to the chosen shared service;

  3. one Digital Wallet to keep all your payments under control;

  4. an exclusively dedicated chat line where you can communicate with other users.

With Together Price, you share and save while all the hassles are left to us! Whether you are an Admin or a Joiner on Together Price, you will be able to enjoy the best from your chosen digital sharing service.

Sharing has never been better with Together Price!

How to sign up for Together Price

You can subscribe to Together Pricetext in bold by either becoming a Joiner or an Admin.

How to become an Admin

How to become an admin

Being an Admin means you have complete control over your group. If you have a subscription with free slots, you can share it with others and save money.

  • Create an account on Together Price. It’s free!

  • Fill in your details.

  • Create a group.

  • Decide if you want your group to be public (everyone on Together Price can ask to join) or private (you send invitations to whomever you decide).

  • Send invitations or wait for others to join.

  • Get paid monthly. The money goes into your digital wallet, and you can download it to your bank account after 25 days.

How to become a Joiner

How to become a joiner

You can join someone else’s subscription group.

  • Sign up on Together Price. It’s free.

  • Fill in your details.

  • Search for groups you are interested in joining.

  • Join a group and pay monthly to the Admin! You will have to pay a small commission fee to Together Price for their service (less than $1).

Summing Up

Netflix is still the best streaming service for the vast catalogue of movie and TV show titles.

Netflix announced that as of April 16, 2022, it has over 221.6 million subscribers worldwide. Many streaming services don’t include 4K resolution, which is Netflix’s most important contribution to the Netflix worth. Become a part of the fun-loving Netflix family in a cost-cutting way, i.e., Join Together Price, and share the costs.

Now there’s no need to turn to any other streaming service; with Together Price, anyone can afford to have it by sharing the costs of their subscription.

Save up to 80% on your favorite subscriptions!