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The Week: Subscription

November 25, 2022
4 min
The Week: Subscription

We all want to stay informed about the news stories that matter, but with such a huge choice of media, all showing a different perspective on events, it is hard to know what to believe. After all, we are taught to form our own opinions based on a range of perspectives. But who has time for that?

Well, with The Week magazine you can save time and access expertly edited articles that give you a balanced story, all in one magazine. And we are here to tell you everything you need to know about getting a subscription for The Week.

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What is The Week Magazine?

The Week magazine.

The Week magazine, a news magazine published by Dennis Publishing, gives you a round-up of all the news that week, with articles from multiple news sources, both UK-based or international media.

Each of the articles is expertly edited to show you a different perspective, with multiple sides to each story. After all, there are way more than two sides to every story, and you can only form your own opinions when you’ve heard a range of perspectives.

The Week magazine makes sure to report interesting stories, and news, but also updates on arts and science so that you can stay informed about things that matter in all walks of life. These stories come from the United Kingdom and around the world.

You can choose a digital edition subscription, or you can receive a weekly delivery of the print version.

What is The Week Magazine Junior?

The Week Junior.

The Week also offers a magazine for young people called The Week Junior. The Week Junior magazine teaches young people about the world, news, science and life in an age-appropriate manner. It will really help stimulate children’s love of learning, bringing school subjects to life, and learning about things that school won’t teach them.

The Weekly Junior magazine is an award-winning way to help your child develop a curiosity for the world, and an ability to make and state their own opinion, based on factual evidence from multiple news sources, presented in a child-friendly manner.

How Much Does a Week Magazine Subscription Cost?

Look forward to the next issue.

The Week magazine offers 3 types of subscriptions: a print-only subscription, a digital-only subscription, and a print and digital edition membership. These are available at 57% of the shop price - so if you are looking for a great deal, sign up for a subscription, and don’t buy at the shop price.

The costs of the magazines are:

  • Print-only membership costs £41.99 for every 13 issues - this is a 28% saving on the cover price.

  • The Digital issues-only edition costs £38.99 for every 13 issues.

  • The best value print and digital plan costs £46.99 every 13 issues. This is a whopping 57% saving on the cover price.

You can set up a direct debit to easily pay for your membership to The Week or The Week Junior.

All digital edition subscriptions give you instant access to the current issue of the magazine, you will also receive a notification every time a new issue is released.

If you have signed up for the print subscription you will receive the next available issue. Most of the time you will receive the delivery of your first issue before it has landed in the shops.

Delivery is free to any address in the UK, but international delivery is available.

Gift Subscriptions

Christmas gift subscriptions are available. Gift The Week, or The Week Junior to your loved ones who like to stay informed, keep up with the news, and stay up to date.

The first issue of the Christmas gift subscriptions will be delivered on the 7th of January 2023. Delivery might take longer for those in a different country, outside of the UK.

Is There a Free Trial On The Magazine Subscriptions Listed?

Free trial.

No matter which subscription you sign up for, you will receive 6 issues for free. That means you can take 6 issues to decide whether you want to stay up to date with what is happening in the world. You can choose to cancel your free trial, or subscription at any point.

How To Save Money On Your Subscriptions?

Save money on your subscriptions.

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What is Together Price?

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Summing Up

Subscribe today and save time catching up on the news from the past seven days. The Week is the perfect magazine for all news junkies or anyone who wants to know what is going on in the world.

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