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How to Fix Netflix “Downloads on Too Many Devices” Error

November 12, 2021
3 min

If you were trying to make a download on your Netflix account and you encountered the Netflix “Downloads on Too Many Devices” error, don’t panic!

It’s not difficult to fix, and you won’t need any help from the Netflix support team.

There are a few of solutions you can turn to and, today, we will explain them in-depth so you can download as many movies and TV shows as you wish!

2 Ways to Fix Netflix “Downloads on Too Many Devices” Error

Whenever you encounter the Netflix ”Downloads on Too Many Devices” error, you will see an on-screen message indicating you should remove downloads from the device you’re currently using or other devices linked to your account.

Your Netflix plan has a limit to the downloads on your device at one given time, based on license agreements they’ve reached with studios or distributors.

Here’s what to do to fix it:

1. Delete Downloads

The easiest way to fix the Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices error is to delete the downloads you’ve already watched, don’t let them accumulate.

To do this on a mobile device, you only need to:

Open the Netflix app.

Choose your profile.

Tap on Downloads or tap on More and then ”My Downloads“.

• On the upper right-hand side, you’ll find an ”Edit” option; tap on it.

Delete individual TV show episodes or movies by tapping on them and then tapping on the X.

From your desktop or laptop, the steps are very similar. You only have to:

Go to the Netflix website.

Choose your Profile.

Click on your icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Click on “account”.

• Then, click on “manage download devices” so you can see the linked devices that have been downloading content.

• Click on ”remove device” on your device to eliminate all the downloads at once.

It also works from your mobile device if you wish to eliminate everything at once. You can delete downloads on other devices, not from the one you’re using.

Once you’ve removed what you’ve already watched, or you’ve cleared your download history, try to download again, and there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’ve got a new phone or tablet and you’re switching devices, make sure to remove the old device from your account so all the downloads you made there are deleted.

Often, people forget to do this when they get a new device, and soon enough, they are met with the Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices error. Luckily, it’s very easy to handle!

2. Upgrade Your Netflix Plan

Netflix Subscription Plans USA

Suppose you want to fix the Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices error but don’t want to delete all your downloads. Then you should consider upgrading your plan from the Basic or Standard plan to the Premium plan.

However, you have to remember that even if you upgrade your plan, there’s a device limit. Meaning that you can only download content on up to 4 devices on the Premium plan.

If you have more than 4 devices, you’ll have to choose where you want to download most of your content. Otherwise, the Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices error will soon show up on your screen.

If you want to change your plan, all you have to do is log into your Netflix account, go to settings, and click on ”Change plan”. You’ll find the option under ”Plan details.”

Once you’re there, you can choose the plan you want, make the payment, and continue enjoying this streaming service and all its perks.

It’s that simple!


The Netflix Downloads on Too Many Devices error is very common. People often forget to delete what they’ve watched or share their account with friends and family who also download content.

Some people really like to have movies or TV shows downloaded and ready to go whenever they want. However, you have to bear in mind there is a download limit. So, manage your downloads.


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