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How To Cite Netflix in Apa Format?

December 28, 2021
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Netflix is a popular movie and TV streaming service that millions of people use every day. But what if you have to reference something from Netflix in an academic paper? How do you cite Netflix APA in style? In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of how to cite Netflix in APA format.

How To Cite Netflix in APA Format - The Basic Components

Unlike traditional books and journals, streaming videos can present a unique challenge when citing your sources. Whether you’re streaming through Netflix on TV or using the streaming subscription service on your computer, it’s essential to be aware of the correct way to use this material in APA format.

Here are the basic components of a Netflix video file citation in APA style:

Citing Movies

APA movie citation

  • Executive producer:

  • Person or organization responsible for the initial support, development, or production of a motion picture.

  • Director: Person responsible for the execution of a television, radio, film, or video program.

  • Release Year: The year the motion picture was initially released.

  • Movie Title: The name of the movie.

  • Production Company: The company that produced the movie.


Schmidt, W. (Producer), & Jones, T. (Director). (2017). The Revenant. New York, NY: 20th Century Fox.

In-Text Citations For Movies

Suppose you’re citing streaming media in your text. In that case, an in-text citation is probably the most appropriate way to go. When using APA 7th edition, include the author’s name, the year of release, and the movie title.


“In The Revenant, Hugh Glass is left for dead by his companions after a brutal bear attack” (Schmidt & Jones 2017).

Citing Television Series

APA TV series citation

  • Production Company: The company that produced the TV series. (if streaming through Netflix, don’t include this line and write ”Netflix” in the second slot.)

  • Release Year: The year that the television series was initially broadcasted.

  • Episode Name: The title of the TV series episode.

  • Season Number: The number of the season.

  • Episode Number: The number of the episode within the TV series season, if applicable.


Netflix (Producer). (2015). House of Cards - Season 2 Episode 2.

In-Text Citations For Tv Series

When citing a television series episode in your text, you should include the author’s name (if streaming through Netflix, don’t include this line and write ”Netflix” in the second slot.). The year of release, the title of the episode, the production company, the season number, and finally, the episode number.


Frank Underwood is in a precarious position in the latest House of Cards episode after being captured on camera” (Netflix 2015)

Why Is It Important To Cite Netflix In APA Format?

When writing a research paper, it’s essential to appropriately credit all your sources. This helps to ensure that you’re giving proper credit to the authors or creators of the work. It also helps to avoid any potential plagiarism accusations.

When citing streaming videos, it’s essential to know the correct APA style guidelines. Using the correct format, you can ensure that your paper meets all academic requirements.

Can I Use Other Citation Formats?

MLA YouTube citation

While the APA 7th edition guidelines are the most commonly used citation style for streamed videos, there may be occasions when another format is required. For example, streamed videos via YouTube may be appropriate to cite using an MLA format.

Ask your instructor if they have any additional prerequisites.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the most common citation formats and to use them correctly. This will enable you to avoid any potential problems when submitting your work.


Citing streamed videos in APA can be tricky, but you can be sure that your sources are appropriately credited by following the correct format. Be sure to ask your professor or teaching assistant for more information if you’re unsure how to cite Netflix movies or entire Tv series. Happy writing!


Do I need to include the Author’s Name when citing a Netflix movie?

No, you do not need to include the author’s name when citing a Netflix movie. You should only include the author’s name if you’re directly quoting from the film.

Can I cite a Netflix movie if the Director is not listed?

No, you cannot cite a Netflix movie if the director is not listed.

What if I can’t find the Release Year for a Netflix movie?

If you can’t find the release year for a Netflix movie, you can use the year that the film was uploaded to Netflix as your reference point.